Biden administration pushes for progressive bail reform despite march massacre

The Biden administration is seeking to end cash bail, arguing that whether to detain the defendant should be determined by the danger the defendant poses to the community, not by the ability to pay. their guarantee.

NS The White House pursuing this policy objective at a time when the country is faced with controversies over bail policy – stemming from Christmas Parade Crash in Waukesha, Wisconsin where Darrell Brooks Jr, 39, allegedly crashed his car past a group of innocent people taking part in a parade, Fox News reported.

With an extensive criminal history dating back to 1999, and including several felonies, Brooks, a convicted sex offender, was released on bail twice in Wisconsin in 2021, although he is wanted. in Nevada for jumping bail for a sex crime .

Most recently, in early November, according to Fox, prosecutors in the Milwaukee just asked Brooks on $1,000 bail after he punched his girlfriend in the face and drove his car over her in a gas station parking lot.

Prosecutors later found the bail amount to be “disproportionately low”, the news agency reported.


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NS low guarantee money the number also attracted criticism from some others.

“These ultra-liberal prosecutors want to talk about restorative justice, and that means we’re putting the public in jeopardy by trying to give these people too many opportunities to reoffend. ,’ retired police sergeant and National Police Association spokeswoman Betsy Brantner told fox.

“It’s incredibly frustrating for law enforcement, and it’s completely dangerous for our community.”

It was in this context that the Biden White House signaled that it would take its side in wanting the cash bail to end.

Are you in favor of a cashless bail system?

According to Politifact’s Biden Promise Tracker, a promise President Joe Biden made while running for president that he would “lead a national effort to end cash guarantees and reform our pre-processing system.”

Biden also promised to “establish a program of technical assistance to help state and local jurisdictions transition to a fair, equitable, and efficient pretreatment system that does not rely on bail money.” .”

NS Biden Campaign so-called bail is “the prison of modern debtors.”

“The cash bail system detains supposedly innocent people. And, it disproportionately harms low-income individuals,” the Biden campaign website states.

Biden’s proposal to end the cash bail system, however, has been criticized by some crime experts, according to a 2020 Forbes The report.


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“Biden and Harris are saying we’re going to ban it,” Jeffrey Clayton of the Bail Alliance of America told Forbes. “If a judge finds there is a serious risk of recidivism and flees in an arson case and imposes a $250,000 bail, he or she will be subject to the so-called ‘cashless bail system’ face’.”

“A judge can order all the electronic screens he wants, but he or she will not be in jail pending trial even if they pose a flying risk, a danger to the public, and potentially dangerous conditions. ability to impede the criminal justice process. In fact, most states can only refuse bail in very limited circumstances – usually murder cases – so almost every criminal defendant gets out free under the system. Biden’s cashless bail. Does anyone really think most Americans support this? ‘ added Clayon.

An unnamed White House official told Fox after the Waukesha tragedy: “Ending the cash bail won’t automatically bring those accused to the streets,” an unnamed White House official told Fox after the tragedy. play Waukesha, and affirmed that the White House supports this policy. “It just means whether you get bail or not is based on the threat you posed, not how much money you have in your bank account.”

“There should not be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy Americans,” the official stated.

Andrew Jose is a journalist who writes about business and finance, foreign policy and the airline industry, among other beats.

Andrew Jose is a journalist who writes about business and finance, foreign policy and the airline industry, among other beats. In addition to the Western Review, he regularly contributes to the Daily Caller’s Review and Aviation Review, and has sub-lines in the Lonely Conservative and International Policy Review. Talk to Andrew securely via


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