Breath of the Wild trick makes Link fall down

A simple trick that requires a bit of good timing makes Link look like a fool about to flop on the ground in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an absolutely massive game with lots to see, collect and do. Of course, like any other open-world game, that doesn’t stop players from finding their own ways to entertain themselves. Sometimes this requires creating unique game challenges, but other times players just want to have some fun by making the main character look silly.

breath of the wild introduced many unique methods of transportation, perhaps the most notable of which is hang gliding, but shield surfing is also a popular addition. By jumping onto his shield, Link can slide down hills and snowy paths, perform certain tricks to fly long distances through the air, or simply fall flat on his face, according to one player.


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Over on Reddit, user Adept-Percentage2331 uploaded a video that makes Link look absolutely ridiculous. The Hero of Hyrule repeatedly slumps to the ground, eventually rolling down a hill and ending up in a heap on the ground. The trick Adept-Percentage2331 uses requires jumping into the air, quickly equipping a shield to make Link change his position so he can land on it, and then removing and re-equipping a shield before he hits the ground. When done correctly, Link will fall like a rag doll, land face down, or land flat on his back. The trick can be performed without moving forward, making it look like Link just forgot how to use his legs at the moment.

While breath of the wildShields were intended to be used both as a means of defense and as a means of transport, players found many ways to use them that the developers didn’t foresee. While this particular trick won’t help the player get anywhere quickly, it’s funny to watch the legendary hero keep landing flat on his face. Players usually love heroic characters, but it’s also amusing to see them embarrass themselves.

Other fans were quick to poke fun at Link, joking about how horrified Zelda must have been to see Hyrule’s last hope making such a fool of itself. Others compared the sight to Grand Theft Auto‘s legendary Wasted Game-Over screen or to Skyrim, who sees his Dragonborn flopping quite often on his snowy mountain slopes and turning into a rag doll. It remains to be seen how many glitches and silly tricks like this will return Breath of the Wild 2but chances are, by the time the game launches, players will find whole new ways to embarrass Link.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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