Blasphemous DLC could help make the game the most soul-like 2D game ever

The video game market is saturated with Soulslikes, with many developers trying to find unique take on FromSoftware’s blockbuster formula. A specific indie title, Blasphemy, stood out from the Soulslike pack thanks to its 2D format, gorgeous art style, and perfectly balanced challenge.

Developed by Spanish studio The Game Kitchen, Blasphemy shares much DNA with Metroidvania games as well as with Dark souls franchise, and was released in 2019 to critical acclaim. The December 2021 release of its final DLC could bring the popular and award-winning title to the top of the 2D Soulslike hierarchy.


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How Blasphemous Became a Outstanding Soul

Like Salt and Sanctuary Similar Games Blasphemous

Blasphemy was successfully crowdfunded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2017, gaining fan support for its blend of Hispanic-influenced music and strong religious imagery, as well as as the promise of a brutal, combat-focused challenge. Although the game is definitely a Metroidvania title, it borrows a lot of words soul series by having enemies reset every time the protagonist recharges their health at an altar, meaning the player must balance exploration and progress with healing.

Blasphemy set in Cvstodia, a highly religious kingdom that is clearly inspired by elements of Roman Catholicism and places the player in the role of the Penitent, who appears to be the living embodiment of the idea of ​​repentance. . Not only is the protagonist’s helmet encased in spikes, but his sword is even named Mea Culpa, and these religious themes persist strongly throughout the game’s story.

The plot revolves around “The Miracle”, a mysterious force that has transformed Cvstodia and its inhabitants, seemingly blessing some while turning others into terrifying monsters. Three of the fiercest and most powerful of these beasts must be slain by the Penitent One, the sole survivor of the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow, an organization that has sworn an oath against the dominant Church and its leader who acts as the person of the game. final boss.

The game’s religious theme is also permeated through the soundtrack, as is its distinctive and beautiful art style. Blasphemy‘the visuals have been particularly praised by many reviewers, especially some of its boss fights, which feature huge and detailed models as well as being great examples of what really is. horrifying creature design.

Like the most wonderful encounters in Dark souls, each of these clashes is likely to take multiple attempts to defeat, without ever feeling unduly frustrated or unfair. Each skirmish challenges the player to demonstrate mastery of the game’s combat mechanics, as well as blend seamlessly with the game’s story by allowing progression only with the strongest fighters.

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Blasphemous Final DLC Ends an Unforgettable and Incredible Pilgrimage

statues can remove the weight of guilt.

However, the game is more than just combat, and rewards players who carefully explore its sprawling game world. Blasphemy contains many secrets, greatly increasing its lifespan and providing a welcome opportunity for players to enhance their character ahead of the game’s extremely difficult final boss battle.

In another nod FromSoftware’s soul series, the game also has a surprising amount of lore buried in the dialogue and item descriptions, again encouraging players to keep coming back to discover more of Cvstodia’s history. The release of DLC content is only intended to further enhance the longevity of the game.

Blasphemy currently combines three DLC expansions, with the last being released in late 2021 to end the game before its announced sequel, which is currently in development. The Stir of Dawn DLC added New content + games and distributed the Spanish dub as originally planned by the studio, addressing one of the few criticisms of the original game by providing an alternative to its original English dub, which was weak. in patches. The second DLC, Strife and Ruin, added a Boss Rush mode as well as a choice of rendering modes and other challenge rooms.

Final DLC, Eventide’s Wound, is a more traditional expansion in that it adds new areas and boss battles to the base game, as well as introduces a neat new story conclusion in the upcoming sequel. Once again, reviews are raving about these updates, proving that The Game Kitchen is a major player in the 2D Soulslike and Metroidvania arenas. Blasphemy now stand with people like Hollow Knight at the pinnacle of its crossover genre.

Had surpassed a million players, Blasphemy has cemented its reputation as one of the top Soulslike games out there. The addition of a third DLC and a host of new bosses for players to battle their wits (and trusty swords) means there’s plenty of life in the bloody title ahead of its sequel, is supposed to release in 2023.

Blasphemy Currently available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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