Call of Duty: Vanguard – Best Barrel Loadout

Few guns divide fan opinion as much as the Double Barrel in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Of all the pistols, it has the best accuracy and lowest firepower. This led many to conclude that it should be made into a mid-range weapon to both keep the SMG user safe and take advantage of that remarkable accuracy.

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However, there is a problem with that strategy. With just two shots in the barrel, the Double Barrel doesn’t have what it takes to be good at mid-range no matter what accessory is used. Don’t worry, with some upgrades the Double Barrel could be one of the best close range weapons of all. Call of Duty: Vanguard.



Call Of Duty Vanguard Padmavati sees occupiers killed

Unfortunately, none of the operators listed the Double Barrel as their favorite weapon. Favorite weapons give more experience to the operator and the operator, in turn, gives more experience to the weapon. It makes leveling faster for everyone.

The good news is that the players have been busy unlock all operators will be able to use their favorite characters without reservation. While it will take longer to unlock all attachments, at max level all operators using Double Crates are the same.


Call Of Duty Vanguard Preview Double Crates Before Unlocking

muzzle M97 full choke
Bin Defender Lj-18
optics M28 / Slate 2.5x Custom
share Stocks Removed
Tadpoles Carver Foregrip
Journal 16 Gauge
Ammo type Buck and the slug
Rear handle Pine Tar Grip
Ability Akimbo
Kits Fast

There’s a good reason Double Barrel isn’t one of those Weapons are available immediately and that’s because it will absolutely prevail in close range against any weapon. Akimbo makes up for the lack of firepower with dual combat crates.

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This means that the gun fires only hip ammo, but the recoil of these attachments is minimal, allowing for surprising accuracy. Complete this with Buck and Slug ammo and enemies will be instantly killed. There is no comparison for other close range weapons.

Secondary Weapon

Call Of Duty Vanguard Preview Combat Knife FS

This payload has a distinct identity of approaching. So what is the knife for? It’s fair to wonder as it would contribute to complete the “Please Book Tickets” achievement from the campaign but will probably never be used in multiplayer.

If this payload has any weakness, it’s that it’s not as fast as some other close-range builds, even if it dominates them all in real combat. The idea is to maximize these encounters, so the light aids the player by giving them the speed to get through the mid-range.

Exclusive right

The description of Call Of Duty Vanguard about Dauntless Perk 1

Perk 1 Dauntless
Perk 2 Engineer
Perk 3 Light-weight

There are many stealth options to assist players in sneaking through Great map in the game, but these perks don’t help with a big and noisy gun like the Double Barrel. It’s fine if players see this loading screen on the map, the idea is to make it so they can’t do anything about it.

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By removing any motion reduction effects with Dauntless, players can blow through effects that would normally stun them. Few players can get in deep enough to steal killstreaks, but Double Barrel can, so Engineer is a great choice. Light weight further narrows the distance when fighting.

Deadly slot

Call Of Duty Vanguard Description of the lethal Gammon Bomb

Gammon Bomb helps Lucas in a the number of campaign missions. Fans will love the projectile, but it’s even more important in multiplayer. Most grenades require a cooking time that is simply impractical in close combat.

Instant explosions are most useful for softening up a group before going in. Also, if the Double Barrel runs out of ammo due to a lack of shots, Bomb Gammon is a quick finisher. Waiting for reload is a deadly proposition, especially after alerting the entire enemy team with these firings.

Tactical Slots

Call Of Duty Vanguard Select Tactical Stimulus

The added speed and healing makes Stim a no-brainer for loading Double Barrel. Some players were able to push for the No 69 Stun Grenade, but the point here is that by the time it needed to be thrown, the Double Barrel with these accessories was able to kill four players.

Using it before battle can help close the gap. More often than not, however, the idea is to use it to escape after gathering a bunch of skills. Reloading takes a while and Stimulus can keep the player healthy.


The description of Call Of Duty Vanguard about Guard Dog Killstreak Rewards

  • Intel

  • Spy plane

  • guard dog

This build is capable of three kills in a split second, especially against teamed opponents. But high rewards come with high risks. Between reloads, unlucky opponents respawn and attempt to make their way through corridors and fields, the loading process has holes.

The moral of the story is not to pick and kill rewards that take too long to get. Intel and Spy Plane can provide players with an idea of ​​what’s going to happen in nearby rooms. Guard dogs are usually not large, but behind enemy lines it can kill itself.

Upgrading the scene

Call Of Duty Vanguard Description of the Field Upgrade Armor Plate

When it comes to combat, veterans know to aim for the center of mass. The default targeting assist is center mass, and new players will often try to hit the middle of whatever is coming their way. Armor Plates negate all of these attack mechanics.

It’s a slow cooldown, which can be annoying, but without a lucky headshot it’s almost guaranteed to kill every time they’re hit. How many other field upgrades can that be said?

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5, 2021, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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