Breath of the Wild 2 Should Include Enemies Outside of Nintendo, Reference

In spite of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a revolution to the series and open world games in general, it removed a lot Zelda pin. The most notorious example is the dungeon, like Breath of the Wild there are 120 smaller scale temples and four similarly designed Divine Beasts to explore rather than the traditional grand palaces. Upcoming Breath of the Wild 2 can make a lot of changes to the formula since it’s a sequel, so there’s more freedom to dive into established concepts.

The dungeon with original boss battles is a place Breath of the Wild 2 can innovate, but has more facets Zelda history to draw. Sheikah Slate acts as Link’s one and only store for items in Breath of the Wild, and while its Runes are an effective evergreen tool for exploring Hyrule, it would be nice for players to get additional permanent upgrades once again – which the sequel to E3 2021 trailer can be hinted at with Link using a dragon-headed shield that can breathe fire. Another cool thing that will be interesting to see a return is Nintendo references as enemies, something The Legend of Zelda integrated for many years.


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Reference Nintendo in the Legend of Zelda . Game

When discussing characters outside of Nintendo appearing in The Legend of Zelda, many fans will surely think of Wake up link. The classic 1993 Game Boy title (and the 2019 remake on Switch) is full of references to Super Mario especially. Tarin, who looks a lot like Mario, eats mushrooms and turns into a raccoon. Link can also win a Yoshi Doll as part of a quest to trade, team up with a Chain Chomp, and battle enemies like Goombas. Super Mario is not the only source of reference in Wake up link, as the player also encounters enemies Kirby and Prince Richard from The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls.

One can try to remove references in Wake up link because the game actually takes place in a dream, but it’s not the only game Legend of Zelda title to introduce Nintendo’s guests. Chain Chomps also appear in A path to the pastTurtle Rock’s dungeon and Four Swords Adventures‘Kakariko Village’, becoming an iconic part of Zelda the legend that the hack and slash of Koei Tecmo Hyrule Warriors use Chain Chomp as an alternate skin for Ball and Chain. A Bullet Bill appeared on Fyer the clown from Sunset princess, and Heroic mind There are many references to Hammerwear like Hammer Bro.

NS Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Crossovers may be popular, but there are other Nintendo franchises throughout the series as well. A character named Mr. Wright in Wake up link refer to Dr. Wright from SimCity on the SNES and he appeared again as Dr. Left in both Oracle of Seasons and Minish lid – the second game also includes Lakitus and Bob-ombs as enemies. Nintendo hardware appears in a variety of titles ranging from the Game Boy Advance-themed Tingle Tuner in The wind awakens ROB appeared in Majora’s Mask 3D. In Phantom Hourglass, Link even visited an island shaped like a Nintendo DS.

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Nintendo’s Enemies Can Create Diversity in Breath of the Wild 2

the legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 bokoblin camp with rock roofs

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may have revolutionized the open world movement and won multiple awards in 2017, but its version of Hyrule doesn’t have many unique enemies. Players mostly come across color or elemental variations of the classic Zelda enemies like Bokoblins, Lizalfos, Octoroks, Wizzrobes, Chuchu, Keese and Lynels. Minibosses like Talus, Hinox and Molduga are lined up around the map, but full bosses are mostly limited to Blight Ganons and Monk Maz Koshia in Champion ballad DLC.

Probably the most original set of enemies in Breath of the Wild are the Guardians, as well as members of the Yiga Clan – a group of antagonistic ninjas living in the Gerudo Desert. However, with only basic handguns and shotguns showing up, and Master Kohga appearing as a boss fight, even Yiga is downright welcoming. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity gives new elemental variations to enemies like Guardians and Hinox which will be interesting if you keep going Breath of the Wild 2, but the more oppressive atmosphere of this sequel calls for a larger objection to Link.

Hyrule in Breath of the Wild is a peaceful place, haunted by the spirits of a long-destroyed civilization, but naturally beautiful and adventurous. Breath of the Wild 2 can make this its head, as an evil force beneath Hyrule Castle (supposedly Ganondorf) is freed from containment and begins raise the island in the air ala Skyward Sword. Not only does this completely change the landscape and open up new mechanics like skydiving, the E3 2021 trailer also shows off new enemies including a Talus in the Bokoblin camp and a slug that seems weak when shoot.

Legend of zelda botw 2

As Breath of the Wild full of references to the previous Zelda game, its map covered in languages ​​named after characters from the series, the upcoming sequel could return tradition of crossovers outside of Nintendo. It might be silly to imagine enemies such as Kirby from Wake up link back, but something like Chain Chomp could match the ancient Sheikah tech aesthetic with a bit of makeup. Other enemies like Lakitu will also add mechanical depth, introducing more opponents flying in the sky to match the floating islands.

Some of these crossovers may not be each other’s enemies. Breath of the Wild The DLC introduced reference skins like Majora’s Mask or Tingle’s uniform, and with Link shown to wield some kind of flamethrower, there’s room to imagine fireball-like gloves. so Heroic mind‘Fire Gloves, which serve a similar purpose to the Fire Bar weapon. Base game or amiibo support can introduce new allies similar to Breath of the WildWolf’s Link, such as Pikmin, who can collect cooking items and ingredients. If Breath of the Wild 2 opens these references on its own, it can balance out darker-looking tones with a matching fun mechanic Zelda game.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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