Biggest Final Fantasy Retcons

That final fantasy The franchise has come a long way since its initial release in 1987 thanks to its compelling stories and endearing characters. Each game follows the story of a unique protagonist who is usually tasked with saving the world in some form.

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final fantasyGames tend to feature a variety of different stories, but the popularity of some has led them to be sequels or remade for more modern consoles. These sequels often attempt to revitalize a game’s story by reconnecting certain elements. Most of these changes will improve the overall story, but some are trying to dismantle them.


5 The Need for Royal Blood – Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ignis

The Ring of Lucii is an ancient artifact bestowed upon the great kings of Lucis. The history of Final Fantasy 15 implies that it can only be worn by the rightful rulers of Insomnia, as the gods would not bend to the will of those not part of the Lucian bloodline. Because of this, Noctis is the only party member capable of harnessing the ring’s power, but the Follow Ignis DLC changes the requirements for summoning the ring’s amazing properties.

Ignis swore an oath to protect Noctis at all costs. He knows that the Ring of Lucii will not bend to his will, but he chooses to wear it randomly, hoping to gain much-needed help from the ancient kings of Lucis. Although the ring has been said to only give heed to a person of royal blood, the gods allow Ignis to use a brief fraction of their power if it means he can save the chosen king. This retcon completely negates the need for the ring to be worn by a member of the Lucian family, making it nothing more than a powerful piece of jewelry to be worn by anyone who so chooses.

4 Zack survives – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In an attempt to delay Sephiroth’s plans, Cloud and his friends enter an otherworldly land to defeat the Arbiters who control their destiny. As they battle these fate-determining creatures, they alter the course of the future while also altering events from the past. After they defeat Sephiroth, it is revealed that Zack, the main protagonist of the game’s prequel, escaped the clutches of his doomed fate by surviving the attack by Shinra’s military.

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The climax of Final Fantasy 7 Remakesees Zack carrying an unconscious Cloud toward Midgar. Both the original Final Fantasy 7 and core of crisis made it abundantly clear that Zack met his end just outside Midgar’s walls, but the Make new has decided to change this fact. After his introduction, he quickly became one of the most popular characters in the series, so it makes sense why the developers wanted to revive him. Though his return is one of the bigger retcons in the franchise, fans are excited to see what awaits him in this new future.

3 Vaan and Penelo’s relationship – Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings

Final Fantasy 12 portrays Vaan and Penelo as two childhood friends who share a strong bond. Growing up together in a broken and poverty-stricken world, they had to rely heavily on each other to survive the hardships they faced. The duo lost the small family they had during the Battle of Nabudis, and as a result they began to think of each other as family. That Final Fantasy 12 Consequence Revenant Wingshowever, decided to ditch their platonic love in favor of something more romantic.

Revenant Wings takes place a year after the events of the original game. It follows Vaan and Penelo as they plunder the world of Ivalice in search of hidden treasure, but this time as hijackers with their own airship. As they travel together, the two friends develop feelings for each other, but the relationship was never deserved. Their love for one another was purely familial, so reintroducing romantic feelings into their relationship lessened the bond they had previously shared.

2 Sephiroth in Midgar – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The original Final Fantasy 7 follows the story of Cloud Strife, an ex-SOLDIER who travels across Gaia in search of Sephiroth, the world’s greatest threat. The game’s opening portrayed the Shinra Electric Power Company as the game’s main antagonist, only to later reveal that Sephiroth is the real villain. Sephiroth is only alluded to at the beginning of the game, but the Final Fantasy 7 Remake attempted to introduce the elusive swordsman immediately after Cloud destroyed the first reactor.

Cloud’s past trauma causes him to conjure up images of Sephiroth in several situations where he’s not actually there, but in the late game several characters witness his presence. He spends most of the narration angering Cloud until he finally reveals his true intention. Unlike the original Sephiroth, the main goal of this version is to change the course of history. He seems aware of how his previous attempts at world domination failed, but he intends to make up for that loss by reversing his steps and reshaping his future. He was reconnected to the Make new to reveal his new destiny.

1 Tidu’s Destiny – Final Fantasy X-2

As Tidus ventures further into the beautiful land of Spira, he begins to understand his purpose. He was brought to the distant land by his father Jecht, who believed that only his son would be able to put an end to his suffering. As he nears the end of his journey, he learns that he only exists because of the Fayth, a group of otherworldly beings capable of summoning godlike beings. Hoping to preserve the memory of those who lived in Zanarkand before Bevelle’s attack, the Fayth combined their powers to conjure a dreamlike world filled with Zanarkand denizens.

Tidus was never meant to exist and is therefore destined to fade when Fayth stops dreaming. The climax of final fantasy 10sees him accept his fate and disappear from the world, but Final Fantasy X-2 decided to revive him. After rescuing Spira for the second time, Yuna is approached by a member of the Fayth and asked if she would like them to give Tidus back to the world. The original game made it clear that there was no way for the Fayth to return once they were gone, but its sequel ignores that in favor of a healthier ending to the story of Tidus.

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