Boba Fett and Mandalorian’s book has found its sweet spot in the timeline

The Star Wars franchise’s overall timeline now spans an enormous amount of time with constantly changing forces that keep things interesting. Both Mandalorian and Books by Boba Fett chose to lay out their iconic stories for thirty years largely unexplored between Return of the Jedi and Divine Power Awakens.

Every Star Wars trilogy set in the same galaxy but in a completely different socio-political and cultural environment. These two Disney Plus series wisely explore the situation on the ground, rather than the top-down perspective offered by the main series films.


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The MandalorianIts story begins five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Books by Boba Fett basically start right after the conclusion of the second season. Early promotional materials showed a Stormtrooper helmet on pikes outside the desert settlement, Giancarlo Esposito as a New Empire threat and a universe brimming with crime. This setting, a galaxy recently liberated from the domineering hands of the Empire, is the perfect setting to keep these series interesting. A period of great galactic upheaval provides a rich canvas to introduce new characters, discover new dynamics, and experience the fall of the Empire and the rise of its replacement. from the ground. Life in the newly liberated galaxy is revealed from those struggling to survive, to rebel forces trying to maintain order, to the ruins of the Empire’s continuing intrigues. This time period in the Star Wars timeline differs from the more typical times of the franchise in a few key ways.

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The main way in which this stage stands out is right there on the face of the headline. This is a period of Star Wars where there really isn’t a war to talk about. Many have pointed out that the original trilogy is heavily inspired by World War II, and while largely focusing on a small group of main characters, the films present a lot of conflict. The insurgents faced imperial troops on multiple battlefields in a variety of ways.

Here, The Empire is in turmoil, may operate in secret but is frequently sabotaged by a bounty hunter of the same name and his group of friends. The Rebels found themselves taking on the role of a loose peacekeeping force, mostly portrayed as a bit of an inconvenience for the main cast. This sends the galaxy into a tense state of peace, a far cry from the prolonged conflict of each trio. Removing war from the Star Wars saga is exactly the void needed to make room for the woeful setting of both series.

Where the trilogy is war stories, Mandalorian and Books by Boba Fett are stories of lone heroes Explore a complex galaxy. This moment in the franchise is also marked by its markedly reduced spiritual influence. During the Empire’s rule, the Jedi were clearly annihilated. Reduced to just a handful of Semi-Practice Knights, the Guild had essentially no influence. In contrast, the Sith is also essentially inactive. Vader died and Sidious left to plan his humorous complications For decades, the wielders of evil forces were not a factor at this time.

Title Mandalorian appears to have met most of the remaining Jedi, leaving his young duty to Luke Skywalker to care for his efforts to restore order. Both of these force-sensitive groups are protagonists in the galaxy throughout much of the story, but both Mandalorian and Boba Fett avoid their importance. This decision dramatically changes the action of the franchise, focusing more on fast-paced, melee combat rather than traditional glorifying sword-slash battles or prequel magic competitions. .

Boba and Fennec walk through a Tatooine town in The Book of Boba Fett

The real reason this time around perfect fit Mandalorian and Books by Boba Fett is that both series are aimed at a very different genre from their source material. Both series are westerns in space, and their setting in the timeline is perfect for those gags. Set in a technical peacetime, beset by rampant crime, marked by the weakness of an overarching religious or government system, ruled by lone old cowboys.

The immediate aftermath of the Galactic Empire’s demise would lead to something like the wild west altogether. This is really the only moment in the timeline that fits this genre very well. The time between prequel and the original trilogy is marked by totalitarian dictatorship, the time before the prequels is mostly democracy in action and the time after the sequels is unknown. This fun spot explores a way to take advantage of the entire galaxy while making it all feel brand new, and that’s no small feat.

The thirty-year gap between movies six and seven is the perfect springboard for new horizons in the Star War franchise. This wild west period of the timeline is part of what makes up The Mandalorian and Books by Boba Fett the most dynamic Star Wars projects in years.

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