BioShock Creator’s new game stuck in development hell

Although work began in 2014, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that Ken Levine and Ghost Story Games’ title won’t be released for quite some time.

Ken Levine

In the final months of the seventh console generation, BioShock: Infinite released and caused a stir in public opinion. BioShock Infinite received a lot of praise when it was first released, and the future looks bright for studio head Ken Levine. However, as reported by Jason Schreier from Bloomberg, it’s been eight years since he’s made any notable contributions to the gaming space and his new game may be in trouble.

After The Irrational Game was abruptly disbanded in 2014, Levine goes on to found Ghost Story Games with the aim of shipping a new title in 2017. Supposed to be on a smaller scale than anything seen in BioShock trilogy, this project will borrow elements from Levine’s previous works while removing the big budget mentality of previous games. However, Levine was unable to commit to his relatively incompetent team, and ambition sank what should have been the studio’s first release.


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Ambition seems to be the effective word when it comes to Ken Levine and his recent troubles. Bioshock: Infinite is said to have had a and chaotic development is reportedAnd, with more time to develop and nothing to show publicly, the first release of Ghost Story Games could have the same problem. However, nearly a decade has passed, and Levine’s former employees are still accusing him of failing to fulfill his ambitions.


Many Ghost Story Games employees are saying that the studio’s current project has been rebooted and remade multiple times over the years, and it likely won’t see the light of day for at least two more. Reportedly frustrated in the execution of his vision, several unnamed Levine employees claimed that repeatedly working hard to follow his ideas only to discard them for ideas. later made the development intolerable.

Very reason why 2K, the publisher behind BioShock the game has agreed to a 15-year agreement with Levine’s new studio, participation is unknown. Schreier assumed that 2K took him seriously because the publisher respected his status as a media celebrity, but, due to its hasty nature recently, NBA 2K CZK release, patience doesn’t seem to be in the publisher’s vocabulary.

Rumors of a new entry in BioShock series It’s been around for a while, and it’s up to any gamer to guess whether that or Levine’s new project will come out first. In either case, fans can, at this point, just hope that the upcoming games are worth the eight-year wait.

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The source: Bloomberg

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