Bloons TD 6: The most beautiful towers, ranked

Everyone is allowed to have a favorite tower in Bloons TD 6. Part of the appeal is using knowledge and experience points to level up towers that match a given player’s strategy. This leads to some creative builds and tactics that many may not consider.

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However, once gamers get serious about Bloons TD 6, there is a clear division between strong towers and others that are lacking. Not enough cash to get a favorite tower if it’s not one of the best. When the road gets tough, these are the towers with the best return on investment when it comes to the toughest balloons.

ten Monkey Buccaneer

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Buccaneer Plant Upgrade

Players who love a great open world mobile game will look at the ocean and hope that it doesn’t go to waste. With Monkey Buccaneer, you can rest assured that the underwater areas of the map will be occupied by a formidable force with a lot of versatility.

There is no bad path for Monkey Buccaneer. Players can choose between performing active aerial attacks from across the map, providing extra economic support, or instant lethality on any MOAB ship (including those biggest, ugliest ship in the game).


9 glue gunner

Bloons TD 6 Gunner's Glue Upgrade Tree

Bloons TD 6 is more of a tower defense game than a game Classic arcade game on mobile phone, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t incorporate some arcade elements. Enemy balloons will try everything to avoid exploding.

The Glue Gunner is the only main tower to make this list, but it belongs. With a longer range than other slow towers, it did a great job, but it set itself apart from other utility towers by placing this slow on fearsome MOAB class towers.

8 Super Monkey

Bloons TD 6 Super Monkey Upgrade Trees

Sometimes the wave of balloons can make the game look like a game Endless runner style mobile game. When higher difficulties try to cram a bunch of balloons at once, gamers can feel desperate in the face of such an onslaught.

This is where Super Monkey’s knockdown and laser blasts shine. By sending the balloons back, the damage towers have more time to do the work they need to do to remove the wave. The area attack means that Super Monkeys themselves are not affected by these clusters.

7 Monkey Ninja

Bloons TD 6 Ninja Monkey Tree Upgrade

If players are only allowed to throw down one building, they should probably go with Ninja Monkey. Quick attacks handle early waves and he comes with completely free camouflage detection; it’s built in hero itself!

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With the right upgrades, he can end the chain of attacks that combine to hit a balloon outside his already large range. If nothing else, he gives players the time they need early on so they can build a comprehensive strategy later.

6 Banana farm

Bloons TD 6 Banana Farm to upgrade trees

This would probably be near the top of the list if it weren’t for the modes that disabled Banana Farm. Why is it disabled? Because the cash it offers (sorry for the pun) is bananas. Many upgrades wouldn’t be affordable without a few of these included in the mid-rings.

If that seems too much of a hassle, choose upgrades that automatically collect bananas for the player. About four or five of these should be enough for gamers to build whatever they want in 80 to 100 round-robin matches.

5 Pilot Heli

Bloons TD 6 Heli tested tree upgrade

Thanks to being able to fly around with the top upgrade path, there’s no map where the Heli Pilot isn’t useful. On some maps that have changed paths, spawn points, and exits, the Heli Pilot goes from a great idea to an absolute must.

Facing every ball as soon as it appears gives the player an advantage regardless of who their main damage dealer is. Even if it’s not Heli Pilot, he is the best at softening the wave before it reaches the other towers.

4 Spike Factory

Bloons TD 6 Spike Factory Plant Upgrade

The One Spike factory near the exit is a smart disaster prevention move. Any balloon, camouflaged, leaded, or otherwise, won’t make it past a few spikes. With the upgrades, it is capable of handling all leaks on its own.

However, there is no reason to reserve its power for mistakes. Being able to shoot traps of needles, spikes and mines quickly, it is also very good on the defensive line. As for the cost, it must be said that this one is surprisingly cheap to build and level up.

3 Monkey Village

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Village Upgrading Trees

Many monkey towers are great but have the weakness of not being able to target camouflage or lead balloons. That’s a serious drawback until the player gets the Monkey Intelligence Bureau upgrade for Monkey Village, granting all towers within its range the ability to attack anything.

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As a support structure, it is yet to be implemented. Bottom lane helps players boost their economy and top lane boosts ranged monkeys with additional attack speed. Any construction that does not use this tower will be met with some skepticism.

2 Alchemist

Bloons TD 6 Alchemist Upgrade Tree

Alchemist has mediocre ability in mid lane and some lackluster monetization in bot lane. So why is it ranked second on this list? Simply, it provides a massive damage boost to those around when exploding Ceramic, Lead and MOAB bubbles.

Given that these are among the hardest opponents to play in the game, it’s no wonder the Alchemist is so highly regarded. But it hasn’t been done yet. Adding two more potions also increases damage, attack speed, and penetration. At the highest level, these boosts become permanent.

first Druid

Bloons TD 6 Druid Plant Upgrade

While it’s possible to beat the game’s toughest challenges without the Druids, it’s not entirely possible. For a long time, the Druid strategy was considered the best option for defeating the undefeated and that was the merit of the Druid’s strength.

Throw shotgun-style bullets at enemies, the balloons don’t last long against clusters of Druids. With some support from Obyn Greenfoot and the other towers on this list, Druid steals the show and has no rival on the horizon.

Bloons TD 6 was released on June 14, 2018 and is available for Android, iOS and PC.

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