‘Breach of his commitment’: White House furious with Manchin for refusing to support bill to build back better

Although Mitch McConnell refuses to stand up for his constituents and against the Biden regime when the situation gets tough, Manchin is sometimes willing to refuse his party’s demands if it means saving the nation. family. Thankfully, he did so by announcing that he would not support Brandon’s Build Back Better bill.

Not surprisingly, while Manchin was widely praised by the conservative media for doing so, the left was angered by his saying no to socialism.

Most infuriating may be the White House, which has been utterly humiliated by his refusal to support its agenda.

That anger was expressed in a White House statement shortly after Manchin’s announcement. In the statement, you can be read here, Team Brandon has this to say:

Senator Manchin’s comments this morning on FOX contrasted with his discussions this week with the President, with White House staff and with his own public statements. A few weeks ago, Senator Manchin committed to the President, at his home in Wilmington, to support the Build Back Better framework that the President subsequently announced. Senator Manchin pledged repeatedly to negotiate to finalize that framework “in good faith.”

On Tuesday of this week, Senator Manchin went to the White House and submitted in person to the President — the written outline for the Build Back Better bill of the same size and scope as the Presidential framework. system, and include many of the same priorities. While that framework lacks key priorities, we believe it can lead to a compromise that is acceptable to all. Senator Manchin promised to continue the conversations in the coming days and work with us to reach that common ground. If his FOX comments and written statements indicate the end of that effort, they represent an abrupt and inexplicable reversal of his position, and violate the his connections with the President and fellow Senators in the House and Senate.

[…]Just as Senator Manchin reversed his position on Build Back Better this morning, we will continue to press him to see if he reverses his position again, to honor his previous commitments and stay true to his word.

In addition, the statement makes a number of assertions that are, at least, “disputed.” For example, at one point it stated that “Senator Manchin cited deficit concerns in his statement. But the plan, which has been paid for in full, is the largest fiscally largest bill Congress has considered in years, and reduces the deficit in the long run.. ”

While Brandon and his two brain cells have stated that the bill “will not cost money” because it has been paid in full, the CBO estimates that the bill saves money. could widen the deficit by $360 billion.

The statement also states that “The think tank he frequently quotes about Build Back Better — the Penn Wharton Budget Institute — released a report less than 48 hours ago, noting that the Build Back Better Act would have virtually no impact on inflation. inflation in the short term and in the long run, the policies it includes will ease inflationary pressures. Many of the top economists that Senator Manchin regularly consults are also in favor of Build Back Better. ”

What remains unanswered is that spending trillions of dollars in new printing will somehow bring down inflation, which has already hit a multi-decade high.

Perhaps the silliest, the affirmative statement “Likewise, Senator Manchin’s statement about the climate provisions in Build Back Better is false. Building back better will create a clean energy future that creates jobs for this country — including West Virginia.

While it may be true that the bill could add some solar panel jobs in West Virginia, that is far more true and, for Manchin, more important is the mining jobs. high-paying coal that many West Virginians believe is possible. broken down by the invoice.

So, although Psaki’s written statement is full of action against Manchin, it is not convincing. If Manchin was smart enough to fight the bill, he was smart enough to see through her poorly written lies.

https://smartzune.com/a-breach-of-his-commitments-the-white-house-is-furious-with-manchin-for-refusing-to-support-the-build-back-better-bill/ ‘Breach of his commitment’: White House furious with Manchin for refusing to support bill to build back better


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