Call of Duty: Warzone – The Biggest Gameplay Changes Coming to the Pacific Caldera Map

Call of Duty: Warzone players have an exciting new map called Pacific Caldera to look forward to. The map change will be the biggest map refresh a battle royale has ever seen and will see it slide even further in time back to the 1940s. Call of Duty: WarzoneNew map of Call of Duty: Vanguardreleased, and will bring with it a year of tailor-made seasons with new cosmetics, weapons, game modes, and an evolving story that players have come to expect from the title.


Fans have received a decent look at Battlefieldthe latest map of from the developers, including details on various points of interest and defining areas of how it will redefine the meta and how players prefer to play. However, that will also be determined by other upcoming changes Call of Duty: Warzone with the launch of the Caldera Pacific map and the start of Season One. One big change players have been waiting for is the introduction of the game’s new Ricochet anti-cheat feature, while others will have a sizable impact on how matches play out.

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Reload changes coming to Warzone

the call of the main art peace zone war mission

The integration of Call of Duty: Vanguard in Battlefield will obviously bring a lot of new weapons to the game. Part One will include all 38 core weapons from Vanguard, as well as two new guns that can be unlocked for free through the match of the season. These weapons will also be the only weapons available in the mode when they are added, which will help the game avoid balance issues arising from the integration Black Ops’ Cold War.

The integration will also bring many new attachments such as Vanguardbayonet of. Notably, players will also only be able to use operators from Call of Duty: Vanguard on the new map, which means players won’t be able to use their previously purchased or unlocked operators.

The new season will also bring some nerfs to some upgrades and gear on the battlefield. The developers specifically aimed to reduce the power of Dead Silence and completely remove the Stopping Power Rounds. The developers have also said that options to rework devices like stun grenades and heart rate sensors are also being considered for the launch of the season. Players will also have to adapt to sizable change to reduced download times Battlefield. To shift offload buying from a player power spike to a more strategic decision, players will only be able to call in offload after the first offload event occurs.

New vehicles and contracts coming to Warzone


One of the biggest changes coming Battlefield with the Caldera Pacific map are the new vehicles, especially airplanes. While the ground vehicles will largely be equivalent to what players are familiar with during World War 2, the aircraft has the potential to completely change the game experience. Not only does it introduce air combat, but the map also features anti-aircraft guns that can be used to shoot down planes, as well as trucks equipped to do the same. Balancing planes can be quite a challenge for developers, especially as the matches move into the final moments where players on planes can be much easier to find. and kill the people on the ground.

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The advent of air combat also required developers to update the tempo of matches. To make it easier for players to stay in an area to watch the plane wars to the end, the time the circle collapses will be extended to slow things down. For the players who have remained in form, new signings are being made to give them more goals and objectives to pursue. Pacific Caldera will also host a number of possible public events across the its stunning number of new locations, so players won’t have trouble finding activities to fill their matches.

Gulag and gameplay changes coming to Warzone


The update will also bring in some smaller changes that look like they’ll have a sizable cumulative impact on Battlefield. The first of these is a big change to BattlefieldThe iconic Gulag of. The Gulag has always offered players a chance to get back into the action after death, complete with a fresh drop without any equipment. At the start of Season One, it will be changed to allow players to bring in the gear used to win a Gulag match when they redeploy. The change will make it a bit easier to reuse for players who earn it, while effectively rewarding their Gulag match winners by giving them more ammo and gear when they return to the main game.

The map will also introduce a new mechanical tool that revolves around shallow water. Walking through water helps to obscure the player’s footsteps, even for opponents using Tracking while crouching in shallow water gives the player the same benefits as Cold Blooded. Furthermore, using fire-based gear and weapons on water will also create a wall of smoke, all of which will open up some more tactical options for players in those areas of the map. . Finally, the gas mask is also being tweaked to interrupt less action while also providing players with some protection from new dynamite boxes that players can pick up and throw or set traps .

With all the changes coming, it’s no surprise that the release BattlefieldLatest maps and seasons has been delayed to ensure that all will launch in the best possible condition. Hopefully enough time has passed for the developers to ensure that the launch goes as smoothly as possible for the many players who are eagerly anticipating its launch.

Call of Duty: Warzone currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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