Bracelets for men- A man’s guide to wearing bracelets 2021-2022

Something as simple and subtle as a bracelet men genuinely has the potential to transform your look, accessorize the rest of your outfit, and declare your ‘expression’ to those around you. 

In this guide, we will dive into this scintillating topic. Where once it was considered ‘feminine’ for a man to wear a bracelet, it is today a roaring and successful fashion statement and style choice that has come to define metrosexual male lifestyles.

  • There are two core categories of wrist jewelry for men: bracelet and kada
  • Where bracelets come in a spectrum of varied materials – metal, synthetic, cloth, fabric, and more – kadas are always metallic
  • Bracelets can be attached using hooks or other devices. But as for kadas, you will need to slip them on directly
  • Numerous kadas for men have small openings between either end. They are a traditional design structure with deep heritage value and roots
  • Bracelets go all around the wrist, leaving no openings
  • The full array of bracelet types includes: leather wrap, braided leather, leather cuff, metal cuff, metal chain, precious metal, fiber rope, paracord, nautical rope, stone bead, metal bead, wooden bead. 

The Best Bracelets & Kadas For Men Online 2021-2022

Your preference between a bracelet and kada will determine how comfortable or confident you feel wearing one. So choose your selection based on the small ‘difference between’ we shared above. 

We shall now explore a few magnificent bracelet and kada selections that are currently out there for men. We cannot possibly cover every bracelet design in this mini-guide, so feel free to explore the following products and find similar ones out there to suit your personal sense of style.

1. “Tistabene” Gold-Plated Bracelet

A classic and bold look of gold-plated excellence has made bracelets for men like this Tistabene brand choice a style staple.

  • Made of metal, this bracelet has a strange requirement, ‘avoid contact with water and perfume.’
  • This is to ensure that its gold plating stays intact for years to come, so no need for alarm.

The masculine look of such jewelry has made metal bracelets a favored style among men of all ages. 

2. “University Trendz” Beaded Bracelet with Metal Charm

One of the most affordable styles for men, beaded bracelets are also chic and mysterious.

  • This one comes from the ‘University Trendz’ brand. It too demands specific handling, like keeping it away from strong chemicals and hot water.
  • Such bracelets often come with stretchable elastic, making them rather convenient when it comes to slipping on or taking off.
  • The stone beads are just one type of material or design element. There are, in fact, several variations available for men to choose from.  

Bracelets like these are one of the most expressive, owing to how many variations are out there.

3. “Cool Stacked” Thread Woven Bracelet

A nifty accessory for men, with thread-based materials and design. Some of them also come with minor leather integrations.

  • This bracelet has a nice orange and white color theme. There are multiple other color combinations out there under the ‘thread woven bracelet’ category.
  • One of the most cost-effective bracelets, this one also has the most flexible styling quotient.

You can mix and match ideally with thread-woven bracelets. Just bear in mind they will need special attention when it comes to cleaning and damage prevention. 

4. “Fossil” Warm Tones Tiger’s Eye Multi-Strand Bracelet

With a nice fold-over design with multi-color possibilities, this is yet another brilliant bracelet choice for men.

  • Remember, there are hundreds of variations and color combos out there for multi-strand bracelets like these.
  • Leather, stainless steel, and stones (precious or semi-precious) often comprise such bracelets.

In this selection from the ‘Fossil’ brand, you’ll find leather, stainless steel, and ‘tiger’s eye’ beads giving this piece a sombre but distinct appearance.

5. “Candere” Antique Elephant Gold Kada

Most kadas of this quality and type can be quite expensive. That’s not to say you won’t find more affordable selections out there – it just needs a bit of exploring. 

  • A superb look and theme graces these magnificent kadas for men
  • It is made of 18 karats yellow gold
  • These are usually the prime choice to wear to major events like weddings

Keep in mind that kadas come in varied shapes and designs, almost all of them adhering to the traditional design structure that has come to define this unique piece of jewelry for men. 

6. “The Advitya” Rudraksha Bracelet

A simple, affordable, and powerfully symbolic design adorns these bracelet selections. 

  • You will notice how affordable they are. Such bracelets come in a plethora of design variations and style spectrums, so take your time exploring similar pieces online


  • A Hindu religious theme renders these Lord Shiva-inspired bracelets an outstanding choice for men.
  • This one is made of white metal with authentic Rudraksha integrations. 

Get them in the right size – such bracelets can prove tricky in this particular regard. Whatever your religion, there is a kada out there expressing your faith. 


All bracelets for men currently available online come in a galactic array of varied styles and design elements. The ones detailed above – as you’ll have noticed – are just a handful of the many different styles out there. 

Take your time exploring bracelets and kadas for men. You won’t regret it. The price range will vary anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a few lakhs. It boils down to where you plan on wearing your preferred kada or bracelet. Your final choice must suit the tone and theme of the occasion.

Materials need to be a keen point of focus. Based on your activities, some bracelets might get damaged or stained. So be sure to choose everyday bracelets for men or men earring and quality products at the best price that will not disappoint you a few days or weeks into buying them. 

There is a world out there comprising stylish and trendy bracelets for boys and men. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you, because you just may end up shopping for several hours. 

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