BOOM: Alan Dershowitz offers to help Kyle Rittenhouse sue Daylights Alive Beyond CNN

On Friday night, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz launched his own personal research into CNN’s slanderous coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse so the 18-year-old could pursue legal action against them.

“All three of us agree that based on the law and the evidence in this case, that is the right outcome. What do you think?,” Hannity asked Dershowitz.

“Critics and proponents of conviction have just heard another case,” Dershowitz began.

“They heard of a case of white supremacists crossing state lines with an AR-15 who had no business in the place where he went. He is not chased and has no fear for his life. That’s what CNN told their viewers. I hope that Rittenhouse will sue CNN,” he continued.

“I will make an offer. I will be sharing my research on CNN with Rittenhouse and his attorneys. I’m suing CNN because they completely misrepresented and edited a video defending my President Trump. They have a history of twisting facts to present a story. I think you have to distinguish between opinion and fact. You can’t see someone calling Rittenhouse a vigilante. It is an opinion. You can sue them for saying he crossed state lines with an illegal weapon or that he is a white supremacist. I am a strong First Amendment proponent that CNN and others are held accountable for lying about individuals and creating conviction expectations in a case of inability to convict. to anyone who watched the trial live on television,”he added.


As we said earlier on, CNN seems to be in the process of hiding their tracks as they face a potential lawsuit.

After mocking, accusing, condemning, and declaring Kyle Rittenhouse guilty every day since the August 25, 2020 shooting, Cable News Network appears to have brought down their on-scene reporter to find out list of items that concern the law. About. Clock:

Here are some of the tweaks and previously reported charges (lies) the network has brought against Rittenhouse, but now they say they learned a lot from the trial and thus imply that they no longer believe in them.

  1. Kyle and his AR-15 were in Kenosha and he didn’t cross state lines to protest. CNN previously reported the opposite.
  2. The gun is legal for Kyle to carry because of its length, CNN reported it was not.
  3. Kyle worked that night and stayed, again contrary to what was reported.
  4. Drone video shows Joseph Rosenbaum chasing Kyle and continuing to charge right before being shot, media reporting Kyle was shot without any provocation.

Regardless of what appears to be an act of cleanup, the network may have opened itself to a lawsuit similar to the one brought by Nick Sandmann, in which CNN and other freelance publishing companies settled. for a large amount of money on purpose, by the court.

Let’s hope CNN pays another 9-figure sum. Keep stable… BOOM: Alan Dershowitz offers to help Kyle Rittenhouse sue Daylights Alive Beyond CNN


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