Brawlidays patch notes (January 25)

Nearly two months later, the developers have rolled out an important patch update for Brawl Star, which includes balance changes including nerfs and buffs for many Brawlers.

In addition, it also provides a detailed view of upcoming maintenance updates for both mobile platforms. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Brawl Stars patch notes for January 25th.

Brawl Stars | Supercell Make Trailer



Brawl Stars | Supercell Make Trailer





Change balance – Nerfs


  • Base damage reduced from 1000 to 900
  • Utility: Watchtower – HP reduced from 2000 to 1500. Duration 40 → 20 seconds
  • His super now counts after 6 shots instead of 5

Grom, because of an explosive damage, Brawler has had a huge nerf to his poke. From now on, you won’t be able to deal massive amounts of damage through basic attacks.


  • Utilities: Bouncy Castle – 250 → 200 heal per return

Rico’s healing ability has been reduced.


  • Super Charge takes 8 hits instead of 6

From now on, Meg’s Supercharge will have a counter.


  • Star Power: Scary Harvest – Heal reduced from 1400 to 1000

Mortis’s healing makes him tame supports and is arguably one of the best backline Brawlers


  • Base physical damage reduced from 580 to 540

From now on, Stu may have to rely more on skills than basic attacks due to the damage nerf.

Speed ​​gear

Balance Change – Buff


  • Increases his HP from 4800 to 5400

Ash is now an aggressive mare for him to molt for teammates on the front lines in a brawl.


  • Increases his max range from 22 to 25

Due to the complex mechanics, Carl needs to be adjusted continuously. This patch focuses on his various abilities and gives it a little boost.


  • Star Power: Coil Snake – He gains his longer speed 2s faster instead of 1.5


  • Star Power: Heavy Metal damage increased from 1000 to 1500 dmg

Other fixes

  • Fixed El Tigro super VFX
  • Fixed battery pack LNY

Brawl Stars Maintenance

Maintenance 11/01

Maintenance 04/01

  • Fixed an issue with Duel where you could be pitted against high ranked bots.
  • Grom’s super now charges his super by 1%. This is to avoid cases where the Super is 1 pixel away to charge.
  • PL friendlies don’t count for 3v3 wins anymore.

Maintenance + Optional Updates (Available for both iOS and Android)

  • Fixed duplicate brawlers in duels
  • Fixed PL friendlies being counted for 3v3 wins on record
  • Fixed bot movement for Lola clones and duel
  • Fixed some bugs that reduced performance on some devices (Note: this will only be fixed after updating the game)

Maintenance + Optional Update (Android) 12/17

  • Fixed FPS drop when aiming.
    Note: the fix will only be in your game after the game update, NOT after the maintenance.
  • Fixed Edgar’s eyes showing yellow.

Maintenance 16/12

Fixed some stability issues that caused some players to experience difficulty in game after the update.

Grom – Epic Brawler

Grom is a security guard in Starr Park, his best friend with his walkie-talkie! His biggest fear is children and the possibility of destroying their belongings.

  • Main Attack – Bud Go Boom!
    • Grom throws Bud, his exploding radio! The explosion moves in a crosshairs and deals damage to any enemies in its path
  • Super – Grom Bomb
    • Grom launches a big bomb with Bud’s help. It has the same pattern as his main attack, but longer, knocking enemies back and destroying walls
  • Utilities – Watchtower
    • Grom launches the Watchtower from behind, causing all allies to see into the bush over a large area. It loses health over time
  • Star Power – Foot Patrol
    • When Grom’s super is fully charged, he gains 15% movement speed
  • Star Power – X Factor
    • Split from Grom’s main attack deals up to +30% bonus damage at max range

Fang – Chromatic Brawler (Available in January)

Fang works at the local movie theater in Starr Park but is also an aspiring actor himself…usually in low budget martial arts films.

  • Main Attack – Wu-Shoe
    • Fang unleashes a super fast kick! If the kick misses the target, his shoe will fly off his foot!
  • Super – Sneak forward
    • Fang flies into a nasty kick that, on contact, can launch 3 more consecutive kicks at surrounding enemies
  • Utilities – Corn-Fu
    • Fang surrounds himself with corn kernels that deal 500 damage each
  • Star Power – Fresh Kicks
    • If Fang defeats the enemy with his super, it will be recharged immediately
  • Star Power – Divine Emperor
    • Reduces damage from incoming attacks by 500 every 3 seconds. Reduces damage taken by up to 90%

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New Brawl Pass and Power League Season

New interface

  • Classic Dynamike (FREE during Brawlidays giveaway)
  • El Corazón (Available on Valentine’s Day)
  • Seasonal 2021 Brawlidays Skins
    • Ho Ho Ho Bo
    • Logmas Spike
    • Sleigher Griff
    • Gift Express Jacky
  • Skin of the year of the Tiger
    • El Tigro
    • Orochi Edgar
    • Sway Master Barley
    • Nian Nita (Power League)
    • Major Rosa (Brawl Pass tier 1)
    • Fang Furious (Brawl Pass level 70)
  • Real silver / gold

New Skin Group – Pirate (available in 2022)

  • Corsair Colt
  • Pirate Poco
  • Captain Carl
  • Pirate Gene

New Pins


  • Grom
  • Fang
  • Brawlidays Pins
  • Brawlidays Skins Pins
  • Bach Ngan Year

New Pin (No animation)

  • Grom Challenge
  • Valentine’s Day skins (Primo, Lou, Piper, Poco)
  • Year of the Tiger Brawler Pins
  • Matcherino Pins

Profile icon

  • 2 new Year of the Tiger profile icons that can be unlocked in Power League

Change balance

Take a look at the most important nerfs and upgrades on Brawlers that have arrived during the Brawl Stars Balance Changes.


  • Darryl
    • SP steel ring is now the baseline
    • New Steel Ring: Darryl takes 25% less damage for 2 seconds after using his Super Felt sensibly enough to add damage reduction to his Super so both of his Star Powers can be useful .
  • El primo
    • Increase Supercharge from main attack (16 to 12 attacks) He has gone from overselecting to underselecting, now his Supercharge rate is somewhere in between.
  • Whistle
    • Main attack damage increased (1000 to 1080) His biggest weakness is his attack delay. He still has it, because that’s what makes him unique, but now he’ll deal more damage when hitting someone.
  • Carl
    • Super Damage boost (420 to 500) Carl needs some love because their picks aren’t good. His super can now die more but still requires the player to know when to use it.
  • Cyclones
    • Super Damage Boost (240 to 420) Gale is really map-dependent and most useful due to his Gadgets and Supers, but is still a lower choice compared to all other Brawlers. This is not a huge buff but will encourage more players to pick him.


  • Lola
    • Lola’s clone now if used alongside herself will only deal 50% of her Super damage when used on herself too easy to do for the sake of it. Now to make the most of her power, it requires some skill.
  • Tara
    • Gadget – Support from Beyond – reduces shadow hp to 800 (from 1000) Beyond’s support is used more than her other Gadgets. This doesn’t make such a difference in most interactions but will help Brawlers who are struggling to get rid of them all. Bea will still struggle (we’re sorry about that, Bea).
  • Sandy
    • Super Charge Rate Reduction (6 to 7 hits) Sandy’s Super is incredibly powerful and fairly easy to charge and chain. This will make him less of an obvious pick in maps with lots of walls.


This is the list of challenges introduced in the Brawl Stars Balance Change on January 25th.

Grom Challenge!

  • Beat it to win Grom
  • Total of 9 wins
  • Redemptions cost only 1 gem

Year of the Tiger Challenge

  • Beat it to win an exclusive Pin
  • 9 wins
  • Try Gems Again

LAML – Latin America Alliance Challenge

  • Beat it to win the Megabox!
  • 12 wins
  • This is also the last time we will have LAML skins in the store!


  • Tiger Pit Arena! A classic fighting game environment

Game mode

  • Duel, new 1v1 mode
    • Choose 3 different warriors before the match
    • Each Brawler is equivalent to an additional chance
    • Eliminate all 3 Brawlers from your opponent to win the match
  • Friendly Match and API
    • You can now enable Power League format in Friendly / API matches

Brawl Pass

  • Parts of the Brawl Pass no longer last 10 weeks but will begin on the first Monday of each month
  • Brawl Pass Season 10 will be a “transitional” Season, starting January 17 (2022) and will last 7 weeks!
  • Daily Quests now grant 200 Tokens (up from 100)
  • 4 Medium Missions (250 Tokens) have been changed to Hard Missions (500 Tokens)
  • 6 Medium Qualifier Pass Missions have been changed to Hard Quests

Is different

  • Club League Gold Tickets currently cost 1 Gem or 1 Star. This is a temporary change as we are still working on making it free (in an upcoming update Feb/March)
  • Added a welcome message when joining the Club
  • Various improvements to the Club League screen
  • FB login removed


  • Fixed 120 FPS support on newer iPhones
  • Fixed gear effects for Squeak and Meg
  • Fixed Jacky dealing 1 damage at the very edge of her attack
  • Fixed gear against Carl’s Super
  • Fixed Squeak interaction with damage equipment and AoE on his basic attack
  • Fixed Crow doing a T pose after attacking

Don’t forget to visit Official website for more information on the January 25 Brawl Stars Balance Changes.

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