Black Fog and a Broken Family: A Look at the Evolution of League lore in 2021

The growing legend of League of Legends is still evolving each year, with new champions and events bringing light to the areas of Runeterra that fans have known for the past 11 years. Last year was no different. Riot Games has taken a more serious approach to perfecting stories that have been left open for a while, complete with plenty of downsides and classic problems, though they’ve evolved the lore of the world. , but it’s also confusing for fans to know exactly what fans can trust.

This year, instead of introducing new aspects of lore by implementing new features into the game, Riot focused on developing one aspect of the game. Tournament of lore throughout the year: Desolation. This event, which has long been in the past for many champions in gaming history, was never fully explored until this year, bringing together new and old champions from around the world. League The universe.

Outside of Devastation, Riot’s exploration of other vehicle types has allowed the lore to progress in ways never before seen in League community. Between the first Netflix animated series, Arcaneand independent subtitles Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, Riot has found new ways to expand Tournament of Reaches outside of the base game and welcomes fans to just a few of the many stories the game has established over the course of the past decade.

The crown is not fit for a king

The first champion released by Riot this year is none other than the King of Destruction, Viego. For many years, the unknown king existed only in the lore of champions from the Shadow Isles of Runeterra, such as Thresh and Hecarim, but never actually appeared in the game. With Movie “Ruination” released in JanuaryRiot made it clear that the return of Viego is imminent and all League Players will feel his wrath throughout the year. The devastation affected champions released for the year as well as the year’s main lore event, Sentinels of Light, which builds on the story structure featured in last year’s Spirit Blossom.

Players ventured through each region of Runeterra during the Sentinels of Light event, helping Lucian, Senna, and Gwen recruit champions from around the world to fend off the vengeful Viego, searching for shards of his soul. his wife, Isolde, in an attempt to revive her. Champions like Vayne, Graves, and even Pyke have joined the Sentinels in new skins designed by Gwen, allowing players to see these champions interact with each other in ways they never could before. As players navigate through each area, with progress paused weekly, they are given access to narrative choices similar to the Spirit Blossom event that doesn’t affect any outcome but gives Allows players to customize interactions with featured champions.

The final battle between the Sentinels – along with their new partner in Akshan – and Viego’s forces managed to end the story of the Slaughter, bringing to an end Viego’s thirst for revenge and saving many champions. which he damaged. Having dealt the final blow to Viego, Thresh emerged from the shadows and reaped the benefits of Viego’s death, now free to return to human form and escape the Shadow Isles, seemingly searching how to get revenge on Senna for escaping his lantern.

While the narrative of the event provided the devastation that fans had been waiting for years, Riot soon revealed afterwards that nothing had happened in its duration. is accurate, leaving fans wondering why exactly the event took place to begin with. While the Sentinels defeated Viego in principle and prevented him from spreading the Devastation across Runeterra, the story depicted in the Sentinels of Light event does not depict the actual confrontation as occurring. how.

Amidst the confusion about the location of the established event League canon and outraged at the writing style and pacing Riot chose for the event, the Sentinels of Light event has established itself as one of the most controversial events in the world. League legend for many years. However, the story of the Devastated King is not limited to this event as another title will look at the Slaughter from a completely different angle.

Another look at the king’s reign

Released by Riot Ruined King: A League of Legends Story this November on multiple platforms, offering a different look at the battle against Viego and the impending Carnage than what players experienced during the Sentinels of Light event. The story of this game works like direct continuation of last year’s Spirit Blossom event, where Yasuo and Ahri travel to Bilgewater in search of answers to their own fate, as well as finally confronting the approaching Desolation.

Instead of the Sentinel team fighting against Viego, Yasuo and Ahri join the team of Illaoi, Braum, Miss Fortune and Pyke, under the command of Miss Fortune to prevent her home from being taken over by Viego’s vengeance. Along the way, the team encounters numerous champions related to the Ruination story, such as Maokai, who didn’t appear in the Sentinels of Light event, and connects the story of stopping the Black Mist with the goal of killing Gangplank. by Miss Fortune.

What King of Ruins However, really taking advantage of the importance of these specific champions in the development of League legend. Each team member constantly touches on their own lives and interactions with the world around them, giving a deeper understanding of how they and the champions they are associated with travel through Runeterra. As the group travels through Bilgewater, they come across various magazines that serve as tidbits about other aspects of the world. League lore transcends devastation, connecting the game to the larger stories that have been present in Runeterra over the past decade.

The events of this title have been confirmed as all-regular, meaning this fight against Viego does indeed happen and these champions have joined together in an attempt to stop the moves. Progress of the Ruined King. Although LeagueThe events of Sentinels of Light make it clear that the Sentinels are the last to stop Viego, every segment of the series. King of Ruins, from the main story to the side stories, provides a classic lore that ties the focal events and characters from around Runeterra together in a way that players only see when they’re fighting against each other on Rift.

Turn back time

While 2021 will primarily revolve around the development of the Ruination story and the characters associated with it, Riot’s first Netflix animated series, Arcane, offers an insight into the lives of champions associated with Piltover and Zaun, where there’s plenty of room for their stories to expand. Through three acts, three episodes each, season one of Arcane places the viewer between Vi and Jinx’s sisterhood, as well as positioning them as victims of the growing chaos between the two cities.

Vi and Jinx, long known as sisters with a strained relationship throughout their adulthood, hardly any aspect of their story is told beyond short stories and occasionally update biographies of other champions that are relevant to them. However, through Arcane, fans have been given a detailed look at their growth and development, seeing exactly how their relationship began to deteriorate, and how Piltover and Zaun’s culture led to this outcome. any.

Arcane also provides detailed information on champions such as Caitlyn, Jayce, Heimerdinger, Ekko and Viktor. Although these champions are known to be involved in the situation between Piltover and Zaun, like Vi and Jinx, they have never expanded on the lore explaining how they progressed in their lives. Although the struggle between Vi and Jinx stands out as ArcaneThe main plot point, the show has the opportunity to expand the story of every supporting character, tying them to the main plot to ensure that no character feels more important than the other.

Where do we go next?

Although Riot has yet to reveal any plans for League Extending the lore in 2022, it’s clear that the various teams are already aware of the Sentinels of Light related response, including narrative text and canonical issues, and are looking at solutions. for the future of legendary events. In a recent post by the developer, Riot reveals that consistency will be key for the future League lore events, omitting the many interpretations of Viego’s Desolation and reign in this year’s events in favor of something more streamlined like Spirit Blossom.

Despite the confusing issues with the development of this year’s core lore event, Riot has assured players that the lore events will continue in the future and that teams will take a closer look at what’s going on. worked and what didn’t in previous events to promote future events. Although the development of LeagueThe lore of 2021 changes with its influence, every aspect of this growth proves that Riot is willing to expand on what has become the story of new and familiar champions, for allowing their impact to evolve beyond simply being playable on the Rift.

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