Calculation of 13000 Primogems for 2.4 . version

Calculating Primogems is very important for The Genshin effect player. For those who want to make sure they get the character they want, proper management of this currency is key.

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Every six weeks, The Genshin effect released a new update. Typically, players can expect around 10,000 Primogems per Instance. This number sounds like a lot, but it means about 60 Wishes. This is not enough for players reach sowrow and guaranteed 5 stars. For players who have a savings plan in The Genshin effect 2.4, this is how much Primogem they can collect in the next update.


Calculating Primogems for Genshin Impact 2.4

Genshin Impact 2.4 Calculating Primogems

In The Genshin effect 2.4, F2P players can accumulate a total of 13,580 Primogem. Here’s a breakdown of each source:

  1. Daily roses (2520 Primogems)
  2. Battle Pass (800 Primogems)
  3. Exchange Stardust (1600 Primogems)
  4. Spiral Abyss (1800 Primogems)
  5. New area: Enkanomiya (500 Primogems)
  6. Sacred sakura tree (960 Primogems)
  7. New World Quest (420 Primogems)
  8. New achievements (200 Primogems)
  9. Run character test (80 Primogems)
  10. new event (2000 Primogems)
  11. Hangout Event (120 Primogems)
  12. Login event: 1600 Primogems
  13. Daily check-in at HoYoLAB (80 Primogems)
  14. Live stream version 2.5 (300 Primogems)
  15. Fixes (300 Primogems)
  16. Game update compensation (300 Primogems)

If Fates are not converted to Primogems, then the player will have:

Free to play

  • 8,620 Primogems
  • 14 familiar fates
  • 17 intertwined fates

Welkin and Battle Pass Spender

  • 13,080 Primogems
  • 14 familiar fates
  • 21 intertwined fates

Please note that some of these numbers are based on assumptions. In addition to the listed data, there are also other ways to obtain Primogems. For example, by participating in contests and Web Events. If players are interested in finding out where each value comes from, they can read the details below.

Daily roses

Daily commission rewards in Genshin Impact
  • Free to play: 60 Primogem x 42 days = 2520 Primogem
  • Welkin Spender: (60 + 90 Primogem) x 42 days = 6300 Primogem

Every day, players can complete four Daily Commissions and get more rewards from Katheryne. This will grant 60 Primogems. Because each Instance is six weeks long, this value is multiplied by 42 days.

Battle Pass

Battlepass on Genshin Impact
  • Free to play: 5 familiar fates
  • Battle Pass Spender: 5 familiar fates + 4 intertwined fates + 680 Primogem

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By reaching level 50 on the Battle Pass, Travelers can accumulate five Acquaintance Fates. This is equivalent to 800 Primogems. Meanwhile, players who purchase the Battle Pass will receive an additional 4 Destiny Combinations and 680 Primogems. This translates to a total 2120 Primogems.

Exchange Stardust

Paimon Store in Genshin Impact

Each month, players can purchase five Replicas and five Fate combinations through the Paimon Store. Above The Genshin effect 2.4, February the shop resets once. 10 Fate equals 1600 Primogems.

Spiral Abyss

10 best characters for spiral abyss cover photo

This is one of the most difficult. Players should calculate this part based on their ability. But for those who can complete The Genshin effect Spiral Abyss with the maximum number of stars per spin, then they can expect 1800 Primogems in version 2.4.

New Area (Enkanomiya)

The impact of Genshin Enkanomiya

Update 2.4 will bring a brand new region, Enkanomiya. The land below Watatsumi Island will be filled with The Genshin effect Chest. Players can look forward to 500 Primogems from this content.

Sacred sakura tree

The sakura tree in Genshin Impact

With the release of Enkanomiya, the Sacred Sakura Tree can finally reach its maximum level. From levels 40 to 50, Visitors can get four Acquaintances and two Alternate Fates (assuming it has the same rewards as levels 30 to 40). This is equivalent to 960 Primogems.

New World Quest

Fortune 4 days 2

Of course, the new area also means a new World Quest. Typically, each bonus will reward between 40 and 60 Primogems. That’s a pretty safe bet to estimate 420 Primogems from them.

New achievements

Achievements in Genshin Impact

Whether it is discovery achievements or hidden quests, the total will range from 100 to 200 Primogems.

Run character test

Shenhe and Xiao . Banner

In The Genshin effect 2.4, there will be four character banners: Shenhe, Xiao, Ganyu and Zhongli. Each test run will yield 20 Primogems, total 80 Primogems.

new event

Windtrace rerun Genshin Impact

There are several events in Version 2.4. In total, players can expect 1500 to 2000 Primogems reward all of them.

  1. Flameplume Starflowers
  2. Magical darkness
  3. Great collection
  4. Guardian of the ocean
  5. Research on Potions
  6. Eight localities in the mountains and the sea
  7. Windtrace

Hangout Event

Hangout Event Ningguang and Yun Jin

Amazing news comes to the Hangout Event. For fans who love to spend their time with The Genshin effect characters they can hang out with Ningguang and Yun Jin in Version 2.4. Each will grant 60 Primogems, so two events means 120 Primogems total.

Login event

Genshin Impact 10 Free Combination Fates

Just like the previous Lantern Festival, May Fortune Find You will be back in celebration this year. To login, Tourists can collect total 10 intertwined fates. This is equivalent to 1600 Primogems.

Daily check-in at HoYoLAB

Genshin Impact Sign Up Daily

HoYoLAB is The Genshin effectofficial forum. Every day, players can log in to get a small reward. Each month, Check-in will issue a total of 60 Primogems. So within 42 days travelers can get 80 Primogems.

Live stream version 2.5

Live broadcast announcement in Genshin Impact

When the Current Version ends, miHoYo always hosts a live stream to showcase new content in the next update. Players can rely on here to get 300 Primogems via Limited Promo Code.


Fixed some bugs in Genshin Impact

Errors are inevitable in programs. Some of them are processed immediately while others The Genshin effect bug fixed with the Version update. All the time, this always grants 300 Primogems.

Game update compensation

Genshin Impact Compensation Reward

Finally, when the new update arrives, The Genshin effect will undergo a few hours of maintenance. Usually this lasts about five hours and Travelers are usually compensated with 60 Primogem for each hour. Therefore, the minimum compensation will be 300 Primogems. So far, the game’s update has never exceeded the estimated five hours.

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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