Call of Duty: Vanguard – Best Gracey Auto Loadout

Gracey Auto features lightning-fast shooting, like an SMG in Call of Duty: Vanguard. However, there is a problem. Its firepower is normally not enough to kill anyone in one shot and it is defeated by SMGs at close range.

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So what’s the solution? In fact, with its explosiveness and rate of fire, it is more suitable for mid-range combat as it has better resistance than most assault rifles commonly engaged in these wars. It has suppression to assist and power to kill, one of the deadliest combinations of all Call of Duty: Vanguard.



Call Of Duty Vanguard Padmavati Break a Door

Exciting news for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to get more out of the Gracey Auto experience; no operator listed it as their favorite weapon. This would normally give the gun and the operator an incentive to experience each other.

The good news is anyone who has gone to work unlock all operators will be able to choose their favorite without worrying about missing out. The extra experience would be nice, but to the max, it’s all the same on any operator anyway.


Call Of Duty Vanguard Preview Gracey Auto Before Unlocking

muzzle Compensator G28
Bin 33″ Sport . carriage
optics M35 / Slate 2.5x Custom
share CGC H4
Tadpoles Carver Foregrip
Journal Supplements
Ammo type Fragile
Rear handle Hard handle
Ability Pinned
Kits Fully loaded

Gracey Auto doesn’t make a great first impression, even when compared to Weapons start to be unlocked automatically, but this improves over time. The best aspect of this gun is the rate of fire, which it often goes unnoticed.

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This means sacrificing some of the recoil, accuracy, and damage stats. The idea was to be able to kill a mid-range assault rifle faster than it could kill someone using a Gracey Auto. With these attachments, that’s not a problem.

Secondary Weapon

Call Of Duty Vanguard looks at the M1 Bazooka secondary weapon

It would be great to have access to M1 Bazooka while complete the “Please Book Tickets” achievement But better yes than no. This build is all about support, so even if the Spy Plane isn’t all that harmful, blowing it out of the sky for teammates is the right thing to do.

It can also help vehicles on the ground. These machines can easily wipe out an always tight formation and most of the players on the field usually don’t have a launch pad. Having a launcher helps the team and earns some easy points for Gracey Auto.

Exclusive right

Call Of Duty Vanguard Description of Fortified Perks 1

Perk 1 Consolidate
Perk 2 See-through vision
Perk 3 Tactician

Perks will vary in effectiveness depending on Quality map where the game takes place, but all three compete for a prominent spot in the loading process. Fortified is greatly underrated for mid-range fighters because grenades and launchers are almost exclusively aimed at medium-range targets.

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Since suppression is a key element to the building, See-through Vision helps to locate the player diving for cover after taking a few pictures. In keeping with the theme of the support system, Tactician gives players an additional tool to turn the tide of every fight they participate in.

Deadly slot

The description of Call Of Duty Vanguard about the lethal MK2 Shard Grenades

With a trick to the Penetrating Vision perk, players will be able to see enemies rushing into hiding. Survivors will not be able to recover health due to Fragible bullets. To finish them off, cook a grenade and throw it at them.

It’s just as fun in multiplayer as it is in the number of campaign missions grenade has that feature. Gracey Auto is very powerful, but the quick reaction can keep the opponent from dying. This weapon is a perfect final blow.

Tactical Slots

Call Of Duty Vanguard Read Description Tactical MK V Gas

Tactician’s perks ensure that players have an MK V Gas grenade ready in every day battle. This is a big difference maker. Enemies are blurred, slowed, and much easier to kill when entering the toxic cloud.

It also explodes instantly when it hits the ground, so no need to worry about timing. Gracey Auto has the stopping power to take down anyone caught in the blast as long as those outside the radius don’t interfere.


Call Of Duty Vanguard See Killstreak Care Package

  • Intel

  • Care package

  • Mortar bullets

Keeping the killstreak bonus cheap is important because, like most mid-range fighters, survival is hardly guaranteed. This loader is incredibly well equipped to deal with encounters like these, but it doesn’t always take down and an unlucky headshot can stop a hot chain.

The Care Pack is one of the best kills for anyone, giving a 92%+ chance of generating a kill equal or greater of the four kills you need to get the Care Pack . And Mortar Barrage is a phenomenon for knocking enemies out of the backline and into mid-range, where Gracey Auto awaits them.

Upgrading the scene

Call Of Duty Vanguard Description of the supply box field upgrade

Yes, the assist at this point is overwhelming, but the Supply Box isn’t just for allies. Gracey Auto races through ammo and, even with the fully loaded kit selection, players will want more ammo so they can keep firing.

The cooldown is good and low, meaning the player can comfortably suppress the fire without worrying too much about the remaining magazines in the tank. This is all gravy other than the primary purpose of giving allies a stockpile of ammunition they can also take advantage of.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5, 2021, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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