Can geo parties exist?

The Genshin effect has attracted a huge fan base and the player base is growing every day. The debut of a brand new character is probably one of the most exciting events in the series The Genshin effect, especially in the later stages of the game. However, when the character limit banner is no longer available, players need to wait for the banner to run again to have a chance to find the desired character.

Banner rerun has become very popular in the world The Genshin effectand it looks like every new update includes two banners, a new character and a rerun banner. The official live stream for update 2.3 has revealed the content that players will receive in the following update, including two New playable characters – Itto and Gorou.


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Crystallization is an independent elemental reaction

Zhongli uses her hold skill

Give Albedo a rerun banner along Releasing two other Geo characters could be miHoYo’s way of introducing the first possible party with characters using the same elements. Elemental Reactions is a core combat tool in the world The Genshin effect. Combining different elements allows the character to deal double damage. Organizing a party with four characters using the same Vision is usually suboptimal, but it can actually work with Geo since its reaction, Crystalize, can work independently of other factors.

The main problem with Crystalize is that it actually does no damage, unlike most other reactions. This elemental reaction instead produces the matching Electro, Hydrogen, Pyro, or Cryo Elemental Fragment that can be picked up for the respective element’s shield. This ultimately means that by using a full Geo team, players trade off damage for sustain in wars, which can be good but only in certain situations. For example, the Melting and Vaporizing reactions double the damage of elemental activation skills.

Can Arataki Itto become the main character of DPS?


Itto’s ascension attribute is Critical Damage, which has given him a head start in the DPS ladder against most characters. He can be described as a combination of Amber and Razor. His Elemental skill, Akaushi Burst, works akin to Amber’s as he releases a small pet to taunt nearby enemies, allowing Itto to recover if necessary. Unlike Amber’s Baron Bunny, Itto’s skill allows him to stack into his Super Strength, allowing him to deal tons of bonus damage.

Arataki Itto’s Elemental Explosion reminiscent of Razor, as its effect decreases when you swap for another character in the party. This means that players will ideally need to apply all of their summoner spells to their support characters before doing a DPS spin with Itto. The main reason many players doubt his DPS potential is that the Geo character must take at least 50% more damage than a Pyro or Cryo user to compete with their elemental reactive damage.

Albedo or Zhongli must be in geographical parties

Genshin Impact character Albedo

Choose the right support in The Genshin effect is very important to complete the ability to deal damage to main DPS characters. One of their roles is to apply a certain element to the target, allowing the appropriate response to be triggered. This role is negligible in the Geography party because of its specific elemental reactivity. Both Zhongli and Albedo are two of the strongest support characters in The Genshin effect since its release many months ago.

Zhongli has been one of the strongest overall characters in the game ever since miHoYo introduced Geo buff features to the game. In addition to providing one of the strongest shields in the game, Zhongli is also capable of lowering opponent’s resistance, which is very important in this team composition. His Elemental Burst actually brings a meteorite to earth, dealing much-needed AoE Geo damage, which is essential when it comes to DPS because of Itto, whose damage falls on his Basic Attack.

Albedo is one of the most underrated support characters because his impact isn’t as obvious as it was with Zhongli. Albedo and Zhongli’s Elemental skills have one of the greatest synergies in the game, dealing continuous Earth damage over a large area over a long period of time. His Burst deals less damage, but it does provide a lot of damage boost, especially if his Constellations are maxed out.

Is Gorou the best healer for a geographic party?

Genshin Impact Gorou Shiba Inu Main Quest

Geogroups don’t require a healer compared to other groups thanks to all the shields provided with Crystalize. Geo-healing characters like Noelle or Gorou don’t work the same way classical healers like Barbara or Kokomi. They can be considered supportive healers as their slightly weaker healing abilities are much more than offset by the other benefits they provide.

When it comes to healing, players will most likely have to choose between two characters, Bennet and Gorou. Although he is a Pyro character, Bennet is probably the only healer that can make up for the lack of damage that Crystalize provides thanks to his Elemental Burst, which greatly increases damage to all. its group members.

However, miHoYo intentionally gave Gorou on the same banner as Itto because they have a great synergy. Gorou’s entire toolkit is based on having multiple Geo users on his team. He is actually one of the weakest characters in the game if not paired with two one or two Geo characters. A recent post on the Genshin_Impact_Leaks subsite revealed that a team with Albedo, Itto, Zhongli, and Gorou has slightly stronger DPS potential than if you swapped in Bennet for Gorou.

A Geography party could exist, especially for players focused on fighting their way through the vast world of Teyvat. The Genshin effect designed in such a way that the player can choose any character and build them in a powerful DPS menace without any problems in 90% of the content. However, a Geo team might struggle in the game’s endgame content, such as the Spiral Abyss. Some cascades are nearly impossible to defeat without using the right elemental reactions.

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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