Biden Loses Touch with Reality, Celebrates Horrific Jobs Report: ‘Progress’

September’s underwhelming jobs report confirmed minuscule positive aspects that fell over 300,000 wanting predictions. However in the event you listened to President Joe Biden on Friday, you’ll have thought the report was an ideal win for the nation.

“The month-to-month totals bounce round, however in the event you check out the development, it’s strong,” Biden stated. “In whole, the job creation within the first eight months of my administration is almost 5 million jobs. Jobs up, wages up, unemployment down. That’s progress.”

As typical with the Biden administration, these numbers are taken fully out of context. With the entire vital context taken into consideration, the jobs report seems much more like a regression than progress.


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In accordance with CNBC, America misplaced over 22 million jobs in March and April of 2020. That was, after all, because of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the next lockdowns.

Since then, CNBC’s knowledge reveals about 17.3 million jobs gained, about 5 million of which have come through the Biden administration. This implies the U.S. continues to be regaining jobs from earlier than the pandemic. Almost 5 million misplaced jobs have but to be “re-created.”

The time period “job creation” is, on this case, deceptive. The positive aspects below Biden have largely been because of the return of jobs created earlier than he took workplace, not new jobs he really created himself.

Is Biden being deliberately dishonest concerning the new jobs report?

Irrespective of who was in workplace after the lockdowns, America was going to see job positive aspects amid a restoration from a man-made downturn. Nevertheless, Biden’s senseless economic policies have really made that restoration way more sluggish than anticipated.

Dow Jones estimated 500,000 jobs can be created within the month of September. As an alternative, non-farm payrolls rose by a measly 194,000.

Kyle Martinsen of the Republican Nationwide Committee famous on Twitter that regardless of Biden’s dishonest characterization, his jobs plan has been disastrous.

As for the unemployment price, it dropped to 4.8 % in September, down from 5.2 % the month prior. In accordance with CNBC, that price was “the bottom since February 2020.”


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The outlet failed to say that unemployment in February 2020 was simply 3.5 % below former President Donald Trump. Earlier than the pandemic, unemployment had stayed at or under 4 % since January 2018.

Whereas unemployment is down from earlier months, it’s nonetheless over a share level greater than it was in pre-pandemic America below Trump. That’s hardly a win for the Biden administration.

Biden’s declare that elevated wages are an indication of “progress” is dishonest, as properly. Corporations have been compelled to supply outrageously excessive wages as a result of they will’t discover staff.

For instance, WGN-TV reported in July {that a} McDonald’s restaurant in Belmont, North Carolina, was providing as much as $20 an hour for brand new staff. That’s in a state the place the minimal wage is $7.25.

Some leftists — who need the minimal wage raised anyway — see this as a great factor.

What these folks don’t perceive is that McDonald’s is without doubt one of the few companies that may afford to pay folks $20 an hour to flip burgers. The native mom-and-pop restaurant that’s already struggling to get better from pointless lockdowns doesn’t have the identical luxurious.

If this development continues, solely large franchises will survive. Small companies will likely be compelled to shut.

Moreover, the rationale McDonald’s has to supply $20 an hour is no less than partly due to the Biden administration’s propensity to throw cash at everybody. With the elevated unemployment handouts in Biden’s stimulus plans, companies had been compelled to compete for staff not simply amongst themselves, but in addition towards the federal government.

Most of these expanded advantages lastly expired in September, CBS News reported. However their results are nonetheless being seen throughout the nation.

The underside line is that Biden painted a misleading image of the job market on Friday. Many Individuals will take his feedback at face worth with out understanding the context round them.

The Biden administration has set the nation on a darkish path in some ways, and that features the financial system. It’s time for the president to start out addressing the difficulty as a substitute of pretending it’s not there. | Biden Loses Contact with Actuality, Celebrates Horrific Jobs Report: ‘Progress’

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