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Everyone knows the general mission of the LMG in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Step back, provide suppressive fire, support teammates and can be killed infrequently if given the chance. Type 11 can definitely do all of these things. But it doesn’t make them better or worse than other LMGs.

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To make it special, players will want to use what makes Style 11 unique. The superb accuracy of the hip shot is an indication that gamers might want to consider making the Type 11 an SMG, a role where it performs as well or better than other guns in its class. Call of Duty: Vanguard allows such a gameplay, so why not take advantage of it?



Call Of Duty Vanguard Shigenori prepares for a duel

Players who took the time to unlock all operators may tend to use their favorite type for every gun. But doing so makes the leveling process much harder. When Shigenori uses Style 11, he gets a bonus to buy a gun.

In return, the gun also gives his character more experience. At its highest level, the Model 11 can operate within anyone’s reach. But it’s much easier to get to the max level and complete the full to-do attachment list when these two forces come together.


Call Of Duty Vanguard preview type 11 before unlocking

muzzle Mercury Silencer
Bin Warubachi 352mm
optics MK. 12 Night vision
share Shiraishi Skeleton
Tadpoles SMLE pistol grip
Journal Round drum 6.5mm Sakura 90
Ammo type Subsonic
Rear handle Pine Tar Grip
Ability Fleet
Kits Fully loaded

With speed, stealth, and sustained power, the Type 11 is unlike any other type of close-quarter combat. Which means this weapon is not among the The guns are unlocked for free at the start of the game. It’s an odd but effective bonus for later players.

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This gun is for hip shooting only. The cartridge, by default or otherwise, is in a position to cut out important images while targeting the opponent. Also, like most LMGs, reloading is a risky business. The improved magazine will help and even give the Model 11 an advantage over other SMGs that have to be reloaded every few seconds.

Secondary Weapon

Call Of Duty Vanguard Preview Combat Knife FS

For an extra boost of speed, remove the launchers and use a knife. The FS Fighting Knife is not directly useful for construction, it is recommended to shoot instead of stab, but it is lightweight and allows the player to get close as quickly as possible.

There is one point to note when switching to the FS Combat Knife when sneaking into the enemy. Such a tactic would be useful for achieved the achievement “Please Book Tickets”. However, it works well in multiplayer, just keep those footsteps quiet.

Exclusive right

Description of Call Of Duty Vanguard Ninja Perk 1

Perk 1 shinobi
Perk 2 Tracker
Perk 3 Light-weight

Although the perks would be useful to a the number of campaign missions, players do not have access to them until multiplayer. That works well because stealth really comes into focus with the selection of perks presented here.

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Ninja is a must, as footsteps and breathing in the game are easy to hear, even from mid-range. Once in the back of the enemy’s front lines, Tracker essentially highlights the path to free backstabbing kills. And Lightweight will accelerate the speed even more, making the Type 11 more like an SMG.

Deadly slot

Call Of Duty Vanguard Description of the lethal Gammon Bomb

The deadly slot can sometimes feel like a waste as the Model 11 will quickly launch anything within range of the projectile being thrown. However, Gammon Bomb adds an important finishing element in the rare case of a gun running out of ammo.

Obviously, if the gun ran out of ammo, the player could have earned a lot of lives already. For the sake of killing battles, sometimes the gun runs out as well as another kill that is almost guaranteed. Different versions of the game have different ways of unlocking, but everyone should have access to Gammon Bomb. Throw it away instead of trying to reload in battle.

Tactical Slots

Call Of Duty Vanguard Description of Tactical Stun Grenades No 69

The increased gun accuracy can sometimes be a weakness, especially when facing multiple opponents in a single room. In these cases, instead of trying to hit three at once, throw the Number 69 Stun Grenade.

It explodes instantly and slows enemies just enough to escape some clean hits. A party of four can drop to Category 11 before they fully recover from the stun effect. It’s a useful trick for double and triple kills.


Call Of Duty Vanguard Read description on Killstreak by local informant

  • Intel

  • Spy plane

  • Local informant

There are two cheap killstreak options here. Both Intel and Spy Plane will help reveal the target, especially since Tracker perks don’t yield anything. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being in the right area. Seeing enemies before plunging into them gives the Type 11 the only edge it needs in a fight between two SMG-like weapons.

On the other hand, Local Informs is the most expensive killstreak in the game for a good reason; It reveals all opponents and wins the game for the team unofficially. Getting it is hard work, but the Type 11 is loaded to silence, there’s a very real chance of getting it.

Upgrading the scene

The description of Call Of Duty Vanguard about Dead Drop Field upgrade

To aid in achieving twelve kills in a row, Dead Drop gives players an extra chance to try and score. Go ahead and be liberal in its use, tossing one down after five to seven lives have been achieved.

Even if players can’t get it consistently, the extremely fast deposit times make it a risk-free venture. Even if it only happens in a handful of games, the power of Killstreak Local Info is worth it. It directly benefits the Type 11 as well as all its allies.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5, 2021, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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