Best Zeraora Build In Pokémon Unite

Player settings Pokémon Unite on Switch in the first few weeks of release will Score yourself for the legendary Pokémon Zeraora as a free playable character.

This legendary electric-type is one of the strongest and most commonly played Pokémon today. With nimble moves, powerful melee attacks, and electric abilities, Zeraora is an option the best players will want to master.

When everyone gets a chance to try out the game and figure out their playstyle, you might be wondering what the best way to build a Zeraora is. This is the best Zeraora build in Pokémon Unite.

The best build for Zeraora in Pokémon Unite

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Item is kept

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Mechanical band: This item is something players will likely pick up early in their Unite playthrough and comes in extremely handy with Zeraora’s kit, giving extra damage to enemies with higher health.

Lens range: Once you’ve unlocked your second kept item location, the Scope Lens is a must-have. It increases Zeraora’s critical chance and damage.

Pumice stone: With Zeraora’s aggressive, high-paced gameplay, Floating Stones are a great way to build items that add movement speed and damage to basic attacks.

Combat items

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Medicine: When you’re in the early stages of the game, you’ll want to stick with Potion as your battle item.

Fluffy Tail: Once you’ve unlocked it, the Fluffy Tail is the perfect item to compliment Zeraora’s offense. This allows the Pokémon to stun wild enemies, as well as increase the damage dealt to them. If you’re into the jungle as a Zeraora, this is a must-have.


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Level One: Slash

At level one, you’ll want to use Slash over Agility. This is the best way to deal early damage, which will be useful when attracting other players and farming wild Pokémon around the map. This decision won’t be too important, since you’ll gain Agility at level three anyway.

Level Five: Spark

While Volt Switch is a great skill with similar effects, Spark is the optimal move to make. Spark will see Zeraora lunge at an opponent, shocking and dealing massive damage. This is the perfect space closer to chasing down a fleeing enemy.

Level Seven: Exhaust

Since Zeraora’s attack is at close range and relies heavily on basic attacks, Discharge is the perfect tool. This ability will create a damaging electric field around the Pokémon, as well as create a small shield.

Level Nine: Plasma Gale

At level nine, Zeraora will gain its ultimate Plasma Gale. This move deals damage to all enemies in the area and causes them to fall back. While in this area, Zeraora gains extra attack range and damage. | Best Zeraora Build In Pokémon Unite


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