Can Mark Meadows Win Trump Back With The Committee On The January 6 Snub?

In a sudden reversal, Mark Meadows, who served as Donald TrumpThe Chief of Staff during the Capitol riots, was reports are falling a motion of impeachment from the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attacks. This refusal seems to have taken the House panel by surprise, as the chairman of the committee, the House of Representatives. Bernie Thompson announced last week that Meadows “provided the file to the committee and will appear soon for initial processing.” Thompson went on to note that he and his colleagues expect Meadows to “provide all information… that the Committee chooses to be lawfully entitled to receive” and “will continue to evaluate the compliance level of the committee.” him on our subpoena after being removed from office.”

In a letter Tuesday to the panel, Meadows’ attorney, George Terwilliger, signaled that his client might follow a similar path as Steve Bannon, who was charged with two counts of contempt of Congress last month after refusing to comply with the selection committee — a move he justified by claiming that the House subpoena violated prerogative executive. “Mr. Meadows is willing to appear voluntarily, without compulsion by the Selection Committee’s subpoena against him, to answer questions on non-privileged matters. the actions of the Selection Committee made such an appearance untenable,” wrote Terwilliger, based on CNN. “We now have every indication from the information provided to us last Friday — which Mr Meadows can expect to be questioned — that the Selection Committee does not intend to respect the boundaries. in connection with Executive Privileges.” This outburst comes after a months-long pressure campaign that Trump has urge Some of his former White House aides are against working with the committee, arguing that executive privilege prevents them from needing to testify. In response, the selection committee has said that its access to parliament cannot be revoked by executive privilege.

However, Meadows obstructing the committee may not be enough to get him back on the good side of Trump, as the former president is said to be furious by Meadows’ content. recently released book. Last week, Daily Monster report that Meadows “thought Trump would love” his memoir, but after a wild excerpt from Manager was published, it was revealed that Trump was involved Joe Biden On the debate stage last October, despite having just tested positive for COVID-19, the former president privately slammed the memoir, calling its content “junk” and authoritative. its fake “idiot”. New York TimesMaggie Haberman tweeted Third that a “source close to Trump said he hated Meadows’ book and felt betrayed by him.”

And in a final act of surrender, Meadows joined his former boss in doubting the contents of the book, speak Newsmax on Wednesday that if Trump says it’s fake news, it’s “presidential right –– it’s fake news”. He claimed that the COVID-19 test before the Trump debate was a “false positive”, adding that further tests “showed him to have no COVID during the debate. the media wants to film it as certainly as negative about Donald Trump as possible when they can let Joe Biden pass.” Of course, Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19 just a few days later controversy, leading many to question whether he contracted the virus actively while sharing the stage with his opponent. Meadows writes how sick Trump was at the time, given his oxygen levels dangerously low and at one point too weak to keep a briefcase, a detail that the image-obsessed former president probably doesn’t want to see in print either.

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