Billy Eichner’s very gay “Bros” trailer radicalized me

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In this week:

  • Crying with the Crawleys.
  • Bow to Billy Eichner.
  • All-in on everything Mindy Kaling does.
  • A perfect video.
  • A terrible tweet.

I can’t stop watching this brothers follower

Every time a new trailer comes out for a rom-com or a gay romance movie or TV series, something happens. I cheer Disgusting. I tweet about it and write about it and sing the praises like I’m Jennifer Holliday stretching out her jaws to belt out the final riffs of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” That’s great! This is important! That deserves our praise!

I wouldn’t take any of that back, especially after watching how each of these projects over the years has been recorded with a voice that’s equally passionate and awe-inspiring – think Jennifer Hudson, in this case, stretching her jaw out to belt out the final riffs from “And I tell you, I’m not going” – criticism.

It’s not just the expected backlash from conservatives and homophobes, but attacks from within the LGBT community of people frustrated that the characters might not represent a type of queerness they identify with, a diversity that reflects reality , or falling into traps like relying on the trauma of a coming-out narrative or being too chaste, a compromise often made to be more “palatable.”

All of these are valid issues that need to be considered in any project. I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to get overly excited when cheerleading these shows and movies because I see such value in their existence, even if they’re imperfect. But the brothers Trailer radicalized me.

Billy Eichner’s historical film, the first gay rom-com from a major studio, left me gaping.

Not only is it raunchy and frank about what gay dating life is like for a certain type of man, but also about the sex aspect. It’s not just that gay actors actually exist; In fact, the entire lead cast, even those playing straight characters, are LGBT-identifying actors. It’s not just that the word “assfucked” is casually thrown out in a movie trailer.

It’s the cunning meta-deconstruction of everything I’ve previously described that seems to drive the narrative forward. Eichner’s character is asked to write a screenplay about two gay men who fall in love, but he suspects he’s asked to do “something that a straight man might enjoy.”

It’s a film that’s the product of years of pent-up desperation. While I probably can’t shake my insistence on screaming from the roof beams how great all gay content is, even though it might actually be a prime example brothers exposed, I feel awake to it now.

Or maybe I’m just doing the same thing all over again: gushing about a gay rom-com that looks like it could be exciting. However. At least it’s a good trailer, y’all. Check it out here.

What on earth is going on with Mindy Kaling? Velma?

It’s Upfronts week, which in the TV industry means it’s the time when networks and streamers are making decisions about renewals and cancellations, and advertisers trying to sell the new shows they’re announcing are sprinkling provide presentations.

Because of this, there has been a ton of news about the cancellation of, well, almost everything on The CW and the announcement of a final season of Riverdale. Because of this, there also seemed to be an avalanche of press releases touting new projects getting the green light, like a CBS-TV adaptation of True Liesyet another yellowstone spinoff (starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren?!?) and whatever the hell is new Velma Animated Series is by Mindy Kaling, which has become my absolute favorite TV show just by looking at it.

The news itself is exciting but not life changing. Kaling, whose recent projects I have never and College Girls Sex Life are so freaking good, will executive produce and star as the voice of Velma in a spin-off animated series from The Scooby Doo Animated cartoons for HBO Max.

Count me in! then I saw the photo of Kaling at the presentation the series at Upfronts, which included a massive still of a scene where the cartoon Velma walks in on a woman with her head chopped off and bleeding on the floor of a dressing room while naked women stare behind her, blowing bubbles in the right places for ( cartoon) modesty.


“What on earth?” is a set specially designed for this. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, but it’s totally unexpected and I can’t wait.

The most adorable thing you will ever see

By a miracle – a blessing from God in return for a good deed I didn’t even know I had done – a video of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray performing the last dance Dirty dancing was tweeted on my timeline this week. Instead of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” the music is replaced with the theme song from The Muppet Show.

Check it out here.


I know we shouldn’t like Twitter anymore. As I was writing this newsletter, even more disturbing news about Elon Musk broke in.

But… and listen to me… what if a site had a video of the last dance off Dirty dancing is posted but it is The Muppet Show Theme song is actually the greatest place on earth and we should make sure it stays forever?

The most incomprehensible news of the week

Shortly after I wrote this confirmation, I Read a tweet that said“Tom Cruise introduced a series of performances at the finale of a horse show that kicked off the celebrations to celebrate Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee,” and changed my mind.


I could have the combined confidence of NASA, NATO, and every Nobel laureate in the last 20 years and I still wouldn’t be able to comprehend or comprehend this tweet. Burn everything down. It’s not worth it.

What to watch this week:

Downton Abbey: A New Era: A glorious time. Don’t think about it. (Fr. in the cinema)

Mexican Pizza: The Musical: The TikTok musical Dolly Parton Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is real. Can someone teach me how to use TikTok? (Thu on TikTok)

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Everyone’s a winner! No really, that’s the imagination – they’re all past winners. (Fr. on Paramount+)

men: Nothing scarier than men. (Fr. in the cinema)

What to skip this week:

2000 mules: D*n*sh D’S**z*’s new movie and let’s not pay attention to it. (Fr. in the cinema)

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