Boruto Chapter 61 Raw Scans, Manga Spoilers Release Date

When tensions are high, we get a heartwarming chapter! Kawaki’s acceptance of joining the Uzumaki family is truly beautiful and truly what Naruto would do and teach. We hope Boruto Chapter 61 shows that this family will be safe from any danger ahead.

Remember Naruto’s childhood? How many times have we relived that swing scene? Naruto sat alone and saw the others along with their parents. And now we have Kawaki.

Orphaned for a long time, Kawaki has never known his family and thus Naruto has adopted this boy who has nowhere else to go!

It is impressive that the rest of the family is also excited. Hinata is always supportive. Boruto considered him like a brother. Even Himawari gladly welcomed him in.

Kawaki never imagined that such luck would favor him!

The happiness of the scene makes the future even harsher. What exactly happened? What happened for Boruto and Kawaki to end up in that position? The thought kept us hooked on this series.

Boruto episode 61

If you are a fan of story, you should watch Boruto anime. We’re not really a fan of fillers, so we recommend looking online and skipping the filler.

However, 2021 has given us most of the regular episodes. You should go and check them out because they are really good and you will definitely enjoy the progress.

Know well that this is the calm before the storm. There should be a period of preparation before the battle breaks out in all directions. Boruto 61 can show us some action.

The code gets bolder and the hunt begins. Meanwhile, our heroes need to increase their strength.

Boruto Chapter 61: Raw Scan Release Date

Boruto is a manga serialized monthly in Shueisha’s V Jump magazine.

Boruto’s 61 raw scans will be available in an upcoming issue of this magazine. We believe the release date is somewhere around 11order of August 2021.

Official Boruto manga chapter 61 will premiere on 18order August 2021. Please search the websites viz, mangaplus or the Shonen Jump app, to access this chapter.

It will be free to read on all these legitimate sources.

Because the release of this series is quite regular, it is rare for fans to scan. Plus, they’re illegal anyway, suggesting you should avoid them.

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 153 will also be released soon and will be available to read for all.

Boruto Manga 61 Discussion:

How do you feel about the author’s change? It’s been a few months since Kishimoto took over the series and to be honest, it hasn’t really been that different for us.

Art used to be so consistent; we’re sure that Boruto Chapter 61 spoilers will bring us more clean, dynamic artwork by Mikio Ikemoto.

What is the code doing?

All five countries are currently going through a period of peace and prosperity. They have a good relationship and are looking for each other. They were all on the hunt for Code. And yet, Code has eluded everyone. All that is found, are the claw marks of Code.

These are used to teleport. Wherever Code puts these claws down, he can teleport to and fro completely without worry. In fact, that’s how he got to the Ten-Tails.

The man himself is now in hiding, slowly hiding his time.

Code’s actions are really smart. He was keeping the villages busy on his trails while he himself carefully teleported and ran his business.

Boruto manga 61 raw might show more quotes about Code’s location, but they will probably run out.

What is Amado talking about?

Boruto 61 spoilers can tell us more about Amado. First of all, he said that he won’t do wrong by Konoha. He probably has a plan that works for him as well as Konoha.

And his machine, maybe it contains another of Eida’s teammates, someone he can program to fight Code. Or maybe it has something to do with the Ohtsutsuki cell modification.

We already know that Amado plans to make Kawaki stronger by using the power he has. And he probably knew that Kawaki wanted to become stronger out of despair and helplessness.

What is this ability of yours?

The greatest revelation of this chapter is your abilities. Daemons have the ability to reflect attacks. Eida has her senrigan and seduction abilities. But despite this, they may have one more possibility.

One of their trump cards. Boruto Chapter 61 may not reveal exactly what it is but we can see a glimpse of it in action.

It’s likely that this ability is exclusive to Daemon and it’s something he can’t control, like Eida’s ability to make people fall in love.

What will Kawaki do?

Boruto manga 61 will probably be the period where both our protagonist and restorer get a boost. First of all, Boruto is using his medicalbending and recently he noticed something strange with his chakra and karma.

Something is about to happen to him.

Meanwhile, Kawaki is dedicated to serving Naruto. He plans to protect the peace of Konoha and asks for power. We believe he is seriously considering implementing Amado’s offer.

It will be a huge boon for him.

And now that he is supported and loved by the Uzumakis family, he realizes that he has put them all in danger and must do his best to protect this happiness.

Read Boruto 61 Manga Spoilers:

We will do our best to provide you with Boruto chapter 61 spoiler leaks. We are constantly looking for them and whatever we find we will upload in this section. They are expected to be here on August 16, 2021.

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