Blood Red Sky Review

Blood red sky

The vampire lineage had been slain so many times that it was difficult for anyone to challenge the undead bloodsuckers without at least inviting comparisons with what had happened before. While Netflix’s New Thriller Blood red sky extremely derivative in points, it was never that of vampire cinema, which is thanks to the way director and co-writer Peter Thorwarth has cemented the highest concepts into the setting and execution that Hollywood action movies have been in their sleep for decades.

If you watched the trailer, then you think you can have a pretty solid idea of ​​what Blood red sky To beand where will it go? However, the footage certainly doesn’t reflect the finished product, and whether that’s better or worse is entirely down to personal preference. It’s undeniable that the streamer delivered a completely unique and unexpected mashup that was matched by a pair of amazing performances from Peri Baumeister as the grieving mother Nadja and Chidi Ajufo as her son. soon her Elias.

To give you an idea of ​​how Blood red sky constantly trying to exceed and break expectations, we have almost an hour left before the vampire frenzy begins, which includes opening the curtain with an unnecessary framing device that doesn’t create What’s the difference is what happens in chronological order, and some brief flashbacks explain things that we can easily infer for ourselves later.

The sky is as red as blood

The first act is usually very slow to move, but it does at least establish the strength of the bond between Nadja and Elias, even though the boy is fully aware of his condition and the untold danger it poses out for both him and everyone else. their orbits. In the first half of Blood red sky, the most obvious comparison is From dusk until dawn, which starts as one thing and then turns into something else entirely around the halfway point with a single click.

Horror vibes are always lurking just below the surface, but Dominic Purcell and his gang hijack a plane with a dubious engine to trap Muslim passengers and crash it into London in one flight. Go gets ripped right from bargain basement territory, before Nadja decides to let her inner demons out to play in bloody fashion. From here on Blood red sky poses its booth as a thoroughly enjoyable B-movie with A-grade production values, creating tangles as things continually escalate to the point of becoming completely absurd, even for The project has such a difficult premise.

Name a trigger backed by a star in the sky and have a 99% chance 99% Blood red sky will remind you of it at one stage or another. If a melting pot of Passenger 57, Snakes on the plane, Air Force One, Child Air and Implementation decision with vampires as your pocket, then this is the movie for you. Admittedly, in just over two hours of shade, it runs fifteen minutes longer than it actually needs to, and falls into the increasingly common pattern of appearing to wrap up the story before recording a finale. Last for good measure, but once the fangs are exposed, it’s usually nothing short of a frenzied pleasure.

Blood red sky

At the end of the day, Blood red sky is about an airplane with a vampire on it, doesn’t sound like it would open up many emotional circuits on its own, but you’d be wrong. The crux of emotions from beginning to end has always been the bond between Elias and Nadja, which becomes more and more mythical later as events continue to spiral out of control. It presents a gripping Catch-22 situation for our intrepid heroine, who is beaten to the point where she needs to eat blood to survive the attack and become stronger, but each time she When she eats it, it takes away another layer of her humanity.

Aside from Baumeister and Ajufo, the rest of the group is perfectly fine in their one-sided roles that don’t ask for more of them other than insults and revelations. However, someone brought Alexander Scheer his MVP award, because that man deserved it. Blood red sky It’s very serious in itself despite being blatantly silly, and the rest of the characters act accordingly, with the sole exception of Scheer’s Eightball. He shoots everything from the past eleven o’clock and goes so widely and theatrically that you can’t help admiring his dedication to getting it all done, even if his main part largely eliminates the his flashy presence from the proceedings.

Blood red sky is a mix of horror and violence, gory, about a hijacked plane that has a vampire on board, so it has to operate in a high level of fantasy to survive and thrive. . That being said, there’s a surprisingly deep amount of emotion and some outstanding performances to elevate the entire run above becoming hokey schlock despite a few glaring structural shortcomings and it’s the ideal fodder if you’re looking for a popcorn on a Friday night. | Blood Red Sky Review


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