Bill Maher Is America’s Most Important Conservative Voice

At some point in the past few years, Bill Maher became the most powerful voice criticizing the excesses of the progressive left and defending liberal democracy.

This evolution shocked me. Maher has built up a hard-earned reputation as a cocky, obscene, Godless liberal who (a decade ago) called Sarah Palin c-word and made an insulting joke to her son. Next, he donated $1 million to a super PAC that supported Barack Obama’s re-election. But times have changed, and the same reverence did Maher a nasty enemy made him a lone brave ally.

No, Maher did not become a conservative Republican. Anyway, not yet – and probably never will. “I’m a classical liberal,” he said it again this week. But he has a serious problem with immorality, today’s intolerance. And as a conservative, I think he’s right.

However, in a sense, Maher To be a conservative — in the sense that he wants to preserve what was once called liberalism. But while most liberals and conservatives feel bored and out of date in this radical, post-liberal era, Maher reminds us that liberalism is truly revolutionary action. .

While other powerful celebrities may think twice before defying orthodoxy, Maher has Canceled once — ironically, for having done politically incorrect comment (he said 9/11 terrorists were not “cowards”“), only to bounce back stronger at HBO.

In recent years, Maher has become a more equal opportunity offender. This is because the social issues that once divided the right and the left and the cartoon Maher have become less relevant. Same-sex marriage is the law of the country, and states continue to legalize it marijuana. Abortion seems to have (at least for now) ceased to be the most prominent issue. Meanwhile, the pious purists who waved goodbye had moved from the Christian right to the waking left. What remains is Bill Maher, the famous track and field history, shouting “Damn it!”

Now, with his plum perch as the host of HBO Real time (disclosure: I was a guest in some episodes), Maher is a more effective opposition critic of the progressive left than most actual conservatives can or will be. However, his heartfelt advice to Democrats cannot easily be dismissed as “anxiety ludicrous”.

For example, consider his message to Dems this week: “The average voter is a white person in their fifties who is out of college, their favorite TV show is NCIS, and the Their word is, ‘What? I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, and stay away from me,” he say.

“I have yet to develop an official campaign slogan for 2024,” continued Maher, “but I tell you what I have ruled out is, ‘Vote Democrat for the Sucking Whites’. It’s like you’re trying to cheat by saying, ‘You’re ugly, you want to dance?’ … You’re alienating a lot of people… I mean doing math, but math is still a form of white supremacy. ”

Next, Maher took some photos at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, comparing her dismissive criticism of ex James Carville with Bad girls. In response to the AOC’s comment that no one cools using the term “wake up” anymore, Maher asked: “What word would you like us to use for the insane excesses of the left that aren’t libertarianism but something else entirely? Because you can’t get that word ‘freedom’ from us and think it should include things like cancellation [Abraham] Lincoln and taught third graders they were oppressors. “

“What remains is Bill Maher, standing in sports history, shouting ‘Fuck!’”

He also said the AOC should be on “this show”, but that “probably won’t happen, because Democrats don’t go anywhere these days where they’re unpopular.”

On this point, I cannot blame the AOC for declining the invitation. Because of it his showed that Maher controlled the pitch. The crowd in the audience was his fans. The guests are invited by his team. He has a week to work with producers and writers on jokes and short stories. This, along with the quick wits most good comedians (and too few politicians) possess, helps explain why he’s so formidable.

Then again, Maher is sometimes ready to play road games. Such was the case last week, when, appearing on Cuomo main time, Maher makes the absurd point that schools should teach about the horrors of slavery and racism, but “that is different from teaching that racism is the very essence of America.” He also made it clear that America is a work in progress, and that, in fact, we have improved significantly during his lifetime. He told host Chris Cuomo: “Somehow, libertarians are afraid to admit progress. “You can admit that we have made a lot of progress on all social issues, however, there is still much work to be done.”

And so, Maher was able to offer a conventional point of view to an audience that very few conservatives can afford. On top of that, everyone voted with their remotes: Cuomo gets a rating boost.

It’s too light to claim that conservatism is the new “punk rock,” but the left has given up all pretense of being a dangerous, intellectually honest home for liberals, and instead into it has become a safe space for screaming conformists.

There is an audience for old school libertarians, and Democrats should ask themselves how can they oppose, if not alienate, Bill Mahers of the world.

Bill Maher did not leave the left; they abandoned him. Bill Maher Is America’s Most Important Conservative Voice


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