BIDEN’S AMERICA: Thieves Steal $340,000 in Merchandise, Released Instantly Thanks to “No Guarantee” Policy

Recall when it was major news that a thief who brazenly filled a trash bag with stolen San Francisco Walgreens and then cycled without being stopped, much less caught? Strange. Now, the deposit has skyrocketed and criminals steal even more while facing the same milder penalties.

The most recent example of the light-hearted anti-crime stance many have adopted comes from Los Angeles, where 14 thieves stole $340,000 in merchandise in a smash and take over mass storage in the area. The area was released almost immediately due to the city’s “no bail. policy.”

That can be so shocking that leftists shake their heads in surprise and disappointment. Eg, Daily Mail reports this on the response of Mayor Eric Garcetti, who many consider to be one of those responsible for the insane “no bail” policy that allowed these frenzied looters to strike without delay:

At a joint news conference on Thursday announcing the arrest, both Moore and Mayor Eric Garcetti called for an end to the no-bail policy for some defendants to ease overcrowding at prisons. of Los Angeles County during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the pandemic easing, Garcetti said, it’s time to give way to the locks for criminals who engage in violence and put store employees at risk.

So, like Psaki, Garcetti seems to be blaming the anarchy in his territory on the “pandemic”. And, for reference, here are the details of Garcetti’s crazy zero guarantee policy, provided by Daily Wire:

A statewide policy imposing $0 bail for misdemeanors and lesser felonies ended in Democratic-run California last year, “but it remains in place in the Court system.” LA County Superior Court.”

“You can be arrested for a crime like theft, a serious felony… and it’s zero bail, which means we reserve and process and identify you, and then Your placement date is three to four months from now,” said LAPD Director Moore.

But Americans aren’t buying it, and they’re angry that these criminals are being released back onto the streets.

That’s especially true when the organized crime aspect of mass robberies is considered. As the Daily Mail reports, many of the stolen items are intentionally bought by robbers and then resold by drug dealers and other bad guys online:

Security experts and officials agree that organized crime networks are responsible for many large-scale retail ‘theft’ thefts, with the organizations recruiting young, grade-level fraudsters low and pay them $500 to $1,000 to steal specific items to resell online.

In one case, federal prosecutors said Robert Whitley, 70, from Atlanta, hired recovering drug addicts to steal more than 140,000 items from stores like Target, CVS and Publix , which he then resells on Amazon, raking in $3.5 million in profits.

And that brings us back to the point: the looting and looting in LA. Hundreds of thousands of goods were stolen. Stores are broken into, display cases and windows are smashed, employees are assaulted to the point of PTSD, a security guard is killed, and many thugs can enrich themselves.

And then, when a few suspects were finally caught, policy let them go free of charge. Now the police have no one to question, no goods to recover, and the shop owners are seeing no justice. That disgusting injustice is the form of leftist regimes.

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Huynh Nguyen

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