Breath of the Wild 2 should give the link a dog

Multiple entries in The Legend of Zelda is not only identified by Link as a protagonist, but also by some form of companion that journeys with him. Sunset princess there is Midna, Skyward Sword have Fi, Ocarina of Time there is Navi, etc The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a little different. Aside from brief moments when he’s teaming up with other characters or having flashbacks to his time with Zelda and the champions, Link has always been on his own. He doesn’t even have his trusty horse Epona; Players collect their own horses from the wilderness. In that way, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be lonely.


Next year Breath of the Wild The sequel should consider changing that, as Link deserves to be a friend who stays by his side throughout the game. Since it doesn’t look like Link will meet many new characters in the sequel and he could be separated from Zelda again, maybe a non-sentient companion is needed. Based on the Hyrule version of the first game, Nintendo should consider giving Link a dog Wild Breath 2. Link had never cooperated with a dog for a long time before, but Breath of the Wild ready broken a lot Zelda precedent.

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A pet dog would suit Breath of the Wild 2

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Breath of the WildContext provides some valuable reasons Link should get a dog in the next game. For one, a dog would be an excellent new character to add Breath of the Wild 2 that doesn’t mess with the continuity of the first game. Although the sequel clearly has another villain in mind, set in Hyrule of the first game it will probably have many of the same NPC. Since Link has explored Hyrule so thoroughly, it would be difficult for Nintendo to justify adding new characters. A dog that Link is a friend can bring all the charm and personality of a new character without the need for a complicated plot.

The aforementioned lack of Epona is another reason a dog can be valuable in Wild Breath 2. Much Zelda Fans lamented that Epona didn’t appear in BotW; unless the player summons Epona uses amiibo. It seems possible BotW2 will reuse the first game’s horse taming system, meaning there’s no room for Epona. BotW2 also may not bring Skyward SwordLoftwings are back, since they haven’t been around for thousands of years, which means Link doesn’t want animal companions for a real relationship. A pet dog can forgo both equine taming and Loftwing lore to introduce an adorable new companion.

In addition to all that, fans really want to pet the dogs. When Breath of the Wild At launch, many players were amused that dogs could enjoy Link and find items for him, but complained that the dog interaction didn’t go any further. Link should be able to raise dogs in the barn and town, but he should also have his own dog so he can feed and play with. Hyrule was a large place full of open land, but it would be a lot less empty if a loyal dog was by Link’s side.

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A Dog’s Potential Contributions to The Legend of Zelda

Mechanical applications of a dog in Breath of the Wild is obvious. For one thing, a dog can be a powerful aid in combat, like Iconic Dogmeat in Fall out. Link’s new dog is largely invincible but must rely on Link for guidance, attacking anyone he attacks, or responding to certain commands. A dog can also share certain meals with Link, benefiting from increased damage, speed, or stealth from anything Link eats. A dog can pin a number Breath of the Wild 2Link’s enemies, freeing his attention to battle other enemies or give Link new opportunities to score a finishing blow.

Discovery can also be much richer in Breath of the Wild 2 thanks a dog. For example, certain puzzles can be designed with a dog in mind; Link can command his sidekick to stand on pressure plates, push small objects into place, grab items, etc. Some segments can even see the player control his dog directly. Link to discover places where Link doesn’t fit. For Breath of the Wildisland in the sky or other parts of the game where Link’s dog can’t go, he can find a place to wait until Link is active again.

zelda-breath of-wild-dog-walking

Interacting with a dog on such a level would certainly be a huge change of pace for The Legend of Zelda, but Breath of the Wild the game has been such a big change that a dog following Link around wouldn’t be strange. If anything, it seemed obvious for others to explore with Link. If Link didn’t go with Zelda As fans hoped, Nintendo would be wise to give Link a friendly dog ​​as an ally to help him along the way.

Breath of the Wild 2 remains a mystery despite how long it has been known to the public. Nintendo seems to be very tight-lipped about revealing information For now, instead, assembling the game behind closed doors is likely to lead to a major reveal in 2022. It’s hard to be patient for one. Breath of the Wild 2 Nintendo Direct, but the wait will also make the upcoming revelations and surprises more satisfying. For now, anything still seems possible – including a companion dog for Link.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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