Caligula Effect 2 . Beginner Tip

Caligula 2 . Effect is the second game in The Caligula effect series and is a JRPG (short for Japanese Role Playing Game) similar to Persona series. Players recruit friends and battle through a surreal, dreamlike world and destroy any enemies that stand in their way.

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Multiplayer of Persona the game can switch to The Caligula effect scratch Persona left behind, only to realize there’s quite a bit they’ll have to get used to. There are some tips for beginners The Caligula effect to know before playing.

7 The tutorial battle is not very explanatory

Around the time when the player first starts the game, they will be launched into their first battle. Although players can expect this tutorial to explain some of the mechanics of the game Caligula 2 . Effectof battle, this is not the case.

Best to know that a player will Not Learn many things in this tutorial battle. There will be many buttons and prompts that will not be explained to the player; the only way for them to find out is to simply try each of these options for themselves.

6 Respond to character events carefully

There are a lot of character events through Caligula 2 . Effect. Essentially, character events are certain interactions the player has with other characters; If the player is successful with them, they will be able to dig deeper into the character’s story and recruit them to their party.

However, depending on what the player says, they may be locked out of other character events. This means that a player must always be careful and think about what they want to say to someone and the ramifications of what could happen if they do before they choose their option.

5 Learn about the Catharsis Effect

During combat, players may find that the Catharsis effect covers all the basic skills they can use to attack. However, it is a bit more complicated, as there are a bunch of other stats and descriptions that players need to keep an eye on.

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What players need to keep track of type of the attack they are using, along with the strength of their attack, the SP cost, and what exactly that attack does. It is a lot to take in, but luckily a player should get used to it relatively early.

4 Other guides help

Although the battle guide isn’t exactly the best when it comes to explaining all the unique quirks of the battles in Caligula 2 . Effect, the rest of the game provides tutorials that will make it much easier for the player to get into the game. There are tutorials for every other part of the game, which players can go through if they find themselves confused.

A quick glance at a few in-game tutorials will help keep players knowledgeable about whatever they’re having trouble with. In addition, players can review tutorials and guides any time they want.

3 Meet more people

There are many characters for players to meet in Caligula 2 . Effect. It’s good for players to try to meet and recruit as many people as possible, as it will aid them in battle.

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Players are always a good idea to try and recruit someone, as their skill set can be extremely useful to them. A player who also deals with character events should also remember to give their new recruits some affection, as that will be beneficial in the long run.

2 Fight more to become stronger

It sounds obvious at first, but fight more enemies in Caligula 2 . Effect will always benefit the player. As players go through more and more battles in the game, not only will their characters gain more EXP and items, but the players will feel more natural in the battles.

Since there was so much information that players would have to take in during battle, it was best for them to fight as hard as they could. This will help them get used to how the battles play out in the game.

first Remember to use the right moves

There are many types of moves for players to get used to Caligula effect 2. There are Catharsis Effect moves, Affectionate moves, Battle Effect moves, and so on and so forth.

A player can also chain up to three attacks in one turn with each character; With four party members, that means a player can attack up to twelve times in one turn. It would be a great idea for players to find the best sequences needed to kill their enemies as quickly as possible.

Caligula effect 2 available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

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