Breath of the Wild 2 Give Link a Clean Slate?

Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda is an anthology collection. Every sport shares lots of the identical themes, characters, objects, and extra, however Nintendo avoids coping with direct continuity by letting every Link be at a different point in the Zelda timeline. Within the few instances the place a Link does carry over, resembling Majora’s Masks or Phantom Hourglass, he typically winds up in a brand new land by means of mysterious circumstances by which he loses his earlier objects. Nevertheless, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 could not have this luxurious.

Whereas in Majora’s Masks the Hero of Time falls by means of a magic portal into Termina, and in Phantom Hourglass the Hero of Winds is knocked overboard whereas investigating a Ghost Ship, Breath of the Wild 2 is organising an journey by which Link and Zelda examine the mysteries of Hyrule collectively after the primary sport. The unique E3 2019 trailer even shows Link wielding the Master Sword as they discover a magic-bound determine underground, suggesting what was initially a facet quest is now canon.

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How the plot for Breath of the Wild‘s sequel will develop remains to be unclear, and Link might very effectively lose all of his objects and expertise early on on account of some unforseen circumstance. Nevertheless, there are deserves price contemplating for each adhering to continuity and to wiping Link’s document clear for the brand new sport.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Master Sword bug

Most likely the most important profit to retaining all of Link’s features from the unique Breath of the Wild is it makes that journey extra worthwhile looking back. Whereas a lot of Breath of the Wild is optionally available, giving gamers the selection to run straight from the Great Plateau towards Hyrule Citadel, taking main story beats and facet quests as “canon” presents a Link who has grown lots. He has presumably travelled to the houses of every main race in Hyrule, gained their belief by stopping the corrupted Divine Beasts, and used their help alongside the Grasp Sword to slay Ganon.

The semi-prequel Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, a hack-and-slash sport created by Dynasty Warriors developer Koei Tecmo, additionally posits this collection of occasions is probably going canon. Gamers progressively uncover Age of Calamity is an alternate tackle the historical past of Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule, one by which time journey shenanigans permit Sidon, Riju, Teba, and Yunobo to save their predecessors: Mipha, Urbosa, Revali, and Daruk respectively. Dialogue implies they’ve come from Breath of the Wild‘s canonical universe, whereby Link saved their peoples.

One other main factor that must be thought-about canon if Link does retain his progress is the memories gathered across Hyrule. Link has amnesia following his 100-year relaxation within the Shrine of Resurrection, partially explaining his wiped skills at first of Breath of the Wild. Thus, it will be trite to see Nintendo pull out one other plot gadget to one way or the other revert his development.

This is not to say all of Link’s skills have to hold over to the sequel. With the E3 2021 trailer depicting a bigger deal with airborne journey throughout floating islands, in addition to brand-new powers like phasing by means of partitions, Link might want to acclimate to new challenges. It could even make sense to not carry over skills just like the Champion’s Blessings given their spirits depart from the mortal world after Calamity Ganon is slain. Nevertheless, making him begin at zero might be a step too far.

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Link freefalling through the sky

All that being stated, there may be nonetheless a robust argument to be made for giving Link a full reset going into Breath of the Wild 2. One apparent level is that regardless of the sport being a sequel, there isn’t any assure each individual can have performed the unique. Even then, Breath of the Wild affords players such a wide range of experiences that it is not possible to say whether or not every variant of Link can have accomplished the journey as “canon” would possibly dictate.

The 2 trailers launched for Breath of the Wild 2 so far provide conflicting visible indicators for the way a lot progress will carry over. Within the 2019 trailer, Link has the Grasp Sword and clothes in the identical blue tunic that represents this tackle Hyrule. Within the 2021 trailer, extra focus is placed on Link travelling by means of new floating environments in a singular garb, which means a recent begin. Nonetheless, some new skills like reversing time on a rolling spikeball seem to construct off Link’s established Runes fairly than stand on their very own.

Breath of the Wild‘s narrative apart, one other huge motive to think about wiping Link’s slate clear is that it will maintain gameplay recent. If Link retains all the pieces going into the sequel, he may be overpowered from the beginning – even when Nintendo scales his well being again down and gives new challenges to beat. This difficulty compounds as a result of so many individuals did play Breath of the Wild, which means they’re accustomed to the skills he gained. Video games are built on the idea of progressing, and it is probably not satisfying for the protagonist to be partway by means of his arc.

Nintendo appears to have acknowledged the potential for its open-world Hyrule to change into monotonous, as demonstrated by in-game challenges like Eventide Island. Breath of the Wild‘s free nature means gamers might uncover the island immediately, however clearly its intent was for individuals to reach after turning into extra highly effective, that manner there’s an affect when the Shrine challenge takes all the pieces again to fundamentals and forces gamers to outlive as they did on the Nice Plateau.

Maybe the expertise Breath of the Wild 2 ought to emulate is Metroid Prime. Within the authentic Prime, Samus Aran begins with all of her skills earlier than they’re stripped away. This provides gamers a visceral concept of how sturdy they will change into as soon as they reclaim their skills. With a robust narrative justification, Breath of the Wild 2 can have its cake and eat it too; let gamers see how far Link has progressed after which wipe his progress to necessitate a brand new journey. Regardless, he ought to most likely not lose his recollections and relationships a second time.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 releases in 2022 for the Nintendo Swap.

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