Black Ops Timeline Is The Best Business Franchise

When it comes to Call of Duty franchise, fans usually prefer either Call of Duty: Black Ops or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Given these two branches regularly offer the best games in the franchise, this is hardly a surprise. Both Treyarch’s games and Infinity Ward’s titles have their merits, with the first being more experimental when it comes to campaign and co-op content and the latter being more risky. when it comes to multiplayer.


For those who prioritize storytelling in their video games, Call of Duty: Black Ops timeline is generally considered more appropriate. This is because Treyarch created a universe that spans over 100 years, with each entry in Black Ops The series has some kind of big changes to shock the players and make every story more memorable. Characters in Black Ops The timeline is also interesting, serving as some welcome changes from Call of Dutyof typical action heroes.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops characters are a little different

inside Call of Duty the game is not part of Black Ops In the timeline, the player almost always controls a protagonist who is a heroic soldier and someone who is easy to root. However, Treyarch usually does something a little different, first seen in the original Black Ops with Alex Mason. While Mason has a hunting background and is certainly more capable than normal soldiers, the fact that he was brainwashed by Call of Duty: World at War‘S Viktor Reznov immediately turned him into an interesting character. Mason is a tortured character with a broken mind, and the implication that he didn’t escape the brainwashing and allegedly killed President JFK makes him unique and flawed.

Frank Woods is another character with depth, with his growth largely coming from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and his relationship with villain Raul Menendez. A fearsome terrorist eventually leading his own movement called Cordis Die, Menendez’s hatred for Woods is understandable. Menendez polished up their blood feud by making Woods a prisoner and leaving him trapped in a crate to starve to death while he watched his friends die, though Woods then unwittingly killed Menendez’s sister. As a result, Menendez manipulated Woods to kill Alex Mason before paralyzing him and killing Hudson right in front of him. By giving Mason time to shine in the first game and Woods becoming the focal point in the second, Treyarch ensures that its most important characters are more than just ordinary soldiers.

In spite of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarBell is a silent protagonist and player-made character, their story is also engaging and continues the trend Black Ops main characters have more interesting stories than others Call of Duty item. During the game’s major twist, the player learns that Bell is a brainwashed Russian agent and an ally of Perseus, making what is essentially the opposite of Black Ops‘big twist. This reveal shows players how far both sides have come during the Cold War, and it manages to make a character without dialogue complicated.

Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Timeline has a bunch of settings

Given its name, it’s not surprising that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare The series is suitable only for modern installations. However, by focusing entirely on the present moment, Infinity Ward limits its business when it comes to wars and events that can be mentioned. Although there are occasional flashbacks, the focus of Modern War was and will always be the current version of war. With Black Ops Treyarch is free to do whatever it wants.

While Call of Duty: Black Ops initially started with a focus on the Cold War, and went back to the later years of that era with the year 2020 Black Ops’ Cold War, Treyarch didn’t keep each game limited to that piece of history. Not just Call of Duty: World at War a part of Black Ops universe, which gives the series a connection to World War 2, but Black operation 2, Black operation 3and Black Activity 4 all have brought everything to the future. Black operation 2 is especially unique because part of the campaign takes place in the 1980s and another part is set in 2025, with both Alex and David Mason being told their stories.

If Treyarch wants to go back to the future with its settings again, it could be completely free as it can bring players to focus on cloning Black Activity 4 era or appearance and full of AI Black operation 3 Stage. Likewise, developers can go back in time to explore more historical settings, which is likely to be done with Call of Duty The year 2024 and its rumored Gulf War focus. The Black Ops The franchise’s focus on the loose concept of covert operations as opposed to a particular era of war means that every game can offer something new, bringing Black Ops Name some serious staying power. It also allows Treyarch to have a connected universe without a reboot, rewarding fans who follow the lore of the series closely.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops campaigns are constantly trying new things

Not just Black Ops The timeline is full of layered characters and over a hundred years of lore, but the campaigns all feel different and try new things. Since the original Black Ops, Treyarch has become more and more innovative with each release. This cannot be said for Infinity Ward games, other than that Endless War and a more open level in Modern War In 2019, the developer’s campaigns mostly stick to the traditional style. While there’s nothing wrong with extremely linear single-player campaigns, the formula gets old after so many years following the same approach, making each campaign Black OpsSingle player mode is like a breath of fresh air.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Its campaign features multiple endings, side quests, and niche choices that result in some characters living or dying. For example, Alex Mason can survive if Woods shoots him in the leg instead of in the head, allowing players to realize something has happened to get an ending where Alex survives. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 delivered a full-fledged co-op campaign with special abilities, and while not everyone loves the intricate narrative that essentially tells two stories in one, it’s incredibly unique. Although Raven Software did Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign instead of Treyarch, innovation continues. Its best missions can be completed in four ways, with another outstanding level that will be changed greatly depending on the player’s choice.

The Call of Duty The franchise is home to many great campaigns, and not all of them come from Treyarch. Call of Duty: VanguardSingleplayer of very solid, original Modern War the trilogy is full of iconic set pieces, and Endless WarThe solo mode is criminally underrated. However, Black Ops series has always been the strongest series when it comes to storytelling. Having a timeline spanning generations and multiple global conflicts both fictional and real is key to its success. By having a lot of freedom when it comes to its settings, Treyarch has been able to offer different gameplay features with each of its campaigns, and well-written characters are just the icing on the cake.

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