California man Jeremy David Hanson loses to ‘gay’ superman accused of terrorizing ‘wake up’ companies

An adult California man is accused of terrorizing children’s toy companies, Disney, dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster, and even a comic book writer for outrage at the “agenda” extreme homosexuality” which he said damaged Mr. Potato Head and “Ruined Superman.”

That’s according to a criminal complaint unsealed today in federal court that charges 34-year-old Jeremy David Hanson with one count of interstate communications on threats to commit violence. His alleged beef echoes many talking points recently used by far-right politicians, with authorities accusing him of targeting companies “sober” with politicians. Company books include, such as Land O’ Lakes, and vows to bomb USA TodayNewsroom to name Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Rachel Lavine, who has come out as transgender, as one of 12 “Women of the Year”.

Prosecutors said Hanson, a Trump supporter who lives in Los Angeles, a suburb of Los Alamitos, carried out his threatening behavior for several years. That April, an unnamed Land O’ Lakes employee reported a threat that Hanson allegedly posted on Instagram using the @quinserath1 handle: “Land O Lakes headquarters deserves to be shut down. opened fire and bombed for turning into a cultural Marxist company that undermines political correctness.”

Eleven days earlier, Land O’ Lakes announced that it would remove the image of a Native American woman from its packaging.

That same month, Hanson posted threats online that he wanted to “join a shooting” in the ACLU office, and told a rabbi in New York City who introduced the pronoun. their profile reads, “That identifies you as some kind of loathsome and a radical Marxist… You and your entire family should be gassed and your synagogue destroyed exploded and was bombed,” court documents said.

According to prosecutors, after threatening a local politician in Madison, Wisconsin with the removal of a monument, which Hanson found offensive, Hanson went after America’s oldest dictionary publisher. .

In a comment on the Merriam-Webster website, below the definition for “Female,” which includes other explanations, “Has a gender identity as opposed to male,” Feds said Hanson wrote, “That absolutely amazing Merriam-Webster now blatantly lies and promotes unscientific propaganda. There is no such thing as ‘gender identity.’ The villain who wrote this entry should be hunted down and shot.”

Below the definition for “Girl,” Hanson allegedly wrote, “The idiot who created this fake definition should be hunted down and shot. I am sick and tired of cultural Marxists that deny science and destroy the English Language. Merriam-Webster headquarters should be shot up and bombed. Boys are not girls”.

Hanson is also said to have sent a direct message to Merriam-Webster through the “Contact Us” page on his website, allegedly writing in one post, “I’m going to bombard your office for guilty of lying and creating fake definitions to roam the mafia tranny… The only good Marxist is a dead Marxist I’ll assassinate your top editor Summer. “

United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts

On October 8, “after Merriam-Webster’s executives became aware of additional, more direct threats, Legal Counsel to Merriam-Webster reported the threats to the FBI,” clearly stated complaint. “Due to threats, MerriamWebster’s management has closed down [offices] in Springfield and New York, and these offices remain closed for about five business days. “

Days later, prosecutors said that Hanson became angry at the comics industry’s push to diversify his characters. An employee at IGN, which owns DC Comics, contacted the San Francisco Police Department about a series of disturbing social media posts and emails “in response to an IGN Instagram post that contained content ‘Exclusive: DC’s New Superman Jon Kent Appears as Bisexual’.” ”

“Of course someone like you (read: extreme traitor of the anti-American Democratic Party) has no problem with innocent children being corrupted by corrupt trash in the form of a character. villain disguised as ‘superhero’ IGN is clearly the opposite. An extremist, cultural Marxist propaganda site that discriminates against conservatives and hates free speech,” read one. “I will have to keep posting my comment, and if IGN keeps deleting it, I will bombard their office. The radical left needs to pay the price of silence and suppression of conservatives.”

He then used his personal Facebook account to send a direct message to a DC writer, the lawsuit states. “I will kill you,” Hanson is said to have written in one. “I will rape your wife and chop off her head then blow up the DC Comics headquarters.” Among others, he allegedly threatened to “DIE you cultural Marxists are destroying America,” ending his words with, “TRUMP 2024.” Unionists say Hanson also vowed to burn the writer alive and “DECISION YOU HAVE BEEN SUPERMAN GAY.”


United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts

Prosecutors said Hanson sent an email to “several” DC employees, with the subject line: “I will shoot and bomb your office for ruining Superman.”

“First, you turn him into a fake,” reads the body of the email. “Now, you make him anti-American. You bastards of Marxism. I’ll make you pay,” the message reads threatening to kill DC’s publisher and “rape and kills his wife”.

Another company that drew on Hanson’s alleged anger: Hasbro, the maker of Mr. Potato Head is a favorite. In February 2021, Hasbro announced it would be removing “Mr.” from its logo in a redesign, but the characters will not change. However, many conservatives howled with outrage, calling the move a symptom of “cultural undoing”.

A few weeks later, a Hasbro employee reported threatening messages from “”.

One said: “I will shoot and bomb your headquarters for finding tranny freaks. “Mr. Potato head is male. You sickening tranny culture narcist [sic] need to be destroyed. Death to tranny [sic]. ”


United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts

Last month, Disney CEO Bob Chapek received an email from “,” an address the FBI said was previously used to threaten the president of the University of North Texas for “advocating for Child genital mutilation and sex reassignment”.

“I’m going to shoot and bomb your headquarters for being a group of sex addicts who feed transgender ideology to children,” the subject line reads. The body of the email said: “You are a sick corporation, without a backbone, and you all deserve to die. “The only way to stop the destruction of America by awakened corporations is through terrorism.”

He followed up with a phone call, according to the complaint:

“Hey, I just learned that your company supports the transgender agenda and wants to brainwash sexist kids. So just to let you know, I have left many pipe bombs at your corporate headquarters. See you later.”

Disney has, in the end, been embroiled in a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the company’s alleged “awakening.”

Hanson also lashed out at a professor at Loyola-Marymount University and the school board at Eau Claire, Wisconsin for being “Marxists,” Amnesty International for being “anti-Semitic,” and sent email to USA Today said he would “shoot and bomb your office for being a fake news rag that claims a man is “woman of the year,” according to the complaint, in which Hanson then promised to “assassin” Lavine, call her by the -transition name, and “blow up” the US Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency Lavine helps with surveillance.

Investigators had little difficulty locating Hanson, tracing the IP address associated with threats to return to Hanson’s native home, where he lived.

Hanson’s mother, Lauren Zack, told the FBI that her son was “focused on transgender issues” and said he was prone to “verbal exaggeration”. She told agents that Hanson “”has developmental disorders, including autism, and cannot explain through the consequences of making statements that could be interpreted as threats.” , the complaint reads. Zack claims Hanson has been lashed out “due to the stress of the coronavirus and recent changes in medication,” but that he “does not pose a threat to the community because he is a recluse.” , she supervises him and he has no right to use a weapon.”

In his own interview with agents, Hanson said he was “often able to take his anger out on his mother,” the complaint reads. “However, after his mother went to bed, Hanson made comments online with no added benefit to his mother like a filter or sound panel.”

According to the lawsuit, this is not the first time Hanson has worked with the FBI. In 2015, he was interviewed by agents about a message he posted to an unidentified Wikipedia page, which read, “I’ll kill you, anti-Semitic maniac. I will rape your sister and smash her damn skull. Then I will fuck your mother and kill her too.”

“Similarly, he regrets that on 23 October 2014 he sent an e-mail to Irish politician Averil Power which contained other things: “Hope you enjoy being raped. by barbarian Muslims when Ireland fell under Sharia law,” the complaint reads, adding that Hanson “repeatedly expressed remorse and indicated that he promised to refrain from sending any threatening comments.” via social media or online in the future.”

In a statement released Friday, US Attorney Rachael S. Rollins said, “Hateful threats and threats have no place in our society. We believe Hanson has sent countless threatening and despicable anonymous messages regarding the LGBTQ community with the aim of instilling fear and division. My office and our law enforcement partners will not tolerate threats against members of our community, no matter which corner of the Internet they are sent from. Offenders will be identified, apprehended and held accountable in federal court. ”

If convicted, Hanson faces five years in prison. He has no attorney listed in court records and The Daily Beast was unable to reach him or his mother by phone Friday night for comment. California man Jeremy David Hanson loses to ‘gay’ superman accused of terrorizing ‘wake up’ companies


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