Call of Duty: Vanguard patch notes version 1.08

Call of Duty: Vanguard is gearing up to launch its first season this weekend, and in preparation, Sledgehammer Games has detailed everything new that’s coming to the game as part of Patch 1.08.

All the changes detailed in the patch notes for 1.08 will be implemented in the next week before and at launch. Vanguard Part one on December 8.

Along with lots of bug fixes, this update will introduce a pair of new maps to the game, including a remake of Modern War 3 Classic dome. Also included will be a new Zombies mode called Control, which causes groups of Defenders and Attackers to swap between defense and attack points with limited respawn times.

In addition to this new content, there have been a lot of changes to the gameplay, including weapon adjustments, XP scaling changes, new perks, and general balance.

Call of Duty: Vanguard patch notes version 1.08

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This is a complete list of all the new changes and additions as part of patch 1.008 with support of Sledgehammer Games’ Blog.


New map

  • heaven: Medium-sized three-lane style map featuring underground tunnels and dangerous weapon testing sites.
  • Radar: A reimagined version of Modern Warfare 3’s Dome.

New perks

  • Serpentine: Slightly reduces ballistic and explosive damage taken during Sprint.
  • Intuition: The player is alerted to the presence of nearby enemies, even through walls.

New lethal device

  • Fire Grenades: Large radius grenade that deals damage to any in its range.


New mode: Control

  • Take turns defending and attacking two Control points with a limited respawn time. The defender must prevent attackers from capturing their area. If a team runs out of respawn time or fails to complete their objective within the allotted time, they lose the round.


New goal

  • Purge: Capture Control Runes to erase the existence of Augmentors.

New Covenant

  • Equip five new abilities for a total of 14 upgrades across all rarity levels at the Altar of the Covenant.

New weapon

  • Use the new Part One weapon and bring the Launcher into the fray through your Reload and Mystery Box.

New career challenges

  • Take on a new series of Zombies Career Challenges to unlock exclusive Calling Cards and XP bonuses.

Season one Challenges & Rewards

  • Complete the full set of Seasonal Challenges to earn Unique Calling Cards and XP rewards, including the main Calling Card in Season One.



  • Passed overall on Mounting. Players have reported issues with mounting height and objects that appear to be unfit.


  • Balance (December 9)
    • overview
      • Fixed reloads using 7 round bullets so total ammo is divisible by 7.
    • M1 Garand
    • Type 99
      • Reduce Aim Flinch.
      • Reduced ADS time.
      • Retains One Shot Kill ability for chest shots when using smaller caliber ammo.
    • 3-line rifle
    • Kar98
      • Retains One Shot Kill ability for chest shots when using smaller caliber ammo.
    • Attachments Sniper
      • Hollow point now reduces range.
    • Top Break
      • Using lower caliber ammo now reduces range instead of damage
    • Pistols
      • Buck and the slug
        • Reduced ADS penalty speed.
        • Reduce headshot factor.
      • Birdshot
        • Reduce headshot factor.
  • Gunsmith
    • Custom mode: players can save custom builds.
    • Adjusted camera position when selecting specific weapons or attachments. The player said the weapon preview was cut because of some attachments.
  • In the game
    • Fixed players loading into the game with invisible weapons.
    • Battle Shield now correctly displays skins when stacked.
  • Progress and Camos
    • XP
      • XP rate has been increased for Snipers.
    • 3-line rifle
      • The Bloodthirsty Challenge has been changed to the Prone Challenge.


  • Mortar Barrage – (December 9)
    • Improve visibility by reducing the full screen smoke effect. Therefore, the player needs to get closer to the smash bar to be affected.
  • Flamenaut
    • Added damage direction indicator for players using Flamenaut.
  • Fire Bombing Run
    • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t see where the VFX flames started, resulting in players taking damage even though they weren’t standing in the flames.
  • Dog attack
    • Fixed missing VFX path when the whistle animation plays.
  • User interface
    • Performance surpasses Killstreak decals to reduce flicker.

Upgrading the scene

  • Drops of death
    • Fixed a bug where players were repeatedly awarded top killstreaks when using Dead Drop.
    • The charging time has been doubled.
  • Goliath
    • Makes it easy to determine if the implemented Goliath is user-friendly


  • Fixed an issue with “Grizzled Veteran – Get Removed XE in Hardcore Mode” not tracking correctly.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from unlocking particles.


  • Demiansk
    • Fixed an exploit where players could exit the map.
  • Oasis:
    • Fixed an exploit where players could exit the map.
  • Tuscany
    • Fixed a rare issue where players appeared outside of the map.
  • Numa numa
    • Fixed a rare issue where players appeared outside of the map.
  • Shipment (December 9th)
    • Adjusted spawn logic to prevent spawn traps


  • UI / UX
    • Fixed a bug where the player name was blank in “incoming clan request” if the request was received while in the Clan Request menu.


  • Players will see a warning when equipping 2XP tokens while the global 2XP event is in progress.

Performance & Connectivity

  • Improved stability when connecting to corridors.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a “Server Snapshot” where players would be kicked out of the match and enter the MP menu. (December 9th)


  • Stalingrad
    • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when Polina picked up an NPC.
  • Battle of Berlin
    • Fixed a bug that caused the game to hang after a cutscene.


New goal

  • Purge
    • Eliminate the existence of Augmentors by acquiring powerful Control Runes throughout the area.
    • Augmentors will create waves of enemies as a defense mechanism when the player tries to capture Control Runes.
    • Survive enemy waves and successfully capture all Control Runes within the time limit to complete the Perfect Objective and get rewards (Max Power Boost, Max Armor and Bonus Points).
    • If all Control Runes are not captured before the time limit expires, a massive swarm of zombies will spawn and must be killed to complete the Objective with the standard reward.

New Covenant

Get five New Covenants for a total of 14 rare levels at the Covenant Altar.

  • Brimstone
    • Deal damage to nearby enemies (Rare / Epic / Legendary).
  • Deadshot
    • Aiming at the aiming point will bring the crosschairs to a position to shoot directly at the enemy. Bonus damage on the first critical hit for each enemy. Removed weapon sway (Rare/Epic).
  • Dead wire
    • Stun enemies (Rare/Epic). Stuns enemies and surrounding enemies (Legendary).
  • Scrapper
    • Get more lifesavers from pickups (Rare/Epic). Get more Salvages from pickups and Objective (Legendary) rewards.
  • Swift revenge
    • Deal more damage the faster you move. Activate as soon as you start moving. Shoot while sprinting (Rare/Epic). Active immediately on the move (Legendary).

New weapon

  • Weapons season one
    • Once unlocked, players can carry the brand new Cooper Carbine, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, and Sawtooth Melee weapon in their Zombies loads at the beginning of Season One.
  • Launchers
    • All Launchers will now be available in downloads and in the Mystery Box in the Zombies at the start of Season One.

Career Challenges

  • Added new Career Challenges for Zombies to the Barracks with unique Calling Cards and XP bonus rewards.

Seasonal challenge

  • Added 20 Zombies Season Challenges to the Barracks with unique Calling Cards and XP rewards to earn, including Season One’s Master Calling Pass for completing all 20 challenges.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from unlocking the Camo of Dark Aether Complete.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Pack-a-Punched Shotguns pistol with 10 Round Drums to reload all 10 rounds in a single reload animation.
  • Addresses an issue that could incorrectly flag unupgraded weapons as Pack-a-Punch Level 1.


  • Closed various exploits including off-map exploits.

The stability

  • Fixed a stability issue related to Frost Blast Artifact.
  • Fixed a stability issue related to multiple kills through Equip. Call of Duty: Vanguard patch notes version 1.08


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