Breath of the Wild 2 should give the link a cookbook with new recipes

It’s not a secret The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild introduced a lot of new mechanics for The Legend of Zelda, refreshing a generally very traditional franchise. Link picks up all the weapons on his travels instead of relying on the Master Sword, and Hyrule itself is an open world that Link is encouraged to explore in his spare time. There’s another key change that puts Link in a new light: cooking. Most of Link’s incarnations only bottled some potions on the way, but in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link must develop some serious culinary skills to defeat Calamity Ganon. Every meal he makes is a precious healing item.


Breath of the Wild 2 will almost certainly bring back the first game’s cooking as it’s a direct sequel that uses same map of Hyrule as before. Link will still have a whole world of potential ingredients to collect. However, there are some important ways Breath of the Wild 2 can improve BotWcooking system. For one thing, it would be nice to give Link a cookbook that records every exact recipe he makes, and for another, Breath of the Wild 2 It would be wise to make Link’s meals more varied than ever.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Food Level List

There are dozens of materials that Link can put in a cooking pot in Breath of the Wild, From practical basics like eggs, milk, and butter to more exotic ingredients like glowing mushrooms and monster guts. Breath of the Wild encourages players to collect as many of these ingredients as possible and experiment with them. The rewards for doing it speak for themselves. Link’s recipes can give him extra hearts to protect him from damage, increase the damage he deals in battle, help him resist extreme heat or cold , and more.

One of the biggest problems when cooking in Breath of the Wild is a game that doesn’t keep track of what the player has done. Anyone who wanted to make Link a specific meal, whether it was for practical reasons or just for fun, had to memorize the recipe for the meal or look it up outside of the game. For convenience, Link should get himself a cookbook in Wild Breath 2. If the game automatically records recipes for every meal that Link makes, following the Hyrule Compendium’s model for the pictures Link takes, then the player will have a reference manual in Link’s pocket. Sheikah Slate can easily track Link’s various meals.

A cookbook can even encourage a new exciting collection in Wild Breath 2. In BotW, buy armor from the store is a satisfying way to spend Rupees, but it would be nice to see some stores have stock of recipes that Link can also buy. If Link buys a recipe, he can record the ingredients needed for a certain meal into his Sheikah Slate as if he’d made the meal before. Recipes can appear as alternative quest rewards or world treasures in BotW2 also. How to create a certain niche BotW recipes aren’t always obvious, so recipes Link can buy or find will be a boon to both finishers and fans who just think Link needs a recipe. varied diet.

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Building upon Breath of the Wild’s Cooking

Cooking pot in Breath of The Wild

Of course if Breath of the Wild 2 give Link a cookbook, which then introduces brand new recipes for Link to make. There’s certainly a reason to be more detailed when it comes to cooking. Although cooking in Breath of the Wild at first sight there seems to be an infinite number of possibilities, whoever plays BotW long enough soon realize that in general any meal will restore health and possibly have a complementary effect. The game’s best meals do their job, but they don’t necessarily continue to enjoy cooking after a certain point.

Nintendo would be wise to use status effects that food can give Link in Wild Breath 2. For example, while most formulas only allow increments of one stat, it is possible Breath of the Wild 2 I’ll let Link do the more complicated stuff. For example, if Link throws Ironshroom and Razorshroom together, it is possible that the Mushroom Skewer generated can increase both Link’s attack and defense, but heal less than usual or shorten the duration of the stat buff. Tailoring recipes that way will encourage fans to think more deeply about the type of meals they stock.

Restore health through food in Breath of the Wild 2 also deserves to be adjusted. Food mostly only restores a fixed amount of Link’s health or simply restores him to full health, which doesn’t encourage much thought or strategy when the player heals Link. A new one Breath of the Wild 2 cooking recipe can slowly restore Link’s health over time, making it less useful in combat but a valuable substitute when Link is not in any danger. Another meal might be cheap to make and restores more health than usual, but Link will lose some health over time shortly after eating that meal, leading to some healing mishaps.

Breath of cooking wild link

Cooking is a really great addition to BotWlist of major changes. Not only does it make healing more appealing than simply spending some Rupees at a store, but it’s also a great way to feature Links by building a new ability. That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect mechanic. Even those who are welcomed Breath of the Wild has its shortcomings, but that further establishes the value of its sequel. Breath of the Wild 2 gives Nintendo the opportunity to polish and expand on good concepts like the first game’s cooking and make them even better than before.

There’s no doubt that Link will fend off some incredible threats in the Wild Breath 2. Whatever dark force is causing quite a literal upheaval in Hyrule Not to be underestimated, so Link will have to carry around a lot of healing equipment to take care of himself. Firstly Breath of the Wild, cooking is a fun experience running around crumbling Hyrule, and it will likely play the same part amid the second game’s disaster. Since cooking is bound to play an important role again, hopefully, Nintendo will take the time to cook better than ever.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Released for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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