Boruto Chapter 60 Raw Scans, Manga Spoilers Release Date

As the time approached for the fateful confrontation, both sides began to prepare. Kawaki gets a new chance while Daemon joins Code’s side. Boruto Chapter 60 is being awaited with high expectations because Naruto’s life is in danger.

Moving on, it’s going to be a really tough journey for our heroes.

The newest chapter is the one where Boruto doesn’t appear at all! He’s the main character but we’ve gotten to a whole chapter where he doesn’t appear even once. Even his name is barely mentioned.

This kind reminds us of Hunter x Hunter. Gon is the main character, but the author excludes him whenever necessary.

How strong are Sasuke and Naruto right now? We are wondering a bit about that. Without Kurama, Naruto still has great knowledge, high level taijutsu, sage mode, rasengan and rasen-shuriken! And maybe he developed something else along the way.

Boruto episode 60

As for Sasuke, he doesn’t have a Rinnegan, but his Sharingan still exists. He will be able to do everything Kakashi knows with the Sharingan. Plus, he has taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu powers.

Neither Sasuke nor Naruto can be considered the best tier out there, but they’re still Jonin tier, with incredible strength.

The current arc is probably the reserve one. Boruto and Kawaki train themselves and have enough strength to fight Code.

Meanwhile, Code is ready to set up and all he needs is a suitable opportunity to strike. Boruto manga 60 spoilers will probably focus more on their planning and execution.

Boruto Chapter 60: Raw Scan

Raw scans of Boruto’s chapter 60 will be released around July 15, 2021. They will be in Japanese and the scanner will immediately attempt to translate them. But maybe that’s not really necessary.

Official English scan of Boruto 60 manga will be released on 20order July 2021. This is a very niche version and it is of high quality. You can read them for free from the Viz media website or the Shonen Jump app. Both are legitimate sources.

Since the official version came out early, there is no need for fan translation. Which is a good thing since these are illegal and they hinder the income of the series.

Boruto is the creation of Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto. Previously, Ukyo Kodachi wrote the story but now he is out. The series airs monthly, and we found it in Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine.

Boruto 60 Spoilers:

The spoilers are finally here for Boruto Chapter 60 and it will be a big chapter for everyone.

  • This chapter has a color cover featuring Daemon, a member of Kara.
  • The chapter begins with Shikamaru revealing that Code’s “Claw Mark” is similar to the Fourth Hokage’s flying thunderbolt.
  • Patterns of claw marks are being found all over the village, but they may be theirs to confuse and cause Konoha to consume her forces.
  • The control panel changes to Amado.
  • Amado explains that he has no intention of turning on Konoha.
  • He is even creating a scientific tool like the Kara members that can act as an ally for Konoha.
  • Several mysterious Silhouettes are shown, something resembling a robot.
  • Doctor Katasuke knows what Amado is doing.
  • Code decides to use his claw marks on the Daemon.
  • Ada is also hiding some of her abilities from Code.
  • Now the scene is about the hokage house.
  • Boruto has been taking two boba pills a day since last week.
  • Dinner was ready but Kawaki made the excuse of not liking Hinata’s food to get out.
  • Naruto dragged Kawaki back to dinner and even called him “My silly son”.
  • Kawaki’s homecoming celebration is held and dinner begins.
  • In the center of the table was the base that Kawaki had destroyed. There are flowers in it now.
  • Boruto lent Kawaki his Ninja headband, on the condition that he would one day return it.
  • Kawaki is said to be wearing a Ninja bandage and looks cool.

So this is where chapter 60 ends and we ask all of you to read the official English chapter at launch to support the original creators.

Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below and also read our article on Dragon Ball Super episode 74.

Boruto Manga 60 Discussion and Predictions:

Daemon, the newest addition to the fight is a hell of fighters! He is quite good at taijutsu and his power is very mysterious. He takes the killing intent of his opponents to reflect their attacks on them, before it happens.

Those are some scary powers and maybe in Boruto Manga 60 we will see some of its weak points.

What is Amado’s plan?

We’ve said this before, Amado is too smart. His IQ is probably on par with Shikamaru and he seems very suspicious. Come to think of it, he went from special agent Kara, to terrorist in Konoha, to a mere refugee in Konoha and now he is a scientist in Konoha.

All this and he doesn’t even break a sweat. He’s sitting on the chair acting calm!

Of course, Amado is definitely important to Konoha. His extensive knowledge and research is helping even Naruto! But he has some ulterior motives and that is probably deeply attached to Kawaki.

Exactly what it is, perhaps the rough scans of Boruto Chapter 60 will reveal.

Sumire tried to take it away from him, but he was silent. Perhaps Amado wasn’t plotting something; maybe it’s something that he wants to happen.

The fact that he didn’t reject Sumire even when he suspected her of being his assistant probably suggests that his plan was harmless, maybe he’s good after all.

Will Kawaki accept power?

It was clear that Kawaki would accept power. From the very first chapter, we knew he was going to use the power of Karma.

In fact, when Isshiki died and Kawaki lost his fortune, things became confusing. If he loses Karma, how will he gain the previously shown point? Will another Ohtsutsuki come and transplant him? Doesn’t seem very realistic.

Well, here is our answer. Kawaki wants the power to protect Naruto. And now he doesn’t have much of that, he has to do something.

Fortunately, he is already well versed in the use of Karma so if he accepts the procedure it will be a huge boon for him. Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers will likely show him talking to Boruto and then accepting the upgrade.

How can Code’s team be defeated?

At this point, Code’s team looks very strong. Code himself is very capable and apparently even Naruto could lose to him. It’s a sobering demonstration of what Code is capable of.

He has 2 cyborgs, one can get any information and the other reflects attacks based on killing intent. That’s a solid team!

But there must be countermeasures. Boruto and Kawaki will probably become stronger, maybe with the power of Karma. Hopefully, Boruto won’t lose control this time.

Boruto manga 60 will probably show us how Boruto chooses to handle this situation. He is also yearning for more power and knows that gathering it won’t be easy.

Thing is, Daemon is the real challenge here. Code can be defeated if the opponent is so strong. Boruto and Kawaki will be able to defeat Eida.

But Daemon seems undefeated. Will magic defeat him? We have no opinion!

Boruto Chapter 60 Raw Scans, Manga Spoilers Release Date


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