By the Power of Grayskull, Kevin Smith’s New ‘Masters of the Universe’ Really Is a Revelation

Asa child, was He is Adam and the Master of the universe, and everything else was. So, with some recognized nostalgia I report that new Masters of the Universe: Revelation success is, at least, as long as the franchise’s favorite characters are directly revived and at the same time they and their stories are updated in the 21st century. Chief by Kevin Smith, Netflix’s animated dog feels like an organic continuation of the original syndicated series, which worked during the two seasons of 1983-1985 (during which time it ignored the 1987 film and later the 2002 TV show). Moreover, it manages to play a minor role in the humanization of heroes and villains older than life, so that their story doesn’t just play a wider practical Mattel digital ad.

Blessed with a wonderful voice, Masters of the Universe: Revelation (July 23) is the first of five episodes that are supposed to be a sequel. And at least in these initial sections, it returns to the familiar area, only then does it steadily increase expectations. The legend of the usual method with Skeletor (Mark Hamill) – the dark lord of the broken Snake Mountain – an attempt to use cunningly to enter the Castle of Greyskull, a stronghold that embraces the power of Eternity as well as the universe. Unfortunately for him, his final plan is made even more difficult once again by the arrival of Hee-Man (Chris Wood), the extraordinary and invincible breath of Prince Adam, who uses Gracecull’s power through the sword of Power (unimaginably). .

Powerhouse Animation Studios, the costume behind the hit is based on a Netflix video Castration, for an inspiring style of anime Masters of the Universe: Revelation, which retains the basic designs of the original toys and series and yet gives them more lateral and angular features, as well as making their movements faster and sharper. It just proves He-Man and the company is perfect, even if the blonde herself is a little better, would we say steroid.

Now the He-Man shots are going to be ridiculous, which would be nice – the reality, of course, isn’t the name of the game – except that his head is too small for his huge shoulders. It’s a small mistake, but considering that the rest of his teammates and rivals are proud of their signatures and colorful personalities, whether it’s the faithful inventor Man-At-Arms (Liam Cunningham), the wandering clown wizard Orco (Griffin Newman), a witch (Susan Eisenberg), a cunning witch Evil-Lynn (Lena Heidi), a cowardly kitten Kringer (Stephen Ruth), a savage savage (Kevin Michael Richardson) or a fierce Tela warrior (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

This and more recognizable faces show Masters of the Universe: Revelation, and those who are obsessed with property will definitely get a kick out of a few of its shortcomings, especially the early appearance of the blink-or-you-him-miss by Fisto, who is perfectly pregnant and lavishly named. The huge list of warriors and masters of the universe means that each episode includes some beloved actors, including Stinkor (Jason Meves), Trap-Jav (Diedrich Bader) and Tri-Klops (Henry Rollins), the last of whom remain. the leader of a magical cult that worships at the altar of technology. From a glamorous point of view, Smith’s reboot-y series respects its predecessor in a visible and insidious way, thus allowing it to act both as an entry point and as an advanced extension.

It independently revives the franchise’s favorite characters and at the same time renews them and their stories in the 21st century.

By the way, Masters of the Universe: Revelation usually fits its title and provides a number of bombs for its main characters. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that its main focus is not on He-Man, but on Teela, the adopted daughter of Man-At-Arms and the brave captain of the Royal Guard. At the beginning of the premiere, Tela gives King Randor (Diedrich Bader) and Queen Marlena (Alicia Silverstone) the prestigious title of Man-At-Arms. Unfortunately, the celebration around this honor is short-lived, as Tela is soon called to the service to protect Castle Grayskull from the Skeleton, where Mark Hamill sounds with a satanic veil reminiscent of his fantastic vocal performance as the Joker. give. The ensuing battle ends in tragedy, not only for one of the most important faces of the show, but for the universe itself. Through a series of cataclysmic events, all of Eternity’s magic disappears, and Teela, Orko, Man-At-Arms, and Roboto (Justin Long) – Man-At-Arms ’‘ son-in-law ’confidence – take over the pieces.

Proof of it Masters of the Universe: Revelation the death of the main protagonist – at least temporarily – makes it different from the original series, as well as the modern-day sensitivity that lies both in Tela’s wrath of lying by her closest comrades and a similar desire for Evil-Lyn from her male compatriots. Such colors, as well as the delicate counseling relationship between Tela and mercenary Andrew (Tiffany Smith), bring a modern spirit to the trial. Furthermore, with the focus on one of He-Man’s staunchest supporters (who is his twin sister She-Ra, not a prince of power), Smith draws a triumphant victory, offering a character who is even in this double form. – it’s so much more appealing than Adam / Hee-Man that his powerless nobility gives him something like a WWE cardboard change in Superman.

Does any of this appeal to viewers over the age of 10 who already have no warm feelings for He-Man? Probably not, because Smith’s cast and his team of writers (and directors Adam Connor and Patrick Stannard) are an odyssey full of magical worlds that aren’t so weird, conflicts aren’t so weird, and life’s lessons – such as Teela’s need to be intimidated, literally and figuratively – these are not new. Then, about 40 years after this property first became a sensation, Masters of the Universe: Revelation no less than a victory over the new, it’s about reminding old fans of the childhood days of the past. As such, it fulfills its mission – and one can be sure that Powerhouse’s powerful animation will convince only a handful of He-Man novices to get it. But, more often than not, the ability to give loyalists what they dream of is the real power of this enterprise. | By the Power of Grayskull, Kevin Smith’s New ‘Masters of the Universe’ Really Is a Revelation


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