Black waitress finds strong message from pro-Trump cowboys

It doesn’t take long to picture the sparks that will fly when a group of pro-Trump cowboys come into contact with a very liberal black woman. But keep the stereotypes.

Even in polarizing moment in January 2017, when Jason White and his cowboy hat friends from Texas sat in a Washington, DC-based liberal activist restaurant, and were joined by Rosalynd Harris, a Women’s March participant Women wait, that could be the bridge for Gulf experts want Americans to think can never be long.

The restaurant visit became a national story because the Texan left Harris $450 in tip for an order of just $72.60.

They also left her a note.

“We may come from different cultures and may disagree on some issues, but if everyone shares the same smile and kindness as your beautiful smile, our country We will unite as one people. No trace. Not gender. Just Americans. God bless!” the note said.


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It was not smooth sailing at first. NS Texans felt a bit out of place in the crowd at Busboys & Poets.

Do we need to praise each other and stop criticizing each other?

“We started having looks. I told my friend you need to take off your hat. I don’t want people to think we’re here to show off our Trump stuff. We just came here for lunch,” White said, according to Today.

Texans were in town for the inauguration of former President Donald Trump.

Enter Harris. And people act like, well, people.

“She started laughing when we said we were from West Texas, and she said, ‘I can tell you’re from the South,’” White explained. “I said, ‘What’s your favorite thing on the menu?’ She said the avocado panini was delicious, and I love avocados, so I got that… What a relief for both of us. This is just lunch. “

White says all that claps about people not get along with gone only for a moment.

“We interacted like normal human beings, not white, not black, not Trump supporter, not black waitress,” he said.


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Harris said she enjoyed the breath of reality.

“You automatically assume that if someone supports Trump that they have an idea about you,” she said, according to Washington Post.

“But [the customer was] embrace more than even some of my more liberal friends, and there is a real authenticity to our exchange. This has definitely reshaped my point of view. Republicans, Democrats, Liberals are all subcategories to what we’re going through. It sows a lot of hope.”

“It was all very intense. The message was incredibly touching and unexpected, and then of course the biggest part was definitely the tip he left,” Ms. Today reported.

The interaction received a notification when it was shared on social media, but Harris says it wasn’t a political clash, but a moment of human communication.

“This is supposed to be a black and white situation, and it’s two people having a more real moment,” she said.

White made a similar remark.

“It’s not about me and her… I just want people to take an example, and stop and think for a moment before they judge people – on all counts,” he said. Black waitress finds strong message from pro-Trump cowboys

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