Brian Jeffrey Raymond, CIA agent rapes women unconsciously, Reverses sin, Erectile dysfunction

A former CIA officer who pleaded guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting at least 26 women while on duty abroad, now claims he can’t do all he’s accused of because he has erectile dysfunction.

Brian Jeffrey Raymond was arrested October 9, 2020, in La Mesa, California. The “experienced sexual predator,” as prosecutors described it, lived with his parents in his childhood hometown after suddenly returning to the United States from his undercover mission at the Embassy. United States in Mexico City. A source close to the case told The Daily Beast that the CIA began an internal administrative investigation after Raymond’s arrest, and he resigned shortly after.

The despicable charges against Raymond, 45, stem from an incident in late May 2020, when a passerby reported seeing “a naked, hysterical woman in despair.” cry for help” on the rooftop of an apartment in Mexico City rented by the US government. Investigators later discovered about 500 photos and videos of unconscious women in Raymond’s bed. Prosecutors said he could be seen in numerous photos, opening women’s eyes, waving their soft arms and legs around or putting his finger in their mouths to show they were indeed deceased.

Raymond pleaded guilty last July to sexual abuse and transportation of pornographic material, and faces between 13 and 27 years in federal prison upon sentencing, scheduled for November. He will be required to register as a sex offender for life upon release. of the agreement.

The film unexpectedly revolves around one of more than two dozen victims of Raymond, a Mexican citizen who works at a phone center. She told investigators that she became seriously ill and went missing at Raymond’s apartment after drinking some alcohol and the wine he had poured for her. The woman, identified in court records as Adult Victim 7 or “AV-7,” and Complainant 7, said she woke up the next morning, naked in Raymond’s bed, without doesn’t have any memory of taking off her clothes.

She and Raymond then had consensual sex, the woman told investigators, explaining that she started feeling nauseous again midway through and went to the bathroom to prepare herself. There, she sees a used condom on the dresser, from the night before – but doesn’t remember having sex with Raymond.

Later, agents discovered 77 photos and 4 videos on Raymond’s phone of the unconscious woman, in which Raymond opened his eyelids and pulled his lower lip down, putting his fingers in her mouth, as well as close-up shots of her breasts and genitals, court documents said.

When agents showed AV-7 pictures of her, she said she was “not aware of any photos and videos from that evening, never spoke to Raymond about the photos or videos, disagreed with them being photographed and did not consent to Raymond touching her body while she was unconscious,” said FBI Special Agent Erin L. Sheridan in a search affidavit filed on May 31. December 2020.


Among the documents found on two phones that investigators seized were text messages from a victim about alcohol (right) and a profile of a woman he met on a dating website (left). .

United States District Court of Columbia

But after admitting it all in July 2021, Raymond said on Friday that couldn’t be the way prosecutors say.

Following the motion, Raymond had an enlarged prostate for which he had been taking dutasteride, a drug marketed under the brand name Avodart, “for many years”. One of the side effects of dutasteride, the records indicated, was erectile dysfunction. To combat this, the filing says Raymond used Cialis, a prescription drug in the same family as Viagra and Levitra.

“As a person with ED, Mr. Raymond experiences an extended period of endurance (the time from ejaculation to when he can get an erection again), usually at least 12 hours,” the motion said. “Therefore, he asserted that he could not have had sex with Complainant 7 to the point of ejaculating during the night (supposedly as evidence of having used a condom in the bathroom), and then also had consensual sex with Complainant 7 in the morning. , which he apparently did, because both he and she remember it happening. ”

Investigators found only a used condom in the apartment during a subsequent search, Raymond’s attorney said. Raymond also argued that his first group of defense attorneys gave him bad advice and that how investigators got access to key evidence on his phone — in fact, basis for all government evidence in the case — violated his constitutional rights. .


United States District Court of Columbia

Among the evidence presented by prosecutors in a court filing in April was “what appears to be [a] list of women with whom [Raymond] had sex in an email he sent to himself labeled ‘Mortgage costs and interest.’ The email appears to contain only a partial list, starting with #61 in 2016 and ending with #143 in 2020, with the last entry occurring shortly before his arrest. The list included the names and nationalities of the women, whether they had prosthetic breasts or not, and the month/year. “

AV-7 was on that list, according to prosecutors. However, until criminal charges surfaced, she thought Raymond was “attractive, amazing” and said she “liked him,” the woman told investigators, according to a report. Interview memos are included in separate court filings. She said she felt reassured knowing he worked for the US government and lived in a government apartment.

After AV-7 got sick and vomited in Raymond’s sink, he “showed concern and concern for her, brought her water and told her she didn’t vomit.” whatever,” the filing said. “Because the defendant treated her well, she assumed he did nothing wrong. She blames herself for possibly ruining her chances of having a relationship with him.”

When investigators told AV-7 about the charges against Raymond, and showed her photos and videos he had taken of her, she “expressed that [Raymond] destroyed her life,” the profile continued. “She felt like ‘trash’ and didn’t feel safe. She has trouble sleeping and has nightmares. She was very distracted after learning something [Raymond] did to her that she was fired from her job. “

In June 2020, shortly after Raymond returned to the US, he was interviewed by a pair of federal agents in a government vehicle parked outside a Jimmy John side store in Herndon, Virginia. The conversation is contained in hundreds of pages of evidence filed in court last week.

“I’m a single guy,” Raymond told agents, who asked him about AV-7. “I date girls. This has never happened to me before, and I am a very cold person. I’m not aggressive… We had things to drink that night, but I never got the impression that she wasn’t mindless or anything like that. ”

Raymond also told agents he is not taking any prescription drugs, contradicting his record on Friday that he takes two drugs to combat his enlarged prostate and ED relate to.

“For many victims, their complete loss of memory continues to be deeply distressing — they will never know exactly what the defendant did to them,” prosecutors said in a statement. court filings April 14. “They are struggling to cope. Some of them have lost their jobs. Many of them experience nightmares, sometimes with the accused or their own lifeless bodies. Many people continue to struggle with anxiety. Some people have lost relationships, because they cannot trust or feel intimate with another person. The defendant’s actions had a significant impact on their lives.”

Raymond remains incarcerated at the prison in Washington, DC. The government has until 20 May to submit a response to Raymond’s proposed change of plea. His attorneys, Anthony Joseph Jay III and John Marston, declined to comment to The Daily Beast. Brian Jeffrey Raymond, CIA agent rapes women unconsciously, Reverses sin, Erectile dysfunction


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