Call of Duty: Vanguard – The best 3-line rifle reload

After playing through Call of Duty: VanguardDuring the campaign, it is almost undeniable that the 3-Line Rifle is the most memorable weapon. It has a heart behind it, a story, and is placed in the hands of a powerful figure. But the question is, does this translate to multiplayer?

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The short answer is yes. But it needs some tweaking with the loading process to reach its full potential. For players who like to shoot enemies silently from across the map in Call of Duty: Vanguard, 3-Line Rifle has everything a player could want, plus lethal power right after every trigger.



Call Of Duty Vanguard Polina's profile page in operator menu

No one is surprised that Polina is a master of the 3-Line Rifle. This isn’t just a little taste of the character, it has an impact on the game itself. While using the gun, she will gain experience and more importantly the 3-Line Rifle as well.

The player has unlocked every operator in the game will be richly rewarded for pairing these two together. It makes unlocking attachments much faster, and many of them are crucial to getting a competitive edge over other long-range picks.


Call Of Duty Vanguard 3 Series Rifles Preview at The Gunsmith

muzzle MX . muffler
Bin 500mm MN customized
optics SVT-40 PU Range 3-6x
share Zac Custom MZ
Tadpoles Bipod
Journal .30-06 20 Mag round
Ammo type Subsonic
Rear handle Taped Grip
Ability Silent focus
Kits Deep breath

After equipping these accessories, you will immediately see why the gun is not one of the Weapons are unlocked automatically at the beginning of the game. It kills with a single shot anywhere on its body and can strike opponents from any identifiable range.

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Best of all, that kind of power doesn’t come at the expense of invisibility. The 3-line rifle allows for maximum damage with minimal noise. Find an area where most of the map is visible and camp. It’s not a mobile build, but it doesn’t have to be.

Secondary Weapon

Call Of Duty Vanguard Launcher Preview MK11

It would feel great to blow up a bunch of baddies while check the “Please Book Tickets” achievement, but MK11 Launcher is well worth the wait for many players. It complements the position of the 3-Line Rifle perfectly.

With a high position on the map, players will have a great advantage to drop grenades and bombs directly at the opponent’s head. 3-Line Rifle can handle anyone not in hiding. For those looking to hide, MK11 Launcher can be of great help.

Exclusive right

Call Of Duty Vanguard Read The Cold Blooded Perk 1 Description

Perk 1 Cold blooded
Perk 2 High vigilance
Perk 3 Tactician

This level of hiddenness is probably the reason why privileges are disabled during the campaign. ONE number of single player missions will turn into a pastry road. First, Cold Blooded makes the player invisible with most killstreak bonuses, which is the main way most players deal with a sniper rifle of such range.

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There are times when High Alert will save a life, usually at least a few times per match. The player can’t constantly have his eyes on the back of his head or to the side, so the High Alert flash will give the player a warning about when to crouch. Tactician add-ons further contribute to the loader’s defensive power.

Deadly slot

Call Of Duty Vanguard Description of the lethal Gammon Bomb

A lot of thought was put into creating the maps in Call of Duty: Vanguard, which means that no weapon can dominate an entire game without some sort of problem. The crafty player will find a way to sprint or stealth to the 3-Line Rifle position.

Since melee combat is sometimes unavoidable, Bom Gammon is a perfect insurance policy. With its instant detonation, it can kill multiple opponents in an instant. This explosion will also sometimes kill the player if it gets too close, but it’s better to be a free kill for the opposing side.

Tactical Slots

Call Of Duty Vanguard A Look At S-Mine Tactics 44

Another means of defense against silent killers is the S-Mine 44. The Tactician’s prerogative executes this mission every 30 seconds, allowing entrenched snipers to actually claim sovereignty. on their territory. It’s not a lethal mine, but it doesn’t necessarily get the job done.

When you hear the explosion of a mine, look in the direction of the noise and shoot away to kill the stunned opponent. Then replace the S-Mine 44 with another gun and return to surveying the landscape.


The description of Call Of Duty Vanguard Of The Mortar Barrage Killstreak Rewards

  • Care package

  • Mortar bullets

  • Emergency Airdrop

It’s hard to describe how powerful the Care Package and Emergency Airdrop are. The first one takes only four kills to get and has a over 92% chance of getting a reward equal to or greater than the cost. Broken down by packages, the Emergency Airdrop has a 100% chance of doing the same thing.

Mortar Barrage is a handy tool for killing enemies, but more importantly, it can force opponents to go in the desired direction. Targeting a common security location will force many people to leave the security area and go straight into the range of the 3-Line Rifles.

Upgrading the scene

Call Of Duty Vanguard Read description of tactical insert field upgrade

Since this loading is map-wide, the top priority is to get into locations with a map-wide view. Of course, this is not an easy thing to find. So when players find a spot, they should do everything in their power to get there and stay there.

The sniper rifle’s slow motion makes killing easy, and even the 3-Line Rifle can get caught in a never-ending cycle of death. Instead of dying to get a better position, launch a Tactical Insert Flare and automatically spawn at an idea location after dying at the wrong time.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5, 2021, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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