Brilliant Diamonds & Shining Gems: Every item in the match, ranked

Pokemon provides trainers with no shortage of methods to gain an edge over their opponents and wild Pokemon. The most basic of these is training one’s Pokemon and teaching them better moves. However, there are many other approaches to powering up your Pokemon partners, and one of them is using battle items.

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Battle items temporarily raise a Pokemon’s stats for the duration of the battle. Shining Diamonds & Shining Pearls Yes many of these battle items are scattered throughout the Sinnoh Regionand are available for purchase in some stores (most notably all of these items can be purchased at the Veilstone City Department Store on the second floor.), or Cynthia, so knowing where to get them is important thing.

X Defense

A Rhyperior standing in the forest and raising one hand triumphantly in the Pokemon anime

X Defense does what the name implies, as it Increases Pokemon’s defense by one stage until it is revoked. In essence, it’s like using a Harden or a Defense Curl on Pokemon that may not have those moves at their disposal.

It’s great for Pokemon who have lower defense, like Blissey, and can keep these Pokemon from getting hit once when used properly. However, it loses points because of the popularity of defense-enhancing moves like Iron Defense, Curse, Bulk Up, and even Defense Curl. These moves make X Defense quite redundant.

Where to get X Defense:

  • 550 PokeDollars at Veilstone Department Store

  • In the Oreburgh mine near the entrance


X Sp. Def

Bronzong Pokemon Anime

X Sp. Def Increases a Pokemon’s special defense by a stage until it is drained. This is similar to using the Power of the Universe. There are few really good moves to raise Special Defense (with the best of Memory Loss and Calm Mind), compared to its physical counterpart, which makes X Sp. Def is a more useful item than X Defense. This item can be useful for more defensive Pokemon to keep them resilient against special attacks.

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Where to get X Sp. Def:

  • 350 PokeDollars at Veilstone Department Store

  • Near PI Carlos on Road 214

Attack X

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Lucario

Attack X Increases Pokemon’s attack by one stage until it is revoked. This is comparable to using Howl or meditating.

There are many moves that raise one’s attack stats like Bulk Up, Dragon Dance, Growth, Curse and Coil. However, Attack X can allow an attacking Pokemon to hold a stack of moves without dedicating a move position to any of these moves, leaving more room for other moves. move to deal damage.

Where to get X Attack

  • $500 Pokemon at Veilstone Department Store

  • Next to Hiker Daniel on 205 Street

X Sp. Atk

Empoleon Anime was cut

X Sp. Atk Increase the Pokemon’s special attack by a stage until it is revoked. There aren’t actually any movements that only serve this purpose (though Reflexology may do it at random); however moves like Work Up, Growth and Calm Mind raise special attack power among other stats over a period. Nasty Plot and Tail Glow both raise special attacks in two stages.

With a relatively light amount of special attack abilities, this makes X Sp. Atk even more useful when fighting Sinnoh. It is essential for a team’s Special sweep defenders.

Where to get X Sp. Atk:

  • 350 PokeDollars at Veilstone Department Store

  • Passing a Cut tree and bike path on Route 212

Accuracy X

Hippowdon Pokemon Anime is cut

Accuracy X increase Pokemon’s accuracy by one stage until drawn. This is a relatively rare ability, only moves like Hone Claws and Coil do this consistently, and Reflexology can do it randomly.

This is a very useful item to use after a Pokemon is flooded by the nasty effects of Sand Attack or Mud Bomb, causing lower accuracy. It is also useful when the enemy Pokemon uses Double Team or Minimize for a few turns, increasing their evasion.

Where to get the precision:

  • 950 Poke Dollars at Veilstone Department Store

  • Near some of the Poke Kid Danielle’s trees on 211 Street

Speed ​​X


Speed ​​X increase Pokemon’s speed stats by one stage until drawn, give them a better chance to hit first. Speed ​​is arguably the most important stat in the game, as being able to hit first means the difference between victory and defeat in many battles.

There are lots of good speed boosts, such as Agility, Dragon Dance, Quiver Dance, Autotomize, Shell Smash and Rock Polish. However, having another option at one’s disposal is never a bad idea, especially if a particularly difficult hitter doesn’t know any speeding moves.

Where to get X speed:

  • 350 PokeDollars at Veilstone Department Store

  • On an island south of the Kyle Black Belt on Route 208

Dire Hit

Pokemon Infernape in battle pose

Dire Hit increase the critical strike rate of Pokemon’s attacks by one stage until retreat. This makes it a counterpoint item to Focus Energy. Being able to strike first is important, but make sure the attack has even more destructive power in a battle. Critical hits double the damage dealt by an attack, so increasing the chance of a hit causes Dire Hit to deal more effective damage than even X Attack or X Sp. Atk.

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Where to get Dire Hit

  • 650 PokeDollars at Veilstone Department Store

  • On a cliff south of Hiker Kevin on Road 207

Protection specifications.

Torterra from Anime was cut

Protection specifications. prevent the player’s Pokemon from being reduced by an opponent’s stats or five turns. There are very few moves and skills that can match this, with Clear Body and Mist being two skills that can achieve the same effect. Keeping Pokemon’s stats in good shape is important to win a battle, so this makes Guard Spec. easily the most useful combat item in the game.

Where to receive protection parameters:

  • $700 Pokemon at Veilstone Department Store

  • Near a bridge running over two berry trees on Route 215

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