Bioshock Introducing one of the best mini games ever

BioShock Still considered one of the greatest video games ever made. Its blend of first-person shooter and horror mechanics, highly unique story, and unforgettable underwater chaotic setting have secured it countless glowing reviews and game of the year awards. after its release in 2007. It also spawned two sequels, with BioShock Infinite particularly successful.

But one aspect of BioShock That is rarely discussed, and is released after the original game, which is the small game that players have to negotiate every time they want to hack one of the FPS’s computer systems, like a security camera or a vending machine. automatic. This highly addictive distraction is the perfect combination of puzzle mechanics, race against time tension, and a balance of risk versus reward.


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Bioshock’s highly addictive pipe puzzle mini game

Bizarre Hack BioShock Pipes

BioShock Players who attempt to hack any of the game’s turrets or health stations will enter a small game Ask them to swap cells on the grid, establishing a path of interconnected pipe elements to allow water to flow from one side of the grid to the other. The penalty for failure ranges from health damage via electric shock to alerting nearby enemies if the water is mistakenly redirected to an alarm box.

Games based on Pipe Mania (also known as Pipe dream), a 1989 Amiga title developed by The Assembly Line, which follows a very similar structure, requiring the player to control a slow-flowing goo known as a ‘flooz’ from beginning to end of an on-screen grid. As well as the 3D version released in 2000 and the remake in 2008, the game has also influenced other minigames, such as the one featured in the game. Half Life: Alyx.

The game works great in BioShock for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s fun and satisfying as players race against the clock to find a solution before the dreaded water reaches the end of their frenziedly laid pipework. Second, it presents players with a fascinating dilemma: failure leads to a damaging electric shock, but success will give them a variety of useful rewards ranging from vendor pricing cheaper to pre-equipped gun turrets that can attack enemies instead of the main character.

Another key component is its narrative consonance – the mini-game makes perfect sense in an underwater metropolis filled with highly unreliable but technologically advanced machinery and equipment. It’s like a part of BioShocktell stories about the environment rather than a sink breaking bolt.

Furthermore, players who don’t like the game have many ways to avoid it, by using an “autohack” device to automatically solve puzzles or by spending in-game currency to “buy out” the machine. Alternatively, players can skip hacking altogether and find other alternatives, such as using stealth to avoid security cameras.

Other Memorable Mini Games

Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding

Of course, BioShock not the first game to bring a popular minigame into the experience. NS Final Fantasy The game has some well-loved mini-games, consists of Final Fantasy 7Popular ski and motorcycle scenes, or various arcade games are available in RPG’s beloved Gold Saucer theme park.

Final Fantasy 8, meanwhile, incorporated a completely optional card game, playable with most inhabitants of its unnamed fantasy world by tapping an alternate button instead of the usual dialogue input . Competition allows cards to be distinguished, including competing for rare cards, and some players find building their collection even more addictive than the main game.

Other titles, like Nintendo’s WarioWare series, which avoids a “main game” entirely to function entirely as a series of mini-games. The popularity of this franchise shows that there is definitely a market going on for minigames and their simple mechanics often appeal to players looking for a quick gaming fix. and interesting.

BioShock Currently available for iOS, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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