Breaking Battlefield 2042 PC blows up the table

Battlefield 2042 is currently rife with bugs, such as a glitch that resulted in an unexpected reaction when destroying a PC in the game.


For all the ambition and promise of a true next generation Battlefield experience, Battlefield 2042 Unfortunately, ended one of these Biggest disappointment of the year instead of, replace. The overwhelmingly negative reaction to its launch may attest to the critical takedown the game has suffered over the past few weeks. One doesn’t have to search long to find something about it, as one player recently showed with help from some exploding furniture.

Things have been uphill for DICE’s newest military shooter ever since players first got their hands on it. While many people were able to have fun and even pull out incredible plays in Battlefield 2042, the overall focus revolved around its many bugs, some of DICE’s more questionable changes to the series’ formula, and many other twists that pulled players away from the experience.


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However, not all technical problems in the Battlefield 2042 detrimental to the gameplay and can even make things funnier if nothing else. Take this example by Reddit user OnionOnly. In a short clip, they stab several PCs in the game with combat knives, and for whatever reason, breaking the computers also causes their desks to break into pieces. Making this overreaction even more unusual is the fact that OnionOnly also tore a book on one of the tables but that didn’t damage the board either.

Although it’s not clear exactly what caused the table to explode, but Battlefield the majority of the community was amused by the clip of OnionOnly. Most of the responses mocked the on-screen bug, comparing exploding boards to previous games’ Levolution destruction system and joking that it was an example of next-gen role-playing.

Meanwhile, some people think calling it out is a bit confusing and to be fair, boom tables are a far cry from biggest problem Battlefield 2042 are dealing with right away. Suffice to say, others took the opportunity to once again express their disappointment at the dire state of the game, with one outspoken saying playing it made them want to cut their computers too. .

It goes without saying at this point that many players may feel the same way, but that’s not all bad news. It’s annoying that the game is launched in a messy way as it happened, DICE is working to fix things as quickly as possible and will even resolve some of the more pressing issues in a short time. New Battlefield 2042 Update is expected to come out tomorrow. Whether this will help save the game’s reputation in the long run only time will tell, but it’s at least a step in the right direction.

Battlefield 2042 available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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