Bill Gates has sent millions upon millions of dollars to China during his existence, this is in his ‘Thank you’ letter from Xi Jinping

Bill Gates sent tens of millions of dollars to China throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, even as the country was run by Communists know about the pandemic in May 2019 and deliberately promote it to spread it globally.

National Pulse report for updated numbers for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through November 2021.

“Since the birth of COVID-19, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has sent more than $54 million to fund “global health” projects in China, including organizations run by the Chinese Communist Party. National (CCP) control and collaborators of Wuhan Institute of Virology, National Pulse can disclose,” the article quoted.

The National Pulse report said: “Since December 2019, the Foundation has sent a total of 93 grants amounting to $54,573,428 to China-based projects. The Gates Foundation’s contributions to most CCP-run agencies are listed below.

“Among the grant recipients are a number of CCP-run academies including Beijing Normal University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and official agencies including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Center for China Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Ministry of Science and Technology.”

“Wuhan University received a grant of $127,650 from the Foundation in January 2021, even though schools regularly collaborate with Wuhan Institute of Virology on research, including learn focus on bat coronavirus sponsor by Anthony Fauci,” the report adds.

Bill Gates’ relationship with China began before the Covid-19 pandemic. The Microsoft co-founder met Communist Party leader Xi Jinping in 2015.

Bill Gates’ meeting with Xi Jinping in 2015 is considered a “public health service”. It is ahead of the Chinese government seeking to expand what it tacitly calls the “global information society”. The Chinese Embassy in the US reported on the meeting:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in the field of public health.

On the same day, Xi Jinping had a meeting with General Secretary Zhao Houlin of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Xi Jinping pointed out that China has actively participated in the work of the ITU and devoted itself to working with all other members to promote the development of the global information society. It is hoped that ITU can work to build a more open, effective and strong alliance by seizing the present important opportunity of integration, innovation as well as the rapid development of industry. information technology. Zhao Houlin expressed gratitude for China’s support for ITU’s work and said that ITU will constantly strengthen cooperation with China.

Gates’ continued aid to China persisted throughout the global pandemic, which China deliberately kept hidden from the world while it spread internationally. The billions of dollars Gates has given to the CCP are so appreciated that Xi Jinping personally wrote a ‘thank you’ letter to Gates. Bloomberg report:

Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed sincere gratitude to Bill and Melinda Gates for the foundation’s support to China following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Mr. Xi thanked the organization for its “generous support” provided at a critical time, in a letters of Bill Gates published by Xinhua News Agency.

Mr. Xi praised the organization’s initial efforts in the global cause against the virus and said he was grateful for Gates’ letter expressing support for the Chinese people.

“Unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons” in the fight against the virus, Xi said in the letter. The Communist leader has “shown his support for the Gates Foundation’s coordination with Chinese agencies on the ground,” Bloomberg notes.

Tech billionaires have brought the Chinese millions of dollars even though the country is one of the less profitable compared to the rest of the world during the Covid pandemic.

Bill Gates is not the only Tech Billionaire whose partnership with an oppressive dictatorship is raising red flags on the Internet. In September 2015, Facebook’s CEO and Founder, met Xi Jinping and gave him a tour of the company’s headquarters.

NY Times note. “Its operating systems are the most popular in China, but they are also the most vulnerable to theft, causing billions of dollars in damage. And the Chinese government’s Windows 8 procurement bans add to the damage. Microsoft recently released Windows 10 and is waiting for approval from the Chinese government. Will the company’s hospitality to Mr. Xi, and his powerful Internet king, help clear the way for Windows 10? ”

“Facebook is now closed from China, with an irresistible market of 600 million internet users, creating a black mark on Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of making Facebook the global social network,” the Times reported. in 2015. “Will Facebook become the biggest beneficiary of face-to-face time with Xi? Mr. Zuckerberg spoke to the chairman in Mandarin for at least a minute as Xi greeted him before taking photos with tech industry leaders at Microsoft. (It was an elite crowd that included Apple’s Timothy D. Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and IBM’s Virginia Rometty.) ”

“From where the reporters were standing in the back of the room, Mr. Zuckerberg’s conversation was more than a brief ‘ni hao’ and we could hear distinct sounds in Mr. Zuckerberg’s voice drifting back and forth. back of the room,” the Times added. “But we couldn’t decipher what he was saying. Did he just ask Mr. Xi directly about entering the market? “

Facebook is doing more than building a ‘global information society’ with China, where tech companies control what political information is allowed to be viewed by users. These are also essentially rigged elections with partisan ‘contributions’ to the Democratic Party’s GOTV drives. Tech giants’ interference in the 2020 election made a big impact, Capital Research Center shown.

“Many Americans now know that Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg meddled in the 2020 election, pouring $350 million into a little-known nonprofit based in Chicago for redistribution. funds to county election officials nationwide. What they may not know is just how common those grants are,” said the Center for Capital Studies.

“Meeting Center for Technology and Citizenship (CTCL), a group that emerged after Zuckerberg boosted the tiny nonprofit’s revenue — just $1.4 million in 2018 — with a bewildering 24,900 percent in the pre-2020 election. used his newly earned fortune to create a five-, six-, seven-, even channel eight-subsidies to government officials responsible for running the 2020 election — with disastrous results for Republicans,” the report continued.

Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway also noted the ways the big Tech giants took a page out of the book of Communist China in the 2020 election by banning one of the presidential candidates from all all major social media platforms.

“[Mark] Zuckerberg doesn’t just help Democrats by censoring their political opponents,” Hemingway wrote. “He directly funds liberal groups that run partisan voting operations. In fact, he helped those groups infiltrate election offices in key pivot states by funneling massive grants to key counties. That capital is the means to [Democrat] activists achieved their ‘revolution’ and changed the course of the 2020 election.”

Although Donald Trump has been exonerated under the Constitutional process of a Senate trial, and the Justice Department can firmly identify any apparent conspiracy to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election related to Trump, the 2024 future candidate is still banned on these social media platforms.

Communist China would be proud. Bill Gates has sent millions upon millions of dollars to China during his existence, this is in his ‘Thank you’ letter from Xi Jinping

Huynh Nguyen

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