Bulu Monster Mod Apk 8.0.3 (Unlimited Bulu Points) Download

Bulu Monster Mod Apk is an RPG game for Android where you collect Bulu Points and fight with others. Bulu Points are used to upgrade, train and collect new monsters in the vast world. Bulu Monster Mod Apk is a fun game that lets you entertain yourself while collecting points that can be used to buy more Bulus!

About Bulu Monster Mod Apk

The Pokemon franchise has, from the very beginning, created a strong fan base. There are still many fans who love Pocket Monster today. One of the main reasons for the creation of Bulu Monster that I mentioned before. Because this game is based on creatures taken from the lore surrounding Pokeball, it is simply because Pokemon has a connection with it. It’s a game where you will be a monster trainer. But it’s not a Pokemon, and it’s not a Bulu Monster; rather, it is a creature with the same power and cuteness as a Pokemon.

Many strange creatures known as Bulu Monsters live on Bulu Island, a rich land inhabited and inhabited by many mystical monsters. The game of the same name follows a trainer’s attempt to capture Bulu monsters to use them in battle. In addition, a close friend will accompany the guide throughout the trip. Become the most bully coach ever! Use smart strategies and combat prowess to your advantage.

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Monster Bulu Training

Various monsters can be found on Bulu Island as a trainer. Fight and capture them to discover new friends. Make your army of monsters more diverse than ever. Prove yourself as a competent trainer and take care of your creatures. A good trainer always cares about his monster’s health after each battle. Please don’t rely on them to ensure that things turn out to be fun and interesting. Your journey towards fighting minions will be very long.

The enemies that you encounter in Bulu Monster will be many. Even unplayable characters and other players can fight you. Battles will usually take place between two monsters. Each monster has its own unique set of abilities. In order to acquire the necessary skills, it will be beneficial to gather a lot of specialized knowledge about Bulu Monster.

Bulu monster mod apk unlimited everything download


Bulu Monster is a clone of the world’s most popular Pokemon game. You create characters to role-play and explore the map to find and fight monsters. The goal of this excursion is for you to become the best monster trainer you can be.

Bulu Monster’s combat is quite basic and simple. If you’ve played Pokemon games before, you don’t need system support. The monsters will be brought to the battlefield when the battle begins. The bottom of the screen shows the monster’s ability; You can use them whenever it’s your turn by choosing the appropriate skills.

The game ‘Bulu Monster’ has a road-like map. You can choose your path. As a result, you will encounter many obstacles and monsters. When a conflict occurs, the screen will automatically switch to the battle scene without consulting you. So be sure to keep fighting!

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Lots of monsters

Bulu Monster allows you to recruit and train a variety of monsters. You can capture wild specimens with the in-game Capture Ball. However, to catch them, you must weaken them in battle and select the orb that corresponds to the strength of each species.

The creatures are quite stunning from a visual point of view. They have an elegant and precise appearance. Their motion features are also well handled and you can watch them fight for yourself. Some reviewers argue that Bulu Monster is better designed than Pokemon games in this area.

Each monster has its own set of attributes and abilities. They will level up in the game. Experience is required to increase their level. HP, damage, and speed will all be boosted at a greater rate. New combat skills will also be available as a result of this process. Upgrading certain skills can be done up to level 10.

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Get the reward after the quest

As you progress through the story, new quests will appear as your journey turns a new page. You will get a suitable reward after completing the puzzle, such as Bulu Points, Experience or even rare monsters.

The characters also give you tests and goals. By interacting with them, you can get more guidance and information to help you find hidden wealth.

Hard journeys

The 14 unique zones represent the 14 different areas that you will explore during your trip. All are located in Bulu Monster’s territory. You’ll meet some fascinating personalities in addition to adorable monsters. They can provide us with a wealth of information about the world of Bulu Monster. Or, perhaps you want to make friends and compete with yourself? On your journey to become the greatest trainer, unlock different goals. Not only is he brilliant throughout the journey, but his personality is also portrayed in great detail. Moreover, many thrilling battles between Bulu Monsters are ahead of you.

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Meeting people

In addition to the characters that command your adventure and guide, here are the professional monster trainers with more than 50 different trainers. They have a special talent and knowledge of certain types of monsters. Don’t underestimate their skills. Monster trainers research many unique monsters in their research area. All of them have been upgraded to the highest level and have different abilities that you cannot imagine. If you defeat them, you will receive a certificate to show your strength. Monster trainers live across the globe in the world of Bulu Monster. Test your mettle against them.

The anthropomorphized monsters look quite adorable and resemble humans. They are always ready to defend and fight for their rights and interests. As a potential monster trainer, you have to improve everything so that your monsters become strong and reliable. The Bulu Monster mod is a wonderful world comparable to the legendary Pokemon.

Download Bulu Monster Mod Apk

game Bulu Monster Mod Apk allows players to go on an adventure in a fantasy world where they must battle monsters and then conquer them to become the greatest trainer. In addition to the narrative mode, gamers can also compete with other coaches in PvP mode, based on the familiar turn-based combat gameplay.

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