Boba Fett’s Book Can’t Record Mandalorian Success

Release Books by Boba Fett so right after the season two finale and the post-credits tease about Mandalorian it has its downsides. Perhaps the biggest hurdle is seeing how easy it is to see fan reaction to the new show and compare it to the hype about the adventures of Mando and The Child.

Some analysts label Mandalorian last year’s most on-demand streaming series, praising that Books by Boba Fett did not reach. While both shows are certainly popular, the ongoing series has struggled to fill the armored boots of its predecessors, because it should never have tried to fill the same space.


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These two series are extremely similar. They share a common tune, anesthetic, and a substantial proportion of cast and crew. Books by Boba Fetteven though has been practiced for decades, can most accurately be described as a subsection of Mandalorian. Somehow, over the years, the iconic and fan-favorite character’s long-awaited solo project has been usurped by something entirely different. This is in contrast to Disney’s standard operating procedures Star Wars Franchising. There is a lesson in this ongoing event, but it is a lesson that the franchise has refused to learn before and will refuse to learn again now. The truth is, Mandalorian did something that nothing in the franchise has done over the years and so far, Books by Boba Fett is a big step backwards.

The Mandalorian Part 2

Star Wars has been a pop culture empire longer than most of its fans are alive. The terrible truth of franchising is, depending on personal preferencethere are more bad items than good. Mandalorian is a breakthrough moment for Star Warsa new horizon widely loved by fans and without the divisions of the modern trilogy.

It has achieved this feat through wonderfully simple means; Mandalorian be the first Star Wars projects for many years that are completely original. It doesn’t rely on the name recognition of a beloved character, it’s not something people have been asking for for decades, and its entire presentation is brand new to the franchise. Mandalorian there is a new approach of create new characters and allow them have their own adventure in the beloved galaxy far away. Books by Boba Fett fall prey to almost any trap Mandalorian Avoid wisely.

Books by Boba Fett was the culmination of several failed attempts to give the famous bounty hunter a solo project. Boba Fett is a supporting character in the original trilogy, who gained a new life as a fan favorite thanks to his stellar design, interesting role in the story, and mysterious presence. Unfortunately, no mystery can survive a blockbuster series these days, at least not for long. As the movies and series continue to evolve, Star Wars increasingly love characters they know already have established fans.

To avoid re-reading the old background, they dramatized every moment in a character’s life, and eventually, even that came to an end. Han Solo had his solo project. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, and even Rogue One supporting character Cassian Andor is on her way to the same dubious honor. These projects are often solid, and they are likely to continue well into the future, but even when they are successful, they are not inspiring.

A full half of Books by Boba Fett assigned to deal with the character’s typical fate following the events of Return of the Jedi. Although the program Do you introduce new characters? and concepts are sometimes dominated by callbacks and old news. It takes place almost entirely on the beloved planet of the Tatooine franchise, most of its main cast consists of returning characters, and the whole season feels oddly done before. there. Even its space-Western aesthetic is borrowed from the show it spins off. That series clearly provided bones for Books by Boba Fettand it also provides a clear lesson in how programs like this can go wrong.

Books by Boba Fett

The most controversial point of Mandalorian comes at the end of season 2 when the series reintroduces the old characters to the previous origin story. Suddenly Din Djarin and his entourage of ragtag space criminals are standing by while Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker becomes big draw. This was probably the biggest mistake the series made, but throughout the first season and much of the second, it was devoted to staying true to the original.

Whenever Disney doesn’t know what to do with Star Wars, it runs back to the safe zone of recognizable characters and “remember this” fanservice. With MandalorianFavreau and company created a groundbreaking story that captivated fans and create a new name for itself in the beloved franchise. Books by Boba Fett reread that ground and add in a mountain of overdue callbacks. It should be clear why the new series simply cannot live up to the show that created it.

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