‘Better Call Saul’ season 6 opens in unique, explosive fashion

Americans almost went into cardiac arrest when, in July 2021, Bob Odenkirk suffered a heart attack on land Better to call Saul. Thankfully, the 59-year-old star made a full and speedy recovery, and now his great Break prequel returns for its sixth and final season — that, à la Ozark, is being sized jumbo (13 episodes) and released in two batches on AMC. Its April 18 premiere was the beginning of the end for Jimmy McGill, who was destined to turn to the dark side and forever become the shady legitimate con man Saul Goodman. As the series goes on, however, the real question is whether Jimmy’s wife and Kim Wexler’s illegitimate partner (Rhea Seehorn) will go bad first – and if that will mark her doom that.

Because Kim didn’t participate BreakHer fate has long been a potential tragedy that haunts these procedures, and that hasn’t changed when Better to call Saul pick her up and Jimmy. Believing they have escaped the gunman of the Juarez corporation due to the news threatening that Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) is presumed dead, Kim continues to press Jimmy to plan the destruction of his former employer Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) and, so in the end profit from the Sandpiper lawsuit. Despite his grudge against the man, Jimmy is reluctant to completely destroy Howard. Kim, however, informs him that she is currently devising a way to achieve their ends with relatively little damage to Howard’s reputation and her reconfigured strategy — which we I can’t make it a secret, Michael Morris’s camera is leaving a restaurant at the moment she lays out her plan — enough to get Jimmy on board.

Every Better to call Saul Traditionally, the essence of Jimmy and Kim’s ruse only becomes apparent when it’s set in motion, with Morris and creators/writers/directors Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould favoring unobtrusive storytelling show, driven by images and actions. The pair begin by letting Jimmy infiltrate Howard’s golf club to place a packet of white powder in his locker that Howard’s old friend – and one-time boss Jimmy – Clifford Main (Ed) Begley Jr.) will be visible, conspicuous. . Before performing that stealth feat, however, Jimmy must first gain access to the men’s locker room, which he attempts to accomplish by touring the facilities. That visit is cut short when he is stalked by Kevin Wachtell (Rex Linn), who has lukewarm feelings about Jimmy, and unsophisticatedly asks the establishment to provide Jimmy with the boot — an event in which Jimmy Jimmy, always on the move, seizes the opportunity, declaring to everyone that he is being stigmatized for disobedience, causing a scene that allows him to get the job done.

Jimmy hasn’t lost his way, but that doesn’t mean he’s still an old con man. Better to call SaulThe protagonist’s protagonist was destabilized at the beginning of Season 6, his tantrum skills remained intact but his confidence and beliefs were shaken by his previous harrowing experiences. me with the gangs. While Jimmy appears uncertain about himself and the troubles he might run into with Kim, she seems to be encouraged by their recent past, a look of resolute determination, mixed with concern. Worried that maybe Jimmy isn’t as committed as he claims to be. . That tension culminates in the second hour of the premiere, when Jimmy and Kim decide to be carrot and stick, respectively, in manipulating Season 1 embezzlers Craig (Jeremy Shamos) and Betsy (Julie Ann Emery), who now runs a tax preparation service and is tricked into tarnishing Howard’s name. With a chilling determination, the extraordinary Seehorn film transforms Kim into someone who is now willing to go to any lengths to accomplish her goals, and her strong dynamic with Jimmy, therefore, shows the earliest electrically charged element.

It’s not that there’s no extra suspense in Better to call Saul, claiming that Nacho (Michael Mando) is on the run from the cartel for helping Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) trap Lalo for assassination. Nacho is locked in a motel, not knowing who to trust, and with good reason, because Gus wants to get rid of Nacho — which horrifies Mike (Jonathan Banks) — and Lalo miraculously survives and gets out. for revenge. The tricks played by corporate bigwigs – to cover their tracks and destroy their enemies – are a source of thrilling anxiety, regardless of that we know (courtesy of Break) that Gus would last long enough to finally kill his rival Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis). As before, everyone here is star-shaped, with the stone-faced and sinister Esposito as Gus, the deadly charming Dalton as Lalo, and the humorous and resourceful Mando as Nacho, whose fate – like Kim – is still anxious in the air.

“With a chilling determination, the extraordinary Seehorn film transforms Kim into someone who is now willing to go to any lengths to accomplish her goals, and her strong dynamic with Jimmy, therefore, shows the earliest electrically charged element.”

Better to call Saul arguably the best cast on television, as well as the sharpest writing and directing. Gilligan and company are experts at staging excitement centers (such as a gunfight series in the second episode), but their true excellence is evident in the extended sequences. conveys plot development and twists through dramatic staging and framing. Whether it’s the isolated scene of Nacho crossing a parking lot at night in a foreground shot of an abandoned tricycle (hence reminiscent of him in a recognizable real world) or a later composition that features Jimmy and an inflatable mutant Statue of Liberty (suggesting himself as the embodiment of American ideals like freedom and justice for all) , Gilligan and his team of directors are the best in the business, conveying themes, characters, and story details with a solemn art unmatched on television.

On the basis of the first two chapters, Better to call SaulThe stretch home could go down any number of different paths, and the fact that it opens with scenes of movers packing and cleaning a posh mansion owned by Saul Goodman only adds to the mystery. hidden there. However, what is certain is that Gilligan – concluded Break on an ideal note—know what he’s doing, and he’ll find a way to elicit humor, horror, and heartbreak from Jimmy’s eventual transformation into the New Mexico killer, who names programme.

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