Biden hit Trump for ‘fear of anticipation’ over COVID restrictions, now he’s doing the same

I often angrily declare that Twitter is one of the worst things that has ever happened to our constitutional republic.

Everything from the way it’s weaponized and the political discourse is utterly lousy to progressive corporate censorship to digital archives of today’s versions of Hitler’s brown shirts or Mao’s Red Guards, nearly everything about Twitter is bad for society, the free exchange of information and the definition of truth as we know it.

Almost everything.

I have to say it’s a silver bullet the fact that it has never been easier to appeal to politicians for their outrageous hypocrisy.

Gone are the days when political critics had to sift through hours of boring CSPAN footage or media interviews to find the point when politician A criticized the politician. B for doing what politician A would do a few years later when the public American memory has lapsed a bit.


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Are not. Today, finding recent comments takes just a few clicks through a digital archive of public statements that politicians are willing to keep to themselves. Twitter to better promote their virtues to the masses and increase their popularity and reach.

Of course, while the vast majority of Presidents Joe BidenA long career in politics has certainly been listed through more classic mediums than Twitter, his team has made sure he stays up to date and he manages a Twitter account ( or at least, someone makes it for him).

And in 2020, when he ran to replace the then President Donald Trump“Biden” tweeted some canned criticism of the authorities’ move to limit travel from countries experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, which have now come back to haunt him.

Claiming that travel bans from countries experiencing coronavirus outbreaks were “racist” was a common ploy at the time. It prompted the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi such as going as far as to visit San Francisco’s Chinatown to encourage residents to abandon perceived xenophobia – and social distancing – to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Biden, meanwhile, claimed that the travel ban would “not stop the virus.”

That’s the quote:

Biden also announced in February 2020, a day later Trump imposes travel restrictions about China about the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, that the president’s “xenophobia” made him incapable of responding to the pandemic.

As Fox News As noted, Biden has since tried to backtrack on these statements and say they were just general remarks about Trump’s broader “racism,” as if it were related. nothing to do with viruses. I don’t know about you, but I highly doubt it.


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Just read what he said:

Biden’s wordwriters used it almost verbatim in a speech he gave the day before that Twitter post. On January 31, 2020, in Fort Madison, Iowa, according to Reuters, Biden accused Trump of “hysterical xenophobia.”

This is hypocritical in its face. It’s not just outrageous, considering the far-reaching pandemic restrictions Biden will continue to impose when he took office, but because this week, he was imposed limit your travel.

On Friday, Biden said in a statement that after being briefed by White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci and members of the COVID response team about the so-called Variant “Omicron” about the COVID-19 virus, that he had “ordered further restrictions on air travel from South Africa and seven other countries” as a “precautionary measure until we have more information.”

The restrictions go into effect on Monday.

Whether it’s Trump administration policy seeking to protect our country from the virus or immigration fraud and potential national security threats, no matter how you cut it, Biden has described as “racist” any move by Trump to restrict travel from other countries to protect American citizens.

Now Biden is doing some of the same things.

You simply cannot have it either way.

Either Trump’s travel ban was racist, making the Biden administration’s travel ban racist, or Trump’s travel ban was never racist.

If it is the latter, Biden has unfairly criticized the Trump administration by capitalizing on, and thus concealing, racist statements, reducing the guilt of non-American grievances to promiscuous behavior. politics.

Do you think Biden is a hypocrite about the travel ban?

Again, in a way, this shows not only the sheer hypocrisy of the Biden administration but also his tendency to loathe and the left to exclaim “racism” only when it fits. To them, this couldn’t be more counterproductive than being really anti-racism in its true forms.

Twitter may be the focal point of fake outrage over racism, but at least it allows blatantly hypocritical, unruly politicians like Biden to leave crumbs of bread showing incompetence. their true selves every time they signaled to a crowd of digital outrage.

As long as they continue to do this, they will only be able to maintain their facade in the long run. Biden hit Trump for ‘fear of anticipation’ over COVID restrictions, now he’s doing the same

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