Best Zeri Build in League of Legends

Zeri is the 158th champion in League of Legends. This time, Riot Games has served a new AD carry, the first since Samira launched in September 2020.

Zaun’s Ray has an interesting trick that relies on movement speed, attack speed, and naturally physical damage. The developers have designed a champion that is highly mobile and her ability allows players to take different paths when wondering what to build.

This is one of the best builds for Zeri in season 12.


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Lethal Tempo: When it comes to marksmanship based on attack speed, there is no rune more accurate than Lethal Tempo. With its help, you can get extra AS, which makes you more offensive in early skirmishes and turns you into a deadly weapon in later parts of the game.

Presence of Mind: Zeri’s equipment set doesn’t just depend on auto attacks. Her skills have a short cooldown and can reset the overcharge, triggered by her ultimate ability. You will therefore need any additional energy you can get, and Mind Presence serves as a great tool to restore it.

Note: Bloodline: While you’ll be focusing on attack speed and attack damage in your items, no marksman should belittle the additional lifesteal. Note: Bloodline is a great way to give yourself a number.

Coup de Grace: Zeri is an extremely mobile champion, but like every other AD carry, you will sometimes have to face the enemy frontline. Shredding tanks is easier with Coup de Grace, which will also help you quickly eliminate weaker heroes.


The taste of blood: When it comes to Taste of Blood, the case is the same as in Legend: Bloodline. You heal when you deal damage to enemy champions, and you will try to damage them as much as you can while doing your best to survive.

Aggressive Hunter: Zeri players often want to maximize rune lifesteal and survivability, so Demon Slayer seems like a great final piece to your build.

Bonus: +10 percent Attack Speed, +9 Adaptive Force, +6 Armor

Starter Item

Screengrab via Riot Games

Doran’s Blade + Health Potion

We started building items with the best way for AD carry: Doran’s Blade and Heal Potion. The former gives most ADCs the tools they need to get through the first few levels of the game, while the latter is essential when you’re in a losing match, your opponent’s jungler either way or you just had a bad trade.

Essential items

Screengrab via Riot Games

Trinitarian force

This item is popular with various champions in League. Trinity Force works well for Zeri because besides increasing your most important stats, you also add a bit of health, fast ability, and magic power. Additionally, the Threefold Strike skill will allow you to stack up your movement speed and attack damage even more, which makes Trinity Force a no-brainer on Spark of Zaun.

Berserker’s Greaves

Berserker’s Greaves is usually the perfect pick for AD carry champions. While some marksmen will choose other shoes in some situations, this scenario doesn’t really apply to Zeri. With her, the more attack speed the better.

Runaan’s Storm

Runnan’s Hurricane is an important choice for ranged champions with high attack speed. Its unique ability allows you to hit multiple targets at once, which will often be crucial in close-range battles or when trying to quickly tackle the oncoming wave. Additionally, the item increases your critical hit chance by 20 percent, which can turn skirmishes in your favor.

End-game items

Screengrab via Riot Games

Black cleaner

After increasing attack speed, it’s time to focus on actual damage. Black Cleaver is a great choice for that purpose. It gives you 40 points of attack damage while also increasing your health and abilities. Additionally, its unique abilities, Engraving and Rage, combine very well with Zeri’s kit.

Titanic Hydra

Titanic Hydra is another example of the useful ability that comes from purchased items, and it also works great with Zeri. Colossus grants you extra AD equal to two percent of your bonus health, and with Titanic Hydra, Black Cleaver, and Trinity Force, you’ll have some extra health under your belt. On the other hand, Cleave will allow you to wreak havoc — even more so in the near term — when combined with Runaan’s Storm. It’s also traditionally been a booster for your AD as it gives you 30 of that stat.

Wit’s End

The last item returns to Zeri’s base: increasing attack speed, but at the same time, Wit’s End also improves her physical damage and magic resistance. The latter can be extremely useful against mages.

Also, Wit’s End comes with Frey, a useful tool for dealing some magic damage and moving even faster on Summoner’s Rift. Guardian Angel is a great alternative if you’re uncomfortable building Wit’s End, if the opposing team doesn’t have AP champs, or if the opponent has plenty of tools to get you out of combat quickly.

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