Boba Fett would make the perfect adult Mad Max style game

NS Star Wars The franchise is home to some of the most iconic characters in all of fiction. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the infamous Jar Jar Barrels all have cemented a place in pop culture history, becoming household names. Boba Fett barely appears in the mainline Star Wars franchise compared to others, but still attracts audiences for decades.

Boba’s “cool factor” is undeniably strong enough that the Bounty Scammers have landed themselves a series of Disney Plus movies later this month, with the right title. Books by Boba Fett. Bringing the character back into the spotlight could be a great way to capitalize on his popularity and explore other avenues, namely the world of video games. Star Wars The game is also a hot commodity, with Jedi: Fallen Orders is being received with great enthusiasm as an upcoming open world game from Ubisoft is in development. Boba Fett offers the opportunity to create a completely different experience, something more powerful, more masterful, and hard to hit just like the underrated ones Mad Max game from 2015.


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The Promise of an ‘M’ Rated Star Wars Game

Boba Fett

The concept of using Boba Fett as a star is more grounded, mature Star Wars game has been attempted in the past. Star Wars 1313 was revealed at E3 2012, with fans and critics alike intrigued by its more violent and fierce scene across the galaxy, far, far away. Little is known about the game, as it was canceled in 2013, but it will follow Boba Fett in his young adulthood as he navigates Coruscant’s aversion.

In spite of Star Wars Often presented as a family-friendly diversion, when thinking about reality, this universe is not a nice or safe place to be. Freaking aliens, deadly weapons, and ruthless criminal organizations pervade the galaxy, which Boba Fett knows all too well. Games are shown for Star Wars 1313 teases a convoluted interpretation of the franchise with a sense of danger around every nook and cranny. Boba Fett lives a life beset by threats, something a video game adaptation needs to capture.

Brutal open world in Mad Max

Crazy max game

Mad Max is a 2015 video game adaptation of the action film franchise developed by Avalanche Studios. Although generally well received, the title was released with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, one of the most anticipated games of that year and overlooked in a sea of ​​similar open-world titles. However, there are many factors that need to be re-examined when considering how to adapt Boba Fett for an indie video game.

For starters, the world feels alive and dangerous, with moment-to-moment gameplay resembling a constant struggle for survival. It’s a canine world in the wasteland, as players constantly have to scour for scrap, supplies, and gas to keep themselves and their vehicles in shape. Hand-to-hand combat takes a page from Batman: Arkham system, with a hint of brutality from Dog is sleeping. Furthermore, the vehicle combat is flashy and fun but intense, with one wrong move resulting in a damaged vehicle and falling prey to the harsh desert.

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Boba Fett’s Potential in an Open World Action Game

Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett

Swapping Max for Boba in a similar open-world action game could be the right direction for the character. While the seed criminal on Coruscant is an intriguing concept, there’s something about the harsh, unforgiving world of Tatooine that will benefit yourself Star Wars story. Naturally speaking, the story could be set not long after Boba escaped from the Sarlacc Pit, where he fell into Return of the Jedi.

From here, Boba is stuck in the middle of nowhere with damaged armor, no equipment, and nothing but wits and the will to survive. With the seemingly endless desert available, players should be encouraged to explore the world at their own pace, similar to discover in Breath of the Wild. An oasis on the horizon, or a small town in the distance, would be glimmers of hope in a hard-to-travel world. Boba will take on odd jobs and challenges in exchange for new parts and equipment upgrades to help him move forward, with the ultimate goal of finding his way off the planet entirely.

Mad Max excels at making the act of scavenging for new materials fun, a concept that could be useful again here. Boba Fett will have to make good use of whatever he finds on Tatooine, crafting makeshift weapons or equipment for better combat or better suited for exploration. This can give a degree of freedom to the overall experience, with various customization options for players to tinker with.

Concern about creating a more mature person Star Wars Video games clearly appeared at one point and the potential to do so remains. The fierce side of this fictional universe has proven popular with the success of Mandalorian, which Disney hopes to have noted. If a new hotel Star Wars games have been addressed in the future, Boba Fett would be a good character to look at as a potential protagonist.

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