Can hot people wearing animal masks find true love with sexy animals?

Even so, reality dating shows don’t have a great odds of sticking around for a long time Love is blind, with his face and body obscured, obviously best fare about sticky matches. New Netflix Dating Show Sexy beasts (July 21) removes only the face of the equation, obscuring the contestants’ heads with mascot-style costumes: panda, wolf, rat, rooster, or for some reason, a demon. Then it pairs them, faster than you can think to see if a rat and a demon can actually make it out there in the real world.

Bizarre antics aside, one wants to be a little optimistic about where the dating shows are headed. Sexy beasts proudly advertises contestants “willing to say goodbye to superficial dates” to find The One and willing to wear elaborate fake animal masks to do so. Could this strange new setup prove that we have evolved through the usual hot-tubed, nerdy people? It means we’ve come to a fluent or non-binary dating program, or in very At least, really against the look? Could this be a brand new dating show for furs?

The answers to these questions are no, no, and… maybe no?

Sexy beasts It may not be about the face, but it knows that what’s underneath the neck is still important. An animal mask can’t prevent overconfidence, much less a mask. And these shells fit, thin, malformed, and have a body. However, to convey their desire to show off a peculiar dinosaur head, they will have to improvise. A large beaver confesses that he looks at his ass first and personality second – while regularly complimenting his big guns (20 inches, if you’re curious). Another contestant called himself a nerd, he said, but sure hot type. The show often cuts through the contestants gazing into the camera with their fittest chaperones, scenes that look like a trailer for living life to the fullest once Gardasil is shot.

The basic rule of all dating show castings is to find people who are extremely extroverted i know They are hot. Sexy beasts no different — but when it refuses to go astray, it immediately weakens the premise against its own gaze. However, chemistry is the goal. In the end, each episode pairs a mask picker with three masked contestants, who enjoy a round of speed-dating full of bravery and over-indulgence. Then one contestant was disqualified for not having a vibe. Fine — after all, this is about “personality compatibility”, it’s correct?

But before the rejected character is forced to take the step of shame, he or she is unmasked, stepping in to show their eliminated (and the rest of the contestants, and us) The heat they’ll miss and reveal the ultimate origins of the show Pleasure: Now that contestants have seen how hot the person they just nixed really is, won’t they be overwhelmed? Here is hope!

That joy is a gift that keeps on giving: After a decent date with the other two contestants, it’s the turn of the second to be eliminated and revealed. After that, the other two gargoyles were waiting to see if they could bear to look at the real face they had just skipped the other two smoking sessions.

It is a gas. But there’s hardly a problem in that beastly revolt, because, again, conventional appeal is the basis. It’s not a trophy; the program is not called Fascinating beasts that can be doubted.

The premise is misleading or not, Sexy beasts It’s not without its pleasures. One is a scene of a woman with a dolphin head trying to suckle beer, or a man with a beaver head trying to kiss through giant rubber teeth. Other: Rob Delaneykind but gruff narrative. Watching contestants struggle to find allusions or a personality, sometimes for what may seem at first, is a treasure. Especially when those efforts are less than skimming. “Are they sensitive?” a moose woman whispers to a rooster man while stroking his masks in an episode. (Uh, that’s a rubber mask.)

There is, however, a glaring snub in some contestants’ fascination with each other’s animal heads. And some really pay attention to that part, one growling and petting each time. A beastly order quickly appeared. Viewers will be impatient to wonder if this rhino or mandrill would look good below, but also the question: Are the unattractive gargoyles removed first? How do some people still look “hot” even with a frog’s head? Am I attracted to this wolf?

Only time will tell if Sexy beasts Prove whether true love can be found by replacing human heads with animal heads on a single date that seems to last as long as a movie set. Love is blind at least gave its (also hot) contestants more time to chat. Maybe all this show proves is that attraction has a way of showing, no matter what you throw at it. But for now, we’ll come for the surrender, and we’ll stay to explore the head. It’s a small thing, but it’s more fun than reality – where a personality can only win the day if you really have, long after all the animal cosplay has ended.

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